Simple Methods Do Windows 10 Incremental Backup

How to do Windows 10 Incremental Backup

Incremental backup is a good way of ensuring that you have the latest files in your backup. This page talks about Windows 10 backup utilities and how to do Windows 10 incremental backup.

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How can I do an incremental backup on Windows 10

Hello, I tried to use the Windows 10 File History Feature to do incremental backups for my files, but just found that it is not available. So I wanna know how to create an incremental backup in Windows 10 and how to do it. Any suggestion is well appreciated.

Incremental backup is a type of backup in which additional backups of only those files are added to an existing backup file that has received any changes since the last backup was made. It can be considered as an ongoing backup which continues to create copies of files that have been changed but doesn’t perform the full backup process all over again for those files that register no change. An incremental backup can thus save you a great deal of time as well as space on the backup drive. Assuming the last full backup you did at the beginning of a week had a size of 10GB that took 2-3 hours to complete, the incremental backups for each day of the week after the full backup would only occupy 100-200MBs and would be completed within few minutes.

  • Part 1: Windows 10 Incremental Backup Software
  • Part 2. How to Do an Incremental Backup on Windows 10
  • Part 3: What Is Incremental Backup?

Part 1: Windows 10 Incremental Backup Software

There are different incremental backup software packages available that can be used for making Windows 10 incremental backup. The following are some of the backup software tools that can help you in creating incremental backups in Windows 10.

1. Windows 10 Incremental Backup with AOMEI Backupper

AOMEI Backupper Professional is a good Windows 10 backup program that can help you in creating incremental backups of your data and restore the most recent versions of your lost files. It has various features that make it one of the best software programs for creating backups of data. Providing three different types of backup modes including full, incremental, and differential, AOMEI Backupper can help you in keeping the most up-to-date versions of your files in the backup.

AOMEI backupper tool

2. Windows 10 Incremental Backup Using Handy Backup

Handy Backup is another Windows backup utility available to you for creating an incremental backup in Windows 10. It is reliable too when it comes to making incremental backups. The process for creating an incremental backup for Windows 10 in Handy Backup is very simple and doesn’t require much expertise. Anyone can complete this task within minutes and make sure that he has the most recent versions of all his files in his backup image.

handy backup software

3. Preferred Windows Backup Software to Take Incremental Backup

There are numerous incremental backup programs in the market, some of which might instead further damage your data and make them unrecoverable permanently. Thus, it is vital to pick a reliable and powerful application to create incremental data backups and restore your lost data back in Windows 10. Here, 3 highly recommended Windows 10 backup tools have been mentioned above, among which AOMEI Backupper Professional stands out. It offers different sorts of backups for you to simplify your backup task. And some of its features are listed below.

incremental backup
  • Allows you to take automatic, full, incremental, and differential backups of system, disk, partition, and files.
  • Supports system restore, disk restore, dissimilar hardware restore, partition restore, and selective file restore.
  • Supports disk clone, partition/volume clone, flexible clone, system clone, and command line clone.
  • Supports Windows 10, Windows 8.1/8, Windows 7, Vista, and XP (all editions, 32/64-bit)

Part 2. How to Do an Incremental Backup on Windows 10

With AOMEI Backupper Professional, you can do incremental backups in Windows 10 for your files, disk, partition, system including applications and configurations, etc. Here, take incremental file backup.

This article talks about how to do an incremental file backup on Windows 10. We also provide solutions for disk backup, partition backup in Windows 10, Windows system backup and Cloud backup.

Step 1 Select a backup option

Download and install this Windows 10 incremental backup software. Then, you should launch it and select the "File Backup" option under the "Backup" tab.

Incremental file backup

Step 2 Add files to backup

Click "Add File" or "Add Folder" to open data for later incremental backup. For folder backup, you are allowed to make some simple filter settings.

add file for incremental backup

Step 3 Select another location

Click "Select another location as the destination path" to save what you want to backup on a safe location, which can be an external hard disk, Cloud-based storage, NAS drive, or still a Windows 10 hard drive.

a location for incremental file backup

Step 4 Schedule incremental backup

Tick "Schedule" and a window to schedule settings will pop up. Go to "Advanced" and this Windows 10 backup software ticks "Incremental Backup" by default. Click "OK" to move forward.

schedule incremental file backup

Step 5 Start incremental backup

Finally, you can begin the file backup process after clicking "Start Backup". After the full backup process finishes, the selected files or folders will be automatically backed up on an incremental basis.

start incremental file backup

Part 3: What Is Incremental Backup?

Incremental backups are a good way of ensuring that you have the latest versions of all of your files in your backup. They don’t take up much space and you won’t have to spend a great deal of time for them to be completed as well. This is why an incremental backup is so crucial for you. If you don’t create this type of backup and if your hard drive fails a few days before the next complete backup was due, then you would be left with old versions of all the files that you had changed since the last backup. With incremental backups, however, you get the most recent copy of your files which had been changed just the other day by you.

It is safe to say that Windows 10 incremental backup can save you from losing the latest versions of your files. It won’t take much time and ensure that you have the most updated versions of your files stored away in your backup storage. However, to accomplish incremental backups, a Windows backup program is what you can only rely on. And AOMEI Backupper Professional is what we recommend for you since it simplifies and accelerates the cumbersome backup task. With this Windows backup tool, the incremental backup on Windows 10 is not an issue anymore.

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