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What's the Surprise of Recoverit 8.5

Wondershare Recoverit Authors

Jan 15, 2024 • Filed to: Support • Proven solutions

After months of unremitting efforts, we released Recoverit 8.5 in December 2019! Are you as excited and expected as we are? Just look at what surprises Recoveit 8.5 has now!

Part 1. Two Breakthroughs of Recoverit 8.5

Compared with Recoveit 8.0, Recoverit 8.5 is a quantum leap. In the video era, version 8.5 focuses on video files and increases two functions, called Advanced Video Recovery and Video Repair. Advanced Video Recovery can recover videos by merging video fragments; Video Repair realizes quick repair for common damaged video and advanced repair for seriously damaged video by adding samples. These are two major technological breakthroughs, which can get more important videos back for users. The two new features make 8.5 stands out from the rest of the normal repair/recovery software on the market.

main interface compare

1. Advanced Video Recovery

After the video is deleted or formatted, the user tries to restore by himself but finds that the video cannot be played. Ordinary data recovery cannot solve this problem. As a pioneering technology, Advanced Video Recovery is specially developed to solve the above problem. It mainly has three advantages, smart scan technology, video fragments merging technology, and deep scan technology. It works successfully on all major systems and provides complete recovery of deleted or lost videos, songs, and photos from various data storage devices.

advance video recovery analysis

It adopts the advanced data recovery algorithm. Advanced Video Recovery can increase the quality of file recovery when the file system is not damaged; recover files that are not recognized in file system metadata and not found during a disk scanning procedure; recover files from devices with the unknown file system, such as HD, USB drive, memory sticks, and other removable media.

start advance video recovery

1Smart Scan Technology

Our smart scan technology is exclusive and unique! It can quickly locate and restore files that other recovery software could never find. It is also an important base to complete those impossible recovery tasks that other software cannot touch, such as trying to merge the video fragments. Smart scan data recovery technology gives you customized control even when recovering from corrupted or reformatted partitions.

2Video Fragments Merging Technology

Merging video fragments can be more difficult than restoring videos that are stored on the disk in a single continuous chunk. The primary goal of the file system is to store information about the order of sectors on the drive containing files. This technology can identify the location of video fragments, retrieve them, and sequence them as much as possible.

3Deep Scan Technology

Deep scan recovery is a recovery module using RAW searching technology. It can extend file search and mask capabilities, get verbose file information. We adopt this technology to scan the file's sector more widely and deeply to make sure that all the possible files can be retrieved. Together with raw recovery, deep scan recovery is also able to recover data with their old names and folder structures.

2. Video Repair

It is specially designed to help users repair video files that are corrupt or inaccessible. It comes embedded with some fantastic features, for example, it repairs multiple formats of videos simultaneously, previews the repaired video files before saving them on the desired location, and supports the main video file format. It mainly includes two repair modes, quick repair and advance repair.

video repair position

1Quick Repair: Repairing Common Video Errors

With great algorithm performance, it can take a quick scan on corrupt video files, and repair the files in less time than other tools. It just takes only 3 clicks to get the video file repaired no matter how it got damaged. Quick repair mode can deal with common video errors, such as choppy/blurry/grain/frozen/jerky/videos, flickering issue, video files corrupted after recovery, sluggish or video playing slowly, out-of-sync video or audio lag issue, no sound in the video, videos playing in slow motion, broken MP4 files, stuck and dead pixels on videos.

Step 1Add corrupted video

Click the area of "Add video and start repairing" to add a corrupted video.

add corrupted video

Step 2Repair corrupted video

Tap on the "Repair" button to start repairing corrupted video.

repair corrupted video

Step 3Preview and save video

After successful repair, you can preview the video to make sure the content and quality, and then save the repaired video.

preview repaired video

2Advanced Repair: Using Sample File

This repair mode refers to add some sample videos shot by the same device. If your video file is severely corrupted, Advanced Repair allows you to repair it by adding a sample file to it. A sample file is a valid file of any size created with the same device and the same format as the corrupted video. The software uses the information from the sample file and repairs the corrupted video.

try advanced video repair

It repairs the videos that got corrupt during the shoot, when performing file transfer, while editing, converting, or processing, for example, video quality loss after export, corruption on the video slider/frame/header. Recoverit 8.5 will repair your corrupted videos by analyzing the data and technology of the sample video.

add sample video

Part 2. Recoverit 8.0 VS Recoverit 8.5

To achieve a better user experience, Recoverit 8.5 remains the advantages of Recoverit 8.0 and makes some improvements, such as more stereoscopic interface, more intelligent file search, stronger preview function, more considerable prompts, and more supported systems. The following shows the differences between the two versions of the software.

