I Have Recovered a File, But I Cannot Open it

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Q: I have recovered a file, but I cannot open it
A: This is actually very common. Sometimes, when you recover a file using any data recovery software, there’s a slight chance you won’t be able to access it, and this is especially true for Microsoft Office files (think PowerPoint, Word, Excel). It also happens with large files like MPEG or MKV and most other video files. What causes the problem, though? Two main things:
Hard disk partsDamaged Files

1.Damaged Files

Once you delete a file, it’s very possible and probable the selected file could be damaged by another file. But more likely, the damage could stem from the file being overwritten by another file. The deleted file could also get damaged by disk defragmentation, an attack by malicious software like virus or malware or even the adverse activities of hackers (Microsoft Office files, in particular, are very vulnerable here).

Hard disk partsFragmented Files

2.Fragmented Files

There are large files which are often saved in distinct, separate locations on your drive because they cannot share the same, immediate hard disk space with each other. Recovery of such files is pretty much impossible-or difficult, at best-because even though the file’s initial location can be pinpointed, the information on where the other fragments are located is often erased for good.

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