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How to Recover Photos & Videos from GoPro Hero Action Cameras

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Jan 15, 2024 • Filed to: Photo/Video/Audio Solutions • Proven solutions

Many cases have discussed the deletion of photos from the GoPro Hero action camera many times now. However, this issue is said to arise mostly from unintentional factors, which include; System crashes, unintentional deletion, etc. Recovering your photos on GoPro is not a big deal, and light will be shed on the details shortly.

Part 1 Free Download Recoverit Photo Recovery

Did you mistakenly wipe out your photos on your GoPro? Or did the deletion of your files occur through a system crash? Then, your days of worries are over! Recoverit Photo Recovery is here to grab them all back for you, all of them! Recoverit is the best software, designed with an advanced file-recovery algorithm to help recover your deleted, lost data with a high recovery rate.

Data recovery is easier, faster, and more reliable than ever before. Being trusted by top tech media and millions of users didn't come from mere words. It came from the reliability and capability to serve its stipulated function. The photo recovery software can restore lost data from virus attack, system crash, formatted hard drives, raw hard drives, and lost or resized partitions.

Recoverit Photo Recovery has been designed For high compatibility with all GoPro camera, including the GoPro Hero action camera, GoPro Hero8 Black, GoPro Hero 4 Silver, GoPro Hero 4 Session, GoPro Hero 3+, GoPro Hero 3 Black, GoPro Hero 3 Silver, GoPro Hero Action, GoPro HD Helmet Hero, GoPro HD Hero 2, etc.

Unlike other recovery software, the Recoverit recovery software supports a wide range of photo, audio, and video formats.

  • The supported photo format includes JPG, PNG, GIF, PSD, CRW, BMP, CR2, NEF, RAF, DNG, ESR2, MRW, DCR, WMF, TIFF/TIF, RAW, ORF, RF, etc.
  • The supported video format includes FLV, MOV, M4V, 3GP, 3G2, WMV, AVI, ASF, SWF, MPG, RM/RMVB, MP4, etc.
  • The supported Audio format includes MID/MIDI, AIF/AIFF, AAC, MP3, WAV, M4A, WMA, OGG, MOD, etc.

Part 2 How to Get Photos & Videos from GoPro Cameras

Recovering your deleted photos from the GoPro Hero action camera is fast and easy with the Recoverit software. With just a few simple steps, all of your lost files can be grabbed back in a few minutes.

1. How to Connect GoPro to Computer

Creating the connection between your GoPro camera and computer can come in two forms: a USB cable and an SD card reader.

In a few cases where the computer fails to read your Camera as a removable or media storage, it is best to use an SD card reader.

Do you know what's the best solution to repair unreadable pictures?

When using a USB cable, connect one end of the cable to the GoPro and the other end to the computer accordingly, and wait for a few seconds as the computer detects the device.

Likewise, if you prefer using an SD card reader, insert the memory card of the GoPro into the SD card reader and insert it into the computer. Wait for a few seconds while the computer detects your storage, and proceed to the other steps mentioned below. You should note that either of the two connection types is efficient.

2. Video Tutorial on GoPro Camera Recovery

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3. How to Recover GoPro Files, Photos, and Videos

When you find your GoPro photos deleted, lost or formatted, do not fall into despair. Recoverit Photo Recovery helps you get back the deleted photos easily and quickly. Launch it and follow the steps to recover them on your Windows or Mac computer.

1Connect the GoPro camera or its memory card to your Windows or Mac computer, and make sure that it can be detected.

2 A list of data storage locations will be shown. To recover videos and photos from GoPro camera, select the camera or its memory card and click "Start" to get started.

select sd card for GoPro cameras

Then, Recoverit Photo Recovery will launch an all-around scan on the selected location. Wait for a little while, and you can find your lost photos appear one by one.

GoPro photo restoration

1 After the scanning, you can preview all your deleted photos. Click each image file and get thumbnails. Then, double-click the photos or videos, and you can preview them.

2 Select the files you want to get back and hit the "Recover" button to retrieve the lost image and video files.

GoPro photo recovery

  • Avoid saving the recovered file back on the initial storage where it got deleted, but rather save it on the computer storage or other External discs.
  • Your computer might not support the camera as a removable disc device. If so, you should make use of a card reader.

Part 3 What is a GoPro Hero Action Camera?

