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Top 4 Hard Drive Backup Software for Mac (Free + Paid)

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Jul 17, 2024 • Filed to: Take Data Backup • Proven solutions

best data recovery software

In today's world, external hard drives play a vital role in how people keep records of irreplaceable family photos, work files, presentations, and other basic info. But data loss due to corrupted memory, accidental delete, reformat, bad sectors are problems that many people are facing.

Anyway, thanks to technology evolution, you can backup your hard disk conveniently through an external hard drive backup software. Although there are lots of backup software online, only a few can help keep your records safe and backup your hard drive efficiently. For this reason, we've made a list of the four best hard drive backup software for Mac OS.

Do You Know Your Types of Hard Drive Backup for Mac?

As we all know, Backups are just like insurance! So it's essential to backup data constantly to help reduce the risk of data loss. Every time before a backup, have you ever thought about what kinds of backup you are doing?

And this section will introduce three different types of hard drive backups for the Mac OS. Now let's find out what they are.

Now you know three different types of data backup. Then read on to know the importance of hard drive backup.

Why Is It Important to Backup Your Hard Drive of Mac?

There are lots of primary reasons why you must back up your hard drive! But only a few people have one or two ideas about this. For this reason, we would list a few critical reasons.

Top 4 Hard Drive Backup Software for Mac

1 Time Machine (Free)

use time machine to back up your mac

The first and best on the list is Time Machine. I call this one a set-it-and-forget-it backup. If that sounds unfamiliar but interesting, then I'd say you can't ask for more with the availability of this tool on your Mac.

Time Machine is highly-intuitive. After setting it up, you need not bother to set up in the next time. Because it automatically backs up your accounts, documents, applications, email, movies, messages, photos, preferences, system files, and music. It'd be better to just call it an in-built tool! And do you know the striking aspect? It backs up all your records in multiple versions making it easy to reach out to any file even after deleted.

Pros Cons

Backs up any external hard drive flawlessly

Completely free


Less secured compared to a cloud storage

Does not archive data! It only replaces old backup data with new ones

Requires an external drive which can also fail in the future

2 SuperDuper (Free+Paid)

use superduper to back up your mac

If you want a user-friendly and well-designed backup software, then SuperDuper is the perfect choice. Yeah, SuperDuper is an advanced and easy-to-use backup program for Mac. It eases the process of copying or cloning. One more thing, this external hard drive backup software has a variety of features to satisfy advanced users, making it simple but very powerful.

Pros Cons

Easily retrieves lost files during backup

Designed with a user-friendly interface

Creates bootable drives for restoration

Cannot choose specific folders or files for backup

Slow backup speed

Some features are locked behind a paywall

3 Carbon Copy Cloner (Free+Paid)

use carbon duper to back up your mac

Carbon Copy Cloner is one long-time favorite hard drive backup software for Mac, making it one of the must-have app on this list. It's mostly used for creating bootable clones, incremental backups, scheduled tasks, and backups to a network share that your Mac can mount on its desktop.

Pros Cons

Fast backup speed

Cannot chain tasks together


Slow restore speed

Unfriendly interface

Does not show History logs in the main window

4 Backblaze (Free+Paid)

use backblaze to back up your mac

If you're looking for an online backup service that can be used with your Mac OS, then Backblaze is the best choice for you.  Although this is a paid online backup service, you'll still be offered a 1-month free trial, and they support refunds. It's not bad for personal use, organizations, or B2 cloud storage.

Pros Cons

Backs up the data period

Secure and automatic backup

Off-site backup keeps data safe from disaster

Low price

Poor customer service



After reading through this list, I'm sure you're now aware of the best backup software to satisfy your requirements. Although all mentioned are good, none is a good match for the Backblaze online backup service, as it supports more advanced features and executes the backup process superly fast.

From recommended backup tools, you can know that three provide both free and paid versions. The free version aims to satisfy the most essential backup demand, such as a file, folder, partition, and hard disk backup, while the advanced version allows you to clone the whole computer system automatically and synchronously. Except that, advanced version usually provides a faster backup speed and cloud storage. So choosing between free and paid version has its own benefits. It is all up to your demand.

Tips on Hard Drive Backup for Mac

Let's take a look at some quick tips on backing up external hard drives for Mac OS.

  1. When executing a backup task through Time Machine, you are requested not to use Mac OS. Thus overnight backup works better.
  2. Schedule additional backups regularly.
  3. Back up to cloud-based storage for added security.
  4. Generally, automatic and simultaneous backup, large-volume backup, and system backup require you to purchase a backup service.


As you can see, backing up an external hard drive on Mac is extremely easy, especially when you've got access to the right hard drive backup software.

No matter you're looking to utilize an in-built freeware program, a backup software, or an online-based service, this article is the best solution to your problems. In contrast, if you're looking for the best hard drive backup for windows, don't think twice to reach out for the powerful Wondershare UBackit. You can do more than enough with AOMEI, and there's no match for this tool. Download to start your trial.

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