Khalid Abdullahi

Khalid Abdullahi

  • Writing articles on a vast range of topics for years;
  • Currently employed at KSMC (Kaduna State Media Corporation);
  • An avid lover of anime and movies, a sucker for cats and dogs.

Experience & Education

Work Experience & Education

In the year 2014, Khalid Abdullahi completed his B.Sc. in International Relations. Less than 2 years after graduating, he sought temporary employment as a teacher in a rural primary school in Kano state; Northern Nigeria, but the coming years saw him shift gears.

Khalid discovered freelancing in October 2016. It became another avenue for him to hone and develop his writing skills. The diversity of topics he has written on can only be matched by the diverse clients he has had. There are more than 3000 articles credited to his name, and he has worked with almost the same number of clients across various freelance platforms and private freelancers.

He’s also currently employed at KSMC (Kaduna State Media Corporation). This corporation is revolutionizing the way news is disseminated in Kaduna, aiming for a world-class standard.


Khalid’s primarily a novelist who has been writing for almost 20 years in the fantasy fiction genre, but freelancing means he gets diversify and write on anything. The work Khalid has done ranges from essays for university students; research work on numerous topics; blogs and articles for a host of websites and generally, all types of written work from diverse fields. After all, that's what freelancing is all about!

Each project Khalid completes makes him learn more about the different applicable themes in writing, so he’s now able to broaden his scope to encompass all manner and types of writing. Ghostwriting has revealed talents he never knew he had.


Born, bred and raised in the Land of Opportunities (Nigeria), Khalid wanted to enlighten the world on the hidden talents in his great nation. And the cultures of the wider world always fascinated him, so he wanted to learn more about them too. Even now, Khalid still makes it a priority to know and appreciate as much about people as he can.

So, he’s constantly surfing the web seeking information, meeting and making new friends across the world and reading up on the greatest writers of our time to see if he can have even an iota of what makes their writing so special.

Khalid is an avid lover of anime, video games and fantasy movies, and a sucker for cats and dogs. According to him, Khalid has had over 22 cats thus far… and still counting.