With the increasing worry concerned with capturing the best scenes of your dreams, the GoPro has not only been a breakthrough but a miracle in disguise! Founded in the year 2002 by Nick Woodman, the technology has offered good attributes like top quality capture and designed with easy-use features.

GoPro is a producer of multi-functional cameras, but the word "Gopro" often addresses the product (Camera) itself. To get more unique features and cut through the world of photography, the GoPro Hero action camera "compact 4k camera" is a water-resisting and shock-free device while still producing top-quality videos and pictures.

So, here is the deal! For every individual with a zeal for photography but does not wish or have the budget to place on professional cameras, this might be one, if not the best, choice.

Losing the files on your camera may come in different forms, be it through the crashing of the system or deletion. The GoPro recovery is a feature that gets you covered. As much as new data sets have not overwritten the files, it is simple to recover your deleted photos.

Following the steps above, you can recover your files if intentionally or unintentionally deleted and in cases of a system crash.

Q: My GoPro videos became corrupted when I was editing the files. Can anyone help me restore my videos?
A: You need the simple solutions: Guide to Repair Corrupted GoPro Files.

Part 4 How to Prevent Another File Loss from GoPro Cameras

Have you ever wondered why it is possible to recover deleted photos and videos on the GoPro Hero5? It's simple! This is because the GoPro Hero action camera footage is saved in SD cards, so when a crash or deletion occurs, the files become invisible but not erased.

Since the invisible photos and videos can be erased, it is best to avoid taking new pictures for that time and recover the images first before later snapping. Although there are countable reasons why the loss of photos occurs on GoPro cameras, nut, however, these losses can be minimized by ensuring a few factors.

1. What Causes Deleted Photos from GoPro Hero action camera?

As earlier mentioned, there are many reasons which might have resulted in the deletion or loss of photos from the GoPro Hero action camera. Of course! This deletion may due to that are intentional or unintentional, but either way, some of the possible causes are described below:

Corrupt Memory card: a corrupt memory card often develops due to a virus attack on the card. Although, other genuine reasons might also result in this. Use of corrupt memory cards can make your photos get corrupted  leading to the deletion of such from GoPro Hero action camera. It is well-advised to ensure that good brand memory cards are used, and regular scanning should be done to avoid going through the risk of a virus attack.

Loss of power: loss of power without initial photos saving can lead to deletion. The half-life of the cells (battery) of the GoPro Hero action camera can vary due to the type of use by every individual. Nevertheless, ensuring that your pictures are properly saved before the camera goes off is a safe guide to ensure that your photos are not deleted. Although you should see a battery warning sign as soon as the power is low, doing the right thing would be the best to avoid power loss and deletion of photos.

Accidental deletion: here is the deal! Humans aren't perfect, we make mistakes countless times, and this is not excluded. Unintentional deletion can occur to anyone at any time, and when this happens, we would require a way to undo it. The best way to correct the accidental deletion of your photos is to go through the process previously mentioned.

Extreme vibration from a crash: deleted photos can also arise as a result of extreme vibration from a crash. When the Vibration from a crash becomes too intent, loss of files, including photos, occurs.

2. What to Do Against Deleted Photos from GoPro

Of every factor, the number one thing to do is avoid deleting it, with 23% non-feasible. As said earlier, accidental deletion often occurs since humans are not perfect, but the cautious operation of the GoPro can enhance the non-deletion of photos from the camera.

Another thing against deleted photos from GoPro is to avoid taking pictures when deletion occurs because that might overwrite the deleted file. Initially, when pictures get deleted on the GoPro, it is not lost, and these photos can be recovered once the right step is taken. However, avoid taking photos after the deletion of some previous ones since this can completely lose the deleted photos.

The last and best measure is to download Recoverit Photo Recovery  following the simple steps, and restore deleted photos.It is as simple as that, without little or no stress involved. After the deletion of your photos, what comes to your mind is "how you would recover it," Recoverit photo recovery will help you achieve this completely.

Closing Words

Since the GoPro Hero action camera has become the personal choice of most individuals for taking pictures and video recordings, due to its amazing features, it has become a widely used device, even on drones. Deletion of photos from the GoPro Hero action camera is common solely due to accidental reasons and other few reasons, but in cases like this, getting back your photos with Recoverit Photo Recovery can still be done at your convenience.

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