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How to Make Google Photos Backup Run Faster?

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Mar 11, 2024 • Filed to: Take Data Backup • Proven solutions

While Google Photos provide a seamless solution to backup and restore our pictures, users can encounter unwanted issues at times. For instance, when I was uploading my pictures a while back, I realized that the Google Photos backup was running very slow. Well, if your Google Photos backup is also taking forever, then you have come to the right place. In this guide, I will let you know how to make Google Photos backup run faster on your computer or smartphone.

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Possible Reasons for Google Photos Backup Taking Forever

Before we discuss how to make Google Photos backup run faster, let’s have a look at its common reasons:

How to Make Google Photos Backup Run Faster: Android, iOS, and Web Solutions

Since there could be different reasons for Google Photos Backup and Sync being slow, let’s discuss a few methods to fix it.

Case I: How to Make Google Photos Backup Run Faster on Web

If you are trying to take Google Photos Backup on your computer, then you must be using the web version of the app. In this case, I would recommend the following ways to fix the Google Photos Backup being very slow.

Fix 1: Check the Internet Connection

At first, make sure that your system is connected to a stable WiFi network. Needless to say, if the connection is poor, then the Google Photos backup would run very slow.

You can just click on the network icon from the taskbar and check the connectivity status. If you want, you can further go to the Network Settings on your system or switch to another stable network from here.

Windows Check Network Connection

Fix 2: Disable any Ad-blocking or VPN app

In case you are using a VPN or have enabled an ad-blocking tool, then Google Photos backup can run slow. The easiest way to fix the Google Photos backup taking forever issue is by disabling these ad-on tools.

You can just launch your web browser (like Chrome or Firefox) and go to its Extensions/Add-ons option. From here, you can just disable the installed ad-blocker or VPN and try uploading the backup again.

Chrome Remove Ad Blocker

Fix 3: Check the Restricted Bandwidth Limits

You might not know, but the Google Backup and Sync app has an option to set up a bandwidth limit to upload our data. Therefore, if the Google Photos Backup and Sync is slow, then you should check these settings.

Just launch the Google Backup and Sync application on your computer and go to its Preferences/Settings > Bandwidth Settings. Now, you can just disable any limit on the uploading/downloading of data in the app.

Google Backup and Sync Check Bandwidth

Fix 4: Clear the Drive Database from the User Directory

At times, the Google Photos backup could be slow due to a clashing of data saved on your system. The good news is that you can directly get rid of Google Photos backup database from your computer to boost the uploading speed.

Just launch the Explorer, open the Windows Drive (C:) and browse to the AppData > Local > Google > Drive > user_default folder. Here, you can look for the “cloud_graph” folder and manually remove it from the system. Afterward, you can try to take your Google Photos backup again and check it resolves the issue.

Delete Google Photos Directory

Case II: How to Make Google Photos Backup Run Faster on Android

Just like on the web, the Google Photos backup can run slow on an Android as well. Therefore, I would recommend these methods to make the backup process run faster on your Android device.

Fix 1: Enable the Backup option on Cellular Data

Are you using cellular data instead of WiFi to take your backup on Google Photos? Well, in this case, you need to simply make a small tweak on the app to fix the Google Photo Backup taking forever issue.

Just launch the Google Photos app and go to its Settings > Backup and Sync. Now, make sure that the uploading of photos and videos is enabled under the Cellular Data feature.

Enable Google Photos Backup on Cellular Data

Fix 2: Clear Cache Data for the Google Photos App

If you have been using Google Photos for a while, then the app could have accumulated a lot of cache data. This can make the Google Photos backup run slow on Android with time.

If you want to fix this, then just go to your phone’s Settings > App/App Info and open the options for the Google Photos app. Here, tap on the “Clear Cache” button and confirm your choice. You can also delete any other app-related data for Google Photos from here and restart the backup.

Clear Cache Google Photos

Fix 3: Disable the Battery Saver Mode

Android phones also have a battery saver mode that can optimize the background processes. It is if turned on, then it can make the Google Photos backup run slow on an Android device.

You can just swipe down the screen to get the Control Center options and tap on the Battery Saver icon. From here, you can just turn off the Battery Saver mode on your device. Besides that, you can also find the Battery Saver option in your phone’s Settings and disable it from there as well.

Android Disable Battery Mode

Case III: How to Make Google Photos Backup Run Faster on an iPhone

Lastly, if you have an iOS device, then you can implement these suggestions to learn how to make Google Photos backup run faster:

Fix 1: Restart your iOS device

A lot of issues with iOS devices can be fixed with a simple restart. This can automatically reset its power cycle and close unwanted processes from running in the background.

All you need to do is just long-press the Power button on the side or top of the device. As the Power slider would appear, swipe it to turn off your iPhone. Now, wait for a while, and long-press the Power key again to restart your phone.

iPhone Restart Button

Fix 2: Update the Google Photos App

Another reason for the Google Photos backup being very slow is an old or outdated version of the app. The simplest way to resolve this problem is by launching the App Store on your iPhone. Now, look for the Google Photos app and tap on the “Update” button to upgrade the app.

iPhone Google Photos Update

Fix 3: Reset your Google Account on the Device

Surprisingly, the Google Photos Backup and Sync can be slow if your account has now been linked incorrectly or there is an issue with it. To fix this, you can remove your Google account and add it again to reset it.

Just go to your iPhone’s Settings > Mails, Contacts, and Calendars to find your Google Account and remove it from here. Now, go to the Accounts > Add Account option and select the Google account option. You can now enter the details of your Google account to relink it with your device.

iPhone Link Google Account

Fix 4: Turn off the Low Power Mode

Just like Android, the Google Photos backup can be slow on your iPhone if the Low Power mode is enabled. This is because the Low Power mode can automatically disable the background processes, like the Google Photos backup uploading of data.

Therefore, if the Google Photos backup is taking forever, then you can go to its Settings > Battery and just toggle off the Low Power Mode from here.

iPhone Low Power Mode

Tip: Try Wondershare UBackit as a Perfect Google Photos backup Alternative

Since the Google Photos Backup can take a lot of time and has several limitations, you can consider using Wondershare UBackit instead. It can be used to take a selective or entire backup of your data and you can later restore it to any location of your choice.

wondershare ubackit

By following these tips, you can certainly fix the Google Photos backup being slow on your Android, iOS, or computer. Now when know how to make Google Photos backup run faster, you can easily maintain a copy of your important pictures on the cloud. Besides that, you can also take the assistance of Wondershare UBackit to backup, restore, and manage your data without any hassle.

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