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One thing we all dread is knowing that we cannot access files present on our flash drives. It might even be worse than that, for example, if we have a damaged flash drive. That means every video, picture, document, in general, all memories and sensitive data become lost. In order to solve this problem, our mind goes to how we can repair flash drive, and for this, we can further protect ourselves by knowing more about the USB flash drive repair process.

This article will dive into things that necessitate a USB flash drive repair process. It will then expatiate fully on how to repair usb drive. The article will be in two categories. One will talk about why your computer cannot recognize your USB drive and the solutions. Then it will talk about how you can fix USB flash drive problems due to physically damaged USB drives.

Fix USB Flash Drive That Can't Be Recognized

Computers not recognizing a USB drive is a common problem experienced by lots of people. You get this error when you connect your USB drive to a computer, and it says, "USB Device not recognized." This problem can occur due to many factors, and we will discuss each together with the solution below.  

Why Your Computer Does Not Your USB Drive?

Many factors can lead to your computer not recognizing your USB sticks. By knowing each one, you might be able to avoid this problem. Knowing the cause can also help in how to fix usb flash drive. Below are the reasons your computer might not recognize your USB drive.

This section will discuss a few solutions to fix USB drive. Each one will highlight the cause and include an in-depth explanation of the solution. 

1. Try the USB Drive on Another Computer

This should be the first step you will take to fix memory stick. You should try the flash drive on another computer. This is a solution itself. If it is not going to act as a solution, it can help ascertain the cause to fix flash drive. If another computer recognizes your flash drive, it means the error is with the previous system. You can then try other solutions to repair flash drive below. 

2. Update the USB Driver

If your computer has an outdated USB driver, you might experience this problem. To fix USB stick, all you need to do is update your computer's USB driver. There are many ways of updating the driver. However, the most common and secure way which we will also use is updating by Windows. Windows is preferable because it will provide access to the most stable version of the USB driver. Follow the steps below on how to update the USB driver and fix USB drive. 

Step 1 – Open Device Manager

  • Click on Start, and type "Device Manager."

Step 2 – Check for Updates

  • Click on "Check for Updates" for the scanning process to begin.

Step 3 – Download Updates

After the completion of the scanning process, perform the two steps below.

  • Click on the box next to the reviewed update.
  • Click on "Install Updates."

3. Reinstall USB Controllers

This is the ideal solution for computers having a corrupted USB controller. If updating the USB controller has faults, this can be the right solution to fix memory stick. However, if you still experience the problem, you should try the next solutions to fix USB stick.

Follow the steps below on how to repair usb stick carefully to avoid any mistakes.

Step 1 – Open Device Manager.

    • Click on Start, and type "Device Manager."
    • Open the application.

open the device manager

Step 2 – Uninstall the USB Driver

    • Navigate to USB Controllers.
    • Expand it and uninstall each one.

uninstall the usb controller

Step 3 – Restart Computer

  • On restarting your computer, Windows will automatically reinstall the USB controllers.

4. Uninstall the USB Driver

You can uninstall the USB driver if you want to repair memoery stick. If updating does not work, this should be another solution you can try. Before you begin the process, note that you must connect your flash drive throughout the process

Follow the steps below on how you can uninstall the USB drivers on your computer and repair flash drive.

Step 1 – Open Device Manager.

    • Click on Start, and type "Device Manager."

open the device manager

  • Open the application.

Step 2 – Select the Flash Drive from the Hardware Lists

    • Navigate to Disk Drives.
    • Expand it and select the Flash Drive.

select the flash drive from the hardware lists

Step 3 – Uninstall the USB driver

    • Right-click on the Flash Drive and click on Uninstall.

uninstall the usb drive

  • After completing the uninstallation process, remove the USB.
  • Wait for a minute and plug the USB stick again for Windows to install a clean USB driver.

5. Fix the Write Protection

Write Protection is one of the factors responsible for computers not recognizing your flash drive. It can be complicated, but we will introduce you to a  method you should not have any problem with. Kindly follow the steps to the letter to avoid complications and repair USB drive.

Use the Registry Editor

The Registry Editor on Windows is a good way to remove write protection. Follow these steps to begin the process and fix USB drive.

    • Type the command "Regedit "on to open the Registry Editor.

open regedit

    • Go to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE > SYSTEM > CurrentControlSet > Control
    • Go to StorageDevicePolicies.

navigate to device policies

    • Create a new reg_dword and name it "WriteProtect."

create a new write protect

    • Change the registry value to "0" and click on "OK."

change the registry value

6. Use Recoverit To Save Data

When your USB drive shows the error, it is not that bad. The only thing that is bad about it is that your computer cannot read the drive. All your files are still present on the USB drive.

