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How to Remove Person from a Photo Online Free or without Photoshop

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Jan 27, 2024 • Filed to: Photo/Video/Audio Solutions • Proven solutions


Gone are the days when one would take time to ensure no unwanted objects will appear in your photo. In fact, whenever an amazing scene presents a worthy shot you’ll find a person taking a shot with or without other persons appearing in the photo.

You may be wondering how the area covered by a person on a photo would look like after the person is removed. Today’s photo editing tools have adopted the use of AL technology which analyses the photos texture, colour and photo pixels. This heals the section the person is removed from making the photo have a seamless appearance.

Erasing, blurring and cutout are the most known techniques used to remove unwanted objects in photos. Can they also be used to remove person from a photo online free?

Here is how to remove person from a photo online free or without Photoshop:

Let’s now start.

Before you start removing a person from a photo, the method you decide to use should be determined the position of that person in the photo. There are plenty of free tools ready for you to use online to remove strangers, tourists and other unwanted objects from a photo without Photoshop.

Why should you then spent too much money subscribing to other tools and yet their performance is almost the same? If your intention is only to remove a person from a photo online free or without Photoshop, follow the methods below:

Method 1: Use Inpaint online free


Every one of us has a photograph with strangers. Now that you are faced with the challenge of removing a person from a photo, try using the Inpaint Online method. No prior experience is required to use this method.

For high-resolution photos, you’ll have to register and purchase credits to download.

Inpaint Online is among the simplest methods you can use to remove person from a photo online free. Other than being available online for free, its simplicity of use and friendly interface will make you love it. Follow these steps:

Step 1: Upload the photo with an unwanted person

After navigating to Inpaint.com and click to launch the program. Tap on the Upload command and select the photo you want to remove a person.

Step 2: Select the person to be removed

 This is simple: Click on the Marker Tool and start highlighting the person. Just do it like you are painting over it. You can choose to adjust the size of the brush or zoom the photo depending on the size of the person to paint with more precision – even though it’s not that necessary.


This method allows you to highlight as many persons as you want to be removed.

Step 3: Erase the unwanted person

The Erase command is written and a play button placed together. Click on it to do away with the person or persons in your photo. Give the software about 5 seconds to do make the person go.

In case there is a part of the person left not removed, highlight it and click Erase.


Step 4: Download and save

There is a Download button at the far top right hand. Click on it to download and save.

Method 2: Use Cropping Tool to remove person from a photo

Tools such as Lunapic, Adobe Spark photo cropper and PicResize are good for cropping a person from a photo. The Cropping method is faster and simple compared to the other methods.

Cropping is highly recommendable; however, it’s only suitable if the person or object to be cropped is positioned on one side of the photo. Again, cropping reduces the resolution of the photo.

How to remove person from a photo by cropping:

Step 1: Upload photo

In this tutorial, let’s use Lunapic.com. Go to your browser and launch it. With the tool now displayed on your screen, click Upload on the top menu and select your photo. Alternatively, click the Cut Out Tool represented by scissors.

Again, Lunapic has the Remove & Inpaint option, which you can use to remove person from a photo online or without Photoshop.


Step 2: Crop the person on your photo

To crop the unwanted person, click on the Edit menu and then Crop Image from the drop-down menu. Another set of the menu will show up just above your uploaded photo. Click the Crop option.


Adjust the area within the water margin until every part of the unwanted person is out of the margin. Tap on the Crop Image command above the photo and wait for the cropping process to end. Then tap Save.

Method 3: Remove an unwanted person from a photo using Clone Stamp

The clone stamp technique is now a major feature incorporated into many online photo editing tools. This technique entails painting one part of a photo over another part of the same photo. It's, therefore, a perfect tool to use when you want to remove a person from a photo online or without Photoshop.

Gifgit, Photo-Toolbox.com and Movavi are some of the photo editors with Clone Stamp Tool.

You can for now use Gifgit.

Step 1: Open Gifgit.com on your computer.

After launching, click on the Choose File and open it to upload the photo.


Step 2: Start cloning the unwanted person.

As guided above the photo, press the “Alt” key on your keyboard and click on the person to select your starting point. Before you start to clone, adjust the settings on the crossbar to suit the colour shades of the photo. This will make the area covered by the unwanted person match with the surrounding areas.

With the Blur setting as low as possible and the Opacity at its highest, start stroking the person to copy any part of the photo to cover the unwanted parson.


Step 3:  Download the photo

To download and save your photo, tap on the download icon.

Method 4: Use Healing Brush to remove person from a photo online free

The main advantage of this method is it paints the unwanted object- person- with sampled pixels thus matching the photos shading, texture, transparency and lighting with the area being healed.

Like the Clone Stamping tool, the online healing brush tool can be found in many online photo editors. Photopea, Fotor.com, BunnyPic and PhotoScape X do feature the healing brush. Let’s use the BunnyPic.

Step 1: Open BunnyPic on your computer/laptop.

Being a free online photo editor with over fifteen features all meant to make your photo amazing, you’ll definitely love it. Search for BunnyPic.com and click to launch it.

Step 2: Upload photo

On the top bar menu is the File option. Click on it then choose Open to select the photo to upload.


Step 3: Remove the person on your photo

Among the tools represented by icons on the left side is a healing brush. Hover over the tools to read their names, tap on it and choose Healing Brush Tool.

To start removing the person from the photo online or without Photoshop, press the “Alt” key and click on the area with the pixels that will match with position occupied by the person.

With the brush size adjusted to cover the largest part of the person possible, paint the person to remove him/her.

Step 4: Export to save

Once you are done with removing the person from the photo, click File and select Export as to choose the file format you want the photo saved. Tap the Save button and you are done.

What app can remove a person from a picture or photo? 

The number of apps available that can be used to remove person from a photo online free or without Photoshop are few. Majority of those purporting to be the best have to be paid before use or after the expiry of the free trial.

Some of the apps that can remove a person from a picture or photo online free are Snapseed, PhotoShop Fix, Enlight Photofox and Enlight.


If you’ve been wondering how to remove person from a photo online free or without Photoshop you now have the answer. All the methods explained above are simple, not detailed and easy to understand.

And the since the apps that can remove the person for free have almost similar features, its better you familiarize yourself with one or two apps or software. There are also those that will allow you to download for free and the same latitude extended only for seven days.

Even though they may have additional and better features, you better remain with the simple tool you can access anytime for free.

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