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Photo Retriever Supports All Photos Recovery

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Jan 15, 2024 • Filed to: Photo/Video/Audio Solutions • Proven solutions

Accidental deletion, corrupt storage, or inaccessible photos – it doesn't matter what situation you are dealing with, you are about to get them all resolved right here. A lot of people look for ways to perform photo retriever and get all deleted photos back. In this guide, you can get the solutions.

Part 1What is Photo Retriever?

You could have lost your photos on your computer, SD card, or any other external drive. There are different ways to recover all photos. For instance, if you have accidentally deleted photos, then chances are that they could be stored in the Recycle Bin. This means you can easily undo deleted photos through Recycle Bin (if you are lucky). If you are dealing with the corruption of images, permanently deleted photos, or inaccessible pictures, then a third-party photo retriever is needed.

1. What Can a Photo Retriever Do?

With advanced photo recovery software, you can easily get all photos back. Generally speaking, a photo retriever can help you retrieve lost, deleted, or inaccessible photos under different scenarios.

One can perform picture recovery on the native hard disk or any external data source as well. It is considered as a module of data recovery that specializes in performing fast photo recovery. Therefore, it is focused on retrieving data types like JPG, PNG, BMP, CRW, PSD, RAW, and other photo formats.

While picking up an advanced photo recovery tool, make sure that it is reliable and secure. It should not store your photos and have a high success rate of data recovery. For instance, Recoverit Photo Recovery is an advanced photo recovery tool that can easily retrieve all kinds of pictures under different scenarios.

all photos recovery

2. How does photo retrieval work?

You might be wondering how a picture retriever works. When a photo is deleted on a storage unit (internal or external), it isn't erased permanently right away. Instead, the memory that was originally allocated to it becomes available.

If no further action is taken on the data source, then we can easily retrieve the inaccessible data using a photo retriever. It will scan your entire storage unit and retrieve even those photos that are not allocated a space on the memory table. In this way, users can extract the lost, inaccessible, or deleted photos.

Part 2 Recoverit Photo Recovery: All Photos Recovery Software

If you are looking for an all photos recovery tool, then simply give Recoverit Photo Recovery a try. As a highly advanced photo recovery application, it runs on every major Windows and Mac version. It features an impressive success rate of 96% which is one of the highest in the industry.

1. Unique Features of the Best Photo Retriever

  • It can recover all kinds of photos in different formats, like JPEG, JPG, BMP, PNG, PSD, CRW, GIF, and so much more
  • There are two different scanning modes (normal and deep) to make sure all photos are recovered from the source.
  • A preview of the recovered content is provided so that users can just retrieve the selected data to the location of their choice.
  • An impressive 98% success rate for data recovery.

2. Powerful Functions of Recoverit Photo Recovery

  • It supports photo recovery from internal storage (like a hard drive) or the connected external source (like SD card, external hard disk, pen drive, memory card, and so on).
  • It can retrieve more than 550 different types of data formats, including photos, videos, and audios.
  • A preview of the recovered content is provided so that users can just retrieve the selected data to the location of their choice.
  • Advanced data analyzer engine with recovery support for lost partition, formatted hard disk, virus attack, and every major scenario.

Part 3 How to Undo Deleted Photos?

1. Video Tutorial on All Photos Recovery

Recoverit Photo Recovery supports all photos recovery. To recover deleted photos regardless of image file types, you can watch the video and get the solution.

Recent Videos from Recoverit

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2. How to Recover All Deleted Photos

By following a simple click-through process, anyone can recover all photos from their computer or the connected external storage unit. Since the picture retriever is extremely user-friendly, no prior technical experience is needed to operate it.

To start with, you can just select the drive or partition where you wish to perform advanced photo recovery. Click on the "Start" button once you have selected a location.

select a location for photo recovery

Recoverit would scan the location all around and try to retrieve any deleted or inaccessible content. The scan speed lies in how much data the hard drive stores.

scan to find lost files

After completing the process, you will be notified. You can just preview the retrieved content on the interface. Select the photos you want back and click on the "Recover" button to save them.

preview and recover photos

In case if you are recovering photos from cameras, make sure it is connected to the computer beforehand.

3. Tips on All Photos Recovery

By now, you would be able to perform picture retrieval and data recovery like a pro. Though, to get better results, you should consider following these expert suggestions.