If you try tried the flash drive on another computer and still have the same problem, you might need to format the USB stick to repair flash drive. However, before you think that, you need to get the files already present on the drive. To efficiently recover these files, you should use a data recovery software, of which Recoverit Data Recovery Software is a good example. It is compatible with other storage devices and available on Mac and Windows.

Follow the steps below on how you can recover your files from your USB Drive.

Step 1 – Connect your USB Drive

    • Launch the software and connect your USB Drive.
    • Click on the "Start" button.

recover your files using recoverit

Step 2 - Preview and Recover the File

  • Preview the files recovered by the software. Here you will be able to ascertain whether the files present are correct.

Step 3 - Recover the File

    • Click on the "Recover" icon to save the pictures to another location on the computer.

recover your files using recoverit 2

If the above solutions haven't solved your problem, you may interested in this article that explains why USB device not recognized.

Flash Drive Is Physically Damaged

You might also need a usb USB drive repair service if you have a physically damaged USB drive. Restoring such a flash drive can be very difficult, and it heavily depends on the level of physical damage sustained.

You might think it is ideal for you to recover the files and dump the flash drive. However, this is not so. If the damage is to the memory part of the flash, there is nothing you can do. However, if it is to the other components of the flash, you can fix flash drive and recover files using Recoverit.

Depending on the level of damage to the USB drive, you have different solutions. We separated each solution to tackle an aspect of solving the problem.

1. What If It Is Not A Computer Issue?

What if you have a physically damaged flash drive? This part will explain the solutions to repair USB flash drive for you.

Clean the USB Port

What if your computer cannot read your USB drive because of the presence of insulating materials? The presence of insulating materials such as wood, plastics, etc., in the USB port, can lead to this problem. The computer won't because the insulating materials are obstructing the connector. Carefully clean the computer's USB port without damaging it to repair USB drive.

Change the USB Port

A computer won't recognize a flash drive if it has a damaged or dead port. You can avert this by plugging the flash drive into another USB port on your computer.

Wiggle the Connector

You might only need to wiggle your flash drive's connector if there is an issue with the port's size or the USB connection. Make sure you wiggle until you it is at the right angle that works.

2. Repair USB Connector

repair usb connector

With tools such as the soldering iron, solder, flux, screwdriver, wire cutters, magnifying glass, and a spare cable, you can perform your USB memory stick repair. However, this method is only ideal for repairing a damaged USB connector. Follow the steps below on how to repair flash drive's USB connector.

Step 1 - Remove the USB drive outside Casing

    • Use the screwdriver to remove the outer casing of the USB drive. If you notice a damaged circuit board or solar pads, you should get the help of a qualified professional.

remove the usb drive outside casing

Step 2 – Soldering the Connecting wire

If there is no damaged solar pad or circuit, you can begin the next stage to repair USB stick. 

    • Cut the USB cable some centimeters from the outlet.

cut the usb cable

    • Expose the four wires present by about 0.6cm.
    • Solder each wire to the solar pad. This should be in the order of color in the left to the right manner (black, green, white, and red).

connect the four wires

Any mistake during this process can lead to your USB drive not working again.

Step 3 – Test the Repaired USB Drive

After repairing the drive, you should test it. You can test it on two computers to ascertain whether it is working.

3. Try Repair or Find Professional Repair Service If Physically Damaged

Repairing a USB drive might be a little delicate. Therefore, you should try a professional in several circumstances. For example, you should seek the help of a professional if you are not sure of yourself. Also, get a professional if you notice a damaged circuit board or solar pad.  

4. Try Software If It's the USB Drive or Computer Issue

You can use the memory stick repair utility to detect a USB Drive or computer issue. The reason for this that we don't know the major problem with the flash drive until we scan using this usb flash drive repair service.

Follow the steps below on using the flash drive repair utility to look for problems on your flash drive.

Step 1 – Navigate to the Flash Drive Repair Utility

  • Connect the flash drive to the computer.

Right-click on the removable icon and select "Properties."

open the flash drive repair utility

    • Click on the "Tools" tab.

navigate to tools

Step 2 – Start the Scanning Process

    • Choose the "Check now" option under the "Error-checking" tab.

click on check now

    • Check the "Automatically fix file system errors" and the "Scan for and attempt recovery of bad sectors" boxes.

check the two boxes

    • Start the process.
    • Wait for the completion of the scanning process and close when finished.  

We have an article that introduces other solutions to repair corrupted USB drive and recover data, you can also take a look.


Flash drives are very common storage devices known for their portability and ease of use. However, having a damaged flash drive can be very disheartening. Depending on the damage's extent, you have a USB memory stick repair service to help you. This article can help you in two ways. It provides solutions to why a computer cannot recognize your USB drive and how you can recover files present on the flash drive. It also provides you with what to do if you have a physically damaged USB drive. With this article, you will know how to repair USB flash drive that's ideal for your problem.

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