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Recoverit Free: Now Recover Accidentally Deleted Data Within Minutes

Data is of prime importance in today’s technologically infiltrated world. Companies such as Facebook, Twitter are earning from the data they obtain from users. With data being such a valuable asset, it is essential to ensure that you have proper data recovery measures in case of accidental deletion of data and other reasons that can lead to data loss. Losing important information can cost a fortune to companies. To avoid such situations, data recovery software/tools could come in handy.

Most people often overlook data recovery software because of the general belief that such software are ineffective and carry an exorbitant price. In fact, there are many data recovery software that can be availed at free of cost and work flawlessly. One such software is Recoverit Free by Wondershare. Read more >

Anmol Sachdeva | Fossbyte | July 12, 2018
Recover the data you thought was lost forever

Like characters in Star Wars, data is never really gone. Even when you think you’ve lost a file, its ghostly image remains on your disk, just waiting to return. All you need is the right data recovery tool.

Many data recovery apps are basically bloatware, but Recoverit for Mac is the real deal. It’s lean, intuitive and effective, so you can easily recover photos, video and audio files, emails and all kinds of documents. Whether you lost data in an accident, thanks to a crashed operating system, the blue screen of death, or even boot issues, it’s a simple process to recover. Read more >

STAFF WRITER | Cult of Mac | APRIL 22, 2019
Recoverit 8.0 Data Recovery for Mac and Windows: Ultimate Tool to Get all Your Lost Data Back

Losing data is pretty common for Laptop or Desktop users. It doesn’t matter whether you are using Mac or Windows, you may occasionally run into issues where you don’t get a chance to backup data. In times like that, you may need a powerful data recovery tool. The data recovery tool from Wondershare – Recoverit 8.0 is what you need in such situations.

One common issue faced by Windows user is the blue screen of death; where users don’t have any other option than to format the drive and reinstall the OS. Recoverit allows you to create a bootable drive and help you recover the data from a crashed system as well. Not just that, the feature also allows recovering data on Mac too. Read more >

Stan Sholik | iGeeks Blog | May 29, 2019 3:17 pm
This Software Will Recover Any of Your Lost Data off of Almost Any Device

Having your computer crash in the 11th hour can be soul crushing. Those few seconds after you finally reboot your computer in search of the project you had dumped countless hours in, can feel even worse.

However, if this has ever happened to you, you are not alone. According to Small Business Trends, 140,000 hard drives fail each week just in the United States alone. Read more >

Donovan Alexander | Interestingengineering | April 22nd, 2019
How to restore deleted photos with Recoverit Free for Windows PC

We all love to capture memories using our camera in form of images so you can keep it safe to have a look back sometimes later or post on the social networks like Facebook and Twitter or WhatsApp. What if you lose them? What do you do then? While you can always recover it back from the Recycle Bin, but if you have permanently deleted it either using Shift+Delete or from the Recycle Bin, it will be impossible to bring it back.

However, you still have a chance of using a photo recovery software – Recoverit – which can restore deleted photos from your Windows PC. It’s a professional data recovery software (8 recovery modes) which performs photo recovery and lets you recover 100MB of data in its free version. You can always choose the paid version for more. Read more >

Ashish Mohta | TheWindowsClub | August 9, 2018
Datenrettung leicht gemacht

The app has everything you need to monitor your child activity, on the phone and around the world. Using the app’s dashboard, you can monitor your child’s phone location, their app usage, their website usage and their screen time. You can even block certain apps and filter web content. You can control the screen time remotely as well. Read more >

Tobias Friedrich | MacLife | 22.11.2018 - 13:57 Uhr
Más funciones para Wondershare Recoverit Pro 8, el software de recuperación líder

Cuando hablamos de recuperar datos borrados o perdidos en el PC una de las principales soluciones que existen es Wondershare Recoverit Pro. Este software, especializado en localizar y restaurar todo tipo de archivos desparecidos de tu computadora sin importar el motivo, (borrado accidental, infecciones de malware, fallos del sistema operativo…), afianza ahora su liderazgo en la materia con el lanzamiento de la versión 8.0.0 con importantes novedades y sorpresas respecto a la versión anterior y con su gran baza intacta: ofrecer la mejor tasa de efectividad del mercado en la recuperación de ficheros. Si lo has perdido, podrá recuperarlo casi con total seguridad, ahorrándote el mal trago.

El listado de novedades y mejoras introducidas en la última versión de Recoverit es extenso, haciéndolo más completo si cabe tanto a nivel de tecnología como de cara a la usabilidad por parte de los usuarios. Algo casi perfecto solo podía mejorar: Read more >

Héctor Hernández | Malavida | 24 mayo, 2019
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Marcelo Grifoni | 7. April, 2021
Great software, but need improvement!

Great software, not amazing - it recovery all my files. Lots of work later. My external HD just lost the partition and was showing a message that I need to format. That's why I bought the software and it did do a great job, but it did a mess in all folders. Just a LOTS of files duplicated and I had to find it and deleted the doubles one. If you are recovering a few specific files, than it probably would work very good and I would give a 5 star, but for entire HD, the software need a bit of improvements. Maybe all recovery software is like that, never used one before. Other than that, it's a good software. I would recommend.

Chris Riley | 7. April, 2021
My daughter somehow accidentally erased…

My daughter somehow accidentally erased all the photos off the SD card on our camera. Literally every photo from the past 4-5 years... I thought they were gone for good until I googled and saw Wondershare Recoverit. I'll admit I was very skeptical and was almost certain I was throwing money away, but it's family photos, so I figured what the heck I have to at least try. To my amazement, every photo was recovered and they are back on the SD card! Oh, and I made a backup this time! I have no idea how this program works, but I do no all my pictures are back. Thank you Recoverit!

David F Smith | 7. April, 2021
An absolute miracle

I'm a volunteer repairer at a UK Repair Cafe which is a world-wide Charity that repairs things for free to avoid landfill and CO2 and to help people that don't have the skills to do their repairs. I was asked to recover a lifetime of business and personal photos (about 2,900) from a phone memory card that had become seriously corrupted and had never been backed up! I tried everything I have and was about to give up when I tried Recoverit. An absolute miracle for the owner who couldn't have been more grateful. It isn't a tool for novices but if you have the patience to understand how it works and to wait for the results it might just be a miracle for you too.