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How to Backup Files in Safe Mode Windows 11/10?

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Jan 27, 2024 • Filed to: Take Data Backup • Proven solutions

“My Windows 10 computer is not booting properly and I’m afraid I might lose my important files. Can someone tell me how to backup files in safe mode on Windows 10?”

As I stumbled upon this query on Reddit, I realized that so many people find it hard to maintain a backup in safe mode. Well, if your system is not able to boot properly, then running it in safe mode might help you troubleshoot the issue. Though, the first thing that you should do is taking your system’s backup in safe mode to keep your files safe. In this post, I will let you know how to transfer files in safe mode Windows 11/10 easily.

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Why you Should Backup Files in Safe Mode?

Most experts recommend taking a system’s backup in safe mode as it is just more secure and will let you complete the process without any interruption. These are some of the reasons for taking a backup of files in safe mode.

2 Methods to Backup Files in Safe Mode on Windows 11/10

Now when you know the basics, let’s learn how to backup files in safe mode. To do this, you can manually launch safe mode via command prompt on your system or take the assistance of a dedicated backup tool.

Method 1: Backup Files in Safe Mode via Command Prompt in Windows 10

To learn how to backup files in safe mode Windows 11/10, you first need to boot your system in it. Later, you can enter the relevant command to maintain a dedicated backup to the desired location. You can easily backup files in safe mode by following these steps:

Step 1: Boot your Windows System in Safe Mode

At first, just restart your computer and repeatedly press the advanced booting key on your system. Mostly, it is F8, but in some cases, it can also be F2, F6, F10, or the ESC key. As soon as you get the advanced booting options on the screen, choose to open the Safe Mode with Command Prompt.

Windows Safe Mode Command Prompt

Besides that, if your system is running smoothly, then you can go to its Settings > Update & Security > Recovery and click on the “Restart” button under “Advanced Setup”.

Windows Settings Advanced Setup

This will automatically restart your computer and provide the advanced booting options instead. Here, you can navigate to Troubleshoot > Advanced Options > Startup Settings and choose to start your system in safe mode.

Windows Advanced Booting

Step 2: Manually Back up files in Safe Mode

Once your Windows computer has been restarted in safe mode, you can launch Command Prompt on it. Now, you can use the “Wbadmin” module and the “start backup” command to backup files in safe mode.

For instance, let’s say you have to back up the D drive data to the E drive. In this case, you can enter the following command to take a backup in safe mode:

Wbadmin start backup -backuptarget:E: -include:D:

If you want to include all the critical volume as well, then just add the “-allcritical” command after the above statement.

Windows Backup Command

Afterward, you can just wait for a while and let your system back up your volume to the target location successfully.


  • Harder to implement
  • Can’t take a selective backup of data
  • No preview of files available

Method 2: Backup your Files Easily with Wondershare UBackit

As you can see, learning how to transfer files in safe mode Windows 11/10 can be such a tedious job. If you want to overcome this and back up your data to any location of your choice, then use Wondershare UBackit.

If you also want to backup your data from your system to any other location using Wondershare UBackit, then you can follow these instructions.

Step 1: Launch Wondershare UBackit on your system

At first, you can just install and launch Wondershare UBackit on your computer. From the sidebar, go to the “Backup & Restore” section and choose to create a new backup.

ubackit backup software

Step 2: Select the source and files to back up

Now, Wondershare UBackit will display a list of the available partitions and directories that you can browse to select what you wish to back up. You can find the drivers and folders on the sidebar and browse them on the right.

select the backup source

If you are looking for specific things to back up, then you can use the inbuilt search option of UBackit. Just enter keywords here and it will automatically display the relevant results.

search files

Besides that, you can also use the inbuilt filter option of UBackit to look for specific file types to back up (like videos, photos, or documents).

filter the file type

In this way, you can easily select the partitions, folders, or files that you wish to include in the backup.

Step 3: Choose the Destination to Back up your Data

Once you have selected what to back up, you can choose a location to save it. Ideally, the backup destination can be any internal partition/folder of the system or any other external source (like an external hard drive).


Step 4: Enable Automatic Backup (Optional)

If you want, you can also enable the Automatic Backup option of UBackit from the top-right corner. This will let you select an appropriate frequency (like daily, monthly, weekly, non-stop) to automatically back up your data.

set automatic backup

Step 5: Complete the Backup process

That’s it! Once you click on the “Backup” button, UBackit will start taking the backup of the selected data at the provided location. You can view its progress and make sure that the application is not closed till the process is completed. It has an inbuilt virus protection feature to ensure the backup is maintained without any malicious entity.

initiate the backup

In the end, UBackit will let you know that the backup process can be completed. You can now check it on your UBackit dashboard and even restore it to any location whenever you want.

complete the backup process

How to Improve Your Backup’s Success Rate?

By now, you would be able to maintain an extensive backup in safe mode of your important files. Though, if you want to improve the overall success rate of the backup process, then consider these tips:

Now when you know how to backup files in safe mode Windows 10, you can certainly keep your data safe. Since there could be so many reasons for taking a backup in safe mode, you should be aware of the process. Though, if you want to make your job easier, then consider using Wondershare UBackit. It is an extremely secure and friendly application that can help you maintain a complete or selective backup of your data and would let you restore it however you want.

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