How to Secure Erase SSD or Wipe SSD on Windows 10

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Solid-state drives are now the go-to solution of many PC users to improve their computer performance. From simply changing from HDD to SDD, users will see a significant improvement in the speed. Occasionally, you will need to erase your SSD after a long period of heavy use. In this article, we’ll tell you our top 10 programs to use to make sure your SSD is securely erased.

Why do you need to erase or wipe SSD?

Once in a while, when you’ve maximized the storage capacity of your solid-state drive, you will suddenly notice a decline in its performance. If you find that it is the case even without having altered any of your SSD’s settings, you might need to perform a Secure Erase. This is a factory reset done to your SSD to bring back its original performance with no changes made to its lifespan. It’s also an important process to be done if you plan on giving your SSD away to someone else or you simply want to sell it. Often, simple formatting will not wipe our data clean.

How to Secure Erase SSD or Wipe SSD

Here are some highly-rated softwares you can use to Secure Erase SSD or Wipe SSD

Corsair SSD Toolbox

Corsair is a powerful software specially created for Corsair Solid State Drives. The interface is very user-friendly. The icons help users visualize the tasks and features in the toolbox. It has a feature of Manually Overprovisioning your drives so that you can improve the life of your SSD. The only caveat to this software is that its core features are exclusive to Corsair SSDs so if you currently own a different brand of SSD, you may want to check out another software.

Samsung Magician

This utility created by Samsung is one of the best you can find online. Firstly, their website is very easy to navigate so you can find the compatible software for your device very easily and accurately. The Toolkit itself is packed with many features that will allow you to maximize your SSD’s potential.

Intel Solid-State Drive Toolbox

Similar to Samsung, Intel’s website is very practical, making it easy for users to find the compatible installer for both their device and PC. Intel Solid-State Drive Toolbox lets you know crucial information about your solid-state drives such as the capacity, model number, and firmware version. It performs all kinds of scans, tuning, and of course Secure Erase.

OCZ SSD Utility (Now Toshiba)

OCZ Utility is a software created by Toshiba for SSDs. Just when you start, the dashboard will show you a comprehensive overview of your device. It will tell you the status, available updates, SSD health, and capacity, etc. OCZ also provides you with tuning features. The tuning features currently has three modes that you can choose from. These are Reliability Mode, Performance Mode, and Capacity Mode. If you feel like performing troubleshoots on your device,  OCZ will link you directly to support websites that will assist you in doing so.

SanDisk SSD Dashboard

One of the most well-known drives in the market is SanDisk. SanDisk SSD Dashboard is created to allow users to monitor their own SSDs to ensure its long life. It shows you a performance monitor that allows you to check your SSD’s status. If you ever feel lost while navigating through the software, you can always download the Dashboard User Manual from their website.

Kingston SSD Toolbox

Kingston is a household name when it comes to any storage media devices. They’ve developed Kingston SSD Manager which is a software that allows users to monitor their SSD’s health as well as modify some settings. The software enables users to view the device’s model name, firmware version, serial number, etc. It also shows a comprehensive health and status report for your drive. You can also make use of the software to update the drive’s firmware. Lastly, the software is a powerful tool that will securely erase your data.

Micron SSD Management

Miron’s software is another SSD management software. It currently boasts of Flex Capacity. It’s a new feature of the software that enables users to modify the capacity of the SSD to align with their needs. With this software, you can also restore the SSD to factory settings, reset the password, get SMART data reports, and know the basic information to your SSD such as the model, firmware version, health status, etc. Also built-in the software is an update alert that tells you once new firmware versions are up for download. You may do the update with just one click.

Simply formatting your computer’s drive may seem like an easy solution for wiping it from all its data. However, this is not always the case. Sometimes you may need to use software to get the job done. Any of the 7 softwares recommended above can successfully perform the task of secure erasing your SSD.

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