1. More stereoscopic interface

Recoverit 8.0 has a self-explanatory and user-friendly interface for both Mac OS and Windows users. With an interactive approach, the software doesn't require any technical expertise for its operation. Recoverit 8.5 remains the simple interface of Recoverit 8.0 as well as makes fine adjustments in color and content. In this way, regular users don't need to spend much time adapting to the new version, new users can also quickly get familiar with the operation after a few clicks.

RI8.5 sidebar

2. More intelligent file search with advanced filter

Based on the search file function of Recoverit 8.0, Recoverit 8.5 adds an advanced filter, which can help users search and find the file more precisely, quickly, and easily.

RI8.5 file search

Advanced filter shows next to the searching box, which makes users convenient to use. It is very simple to use. After setting the filter conditions, click "Apply" on the interface, all the filter conditions will take effect. To change the setting of the conditions, just click "Reset". After resetting, display as default, and you can set new filter conditions. To cancel the filter setting, just click "Close". During the process of scan and search, the filter function is still available.

The advanced filter includes four parts: show file, file type, system file, file size, and modify date. Default filtering conditions are all files, all types, all sizes, all time. Every item has different filtering choices.

3. Stronger preview function

The preview function of Recoverit 8.5 has been greatly optimized. The most obvious change is that the default preview window is larger than before. Here are more details from photo preview, video preview, and audio preview.

1Photo preview

RI8.5 photo preview

Similar photos are matched according to pixels and shown as thumbnails below the main photo. You can click on any thumbnail to preview. The scroll bar shows more similar photos, but the photo number up to 20. Drag the scroll bar to judge the photo you are looking for.

Nikon: *.NEF Canon: *.CR2 Sonny: *.ARW

Pentax: *.PEF Fuji: *.RAF Olympus: *. ORF Leica: *.DNG

RI8.5 full screen photo preview

2Video preview

RI8.5 preview video

3Audio preview

RI8.5 audio preview

4. More considerable prompts

Recoverit 8.5 increases more considerable tips during operation, which can guide the user to conduct a more reasonable operation.

  1. Prompt after the file scanning: to guide users on how to find files quickly.

RI8.5 prompt after scan

  1. Prompt when file search shows no results: boot to find Raw File or use Advanced Filter.

RI8.5 prompt of search no result

5. More systems supported

It can read data from hard drive or storage disk with Mac format on the Windows system, which solves the problem of incompatible hard disk formats under dual systems. Connect the hard drive with Mac format to the Windows computer, Recoverit 8.5 can identify the hard drive, realize reading, scanning, and recovering data from the hard drive.

RI8.5 more systems supported

It supports to read the disk with the following Mac formats:

Part 3. FAQs of Recoverit 8.5

The final part is about the common questions from our users and the answers we provide for you.

Q 1 Can I repair multiple formats of videos simultaneously?

Of course, Recoverit Video Repair does allow this. It supports to repair all main video formats, such as MOV, MP4, M4V, M2TS, MTS, MKV, 3GP, AVI, FLV. What's more, you can repair any number of corrupted video files.

Q 2 Is there any modification in the video after being repaired by this tool?

The recovery is secure and harmless. There is no modification or change in video integrity, quality, print, or format after the complete repair and saving process. The software maintains the structure of the video even after recovery, keeps the integrity and print of recovered video files, and doesn't affect the quality of the video during the recovery process.

Q 3 What's the size requirement for video files to repair?

Recoverit 8.5 is strong, it can deal with very large corrupt videos. There is no limitation on the size of video files to repair. No matter how severely the file is corrupted or how big the file size is, the software can repair all such files efficiently.

Q 4 Can I add a sample video created from a different device as the corrupted video?

Sorry, not yet. A sample video should be created from the same device and of the same format as the corrupted video. If not, Advanced Repair doesn't work. Because the software uses the data from the sample file and repairs the corrupted video.

Q 4 What are the video formats this software supports?

The software supports almost all main video file formats to perform the repair process. It supports MOV, MP4, M4V, M2TS, MTS, MKV, 3GP, AVI, FLV file formats. The software can repair crashed and broken video files, retrieve information from inaccessible video files.

Closing Words

Whether it is Recoverit 8.0 or Recoverit 8.5, and more updates in the future, our purpose has always been to service users with professional technology, make the lost back to the original. Thank you all for your continued support and trust! Download Recoverit 8.5 to try it now! The optimized and upgraded Recoverit 8.5 will give you a better experience. Remember to feedback on your feelings and suggestions!

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