When you use a photo retriever tool, you would be asked to save the recovered photos. Make sure that you don't save them to the same place that has been corrupted or compromised before. Instead, save them to any other location that is secure and has not been corrupted before.
Since there are so many tools out there that can fix corruption in photos, finding the right one can be a tedious task. Check for its customer reviews, recovery rate, and other security parameters. For instance, you can go with Recoverit Photo Recovery as it is one of the most reliable photo recovery software for Windows and Mac.
As stated above, if you keep using the storage unit or system even after an unexpected data loss, then the new content might overwrite the existing data. Therefore, you should use a recovery tool as fast as possible and avoid accessing the storage unit to prevent the overwriting of data.
While selecting an advanced photo recovery tool, make sure that it supports the recovery of the photo format that you have lost. Also, it should run on your system seamlessly as well.
Last, but most importantly, always maintain a backup of your important photos. After all, it is better to be safe than sorry and this will make sure that even after an unexpected situation, your photos won't be lost forever.

Part 4Support Various Formats for Photos Recovery

One of the best things about Recoverit Photo Recovery is that it supports all the major types and formats of photos. Some of the popular image formats that Recoverit supports are JPEG, JPG, BMP, PNG, GIF, TIF, PSD, CRW, CR2, RAW, RAF, DCR, SR2, and so much more.

Since it can also retrieve PSD and RAW files as well, you can also extract raw or Photoshop images too. This makes Recoverit a must-have tool for image editors and photographers as well. Let's explore some of these formats in detail.

1. What is a PSD file?

what is a psd file

PSD is the native data format for Photoshop, which is one of the most popular image editing tools by Adobe. Ideally, PSD stands for a Photoshop Document and follows an 8 BPS type encoding. It saves all the editing done by Photoshop, including any filters, masks, presets, clipping, and other operations.

The format is owned by Adobe and is used in other applications like Illustrator and After Effects too. By recovering a PSD file, you can also get back all the saved changes and edits as well.

2. What is a PNG File?

what is a png file

PNG was introduced way back in 1997 and got an ISO standard in 2004. It stands for Portable Network Graphics and is widely used for its transparent background feature. This is why PNG files are widely used in editing and can easily be overlaid on another object. It is a raster graphics file format that follows a lossless data compression with support for 24 bit and 32-bit colors.

3. What is a GIF File?

what is a gif file

The Graphics Interchange Format has been around since 1985 but has gained immense popularity in the last few years. From online publishing to social media, GIFs are now extensively used. It follows a bitmap image formatting with an animation feature. That is, GIF files are moving pictures based on 24-bit color schemes.

4. What is a JPEG File?

what is a jpeg file

JPEG (Joint Photographic Experts Group) is one of the most commonly used image compression techniques. Most of the camera clicks, smartphone photos, screenshots, and even processed images are stored in JPEG format. Since it is a lossless technique, data is lost in the compression process. It has an impressive compression ratio of 10:1 and is considered a universal standard in the present time.

For those who are seeking for corrupted JPG repair solution, go to the page: Repair Corrupt JPEG on Computer.
- 2 minutes to read it.

5. What is a JPG File?

what is a jpg file

Now when you know what is a JPEG file, you might be wondering about the commonly used JPG extensive. While JPEG is a compression technique, it follows numerous extensions like JPEG, JPG, JPE, JIF, etc. JPG files can be of different types. For instance, Exif is used to store images captured on cameras and other devices while JFIF is incorporated for file transmission.

6. What is a BMP File?

what is a bmp file

BMP stands for Bitmap Image Format and is commonly known as just Bitmap. It also follows a raster graphics image formatting to store images that won't depend on the device. One of the best things about BMP is that it can store 2-dimensional graphics in different color depths (even in monochrome). Due to this, it is widely used in color profiling. Though, the compression is not that effective and BMP files consume more space than JPEG or PNG formats.

7. What is a CR2 File?

what is a cr2 file

CR2 is an advanced form of CRW, which was originally developed by Canon. It stands for Canon Raw Version 2 and stores Raw files that can easily be edited using a third-party tool. CR2 files are also extensively used in 3D modeling as well. It can be accessed on Windows after its inclusion in the Microsoft Codec camera pack. The format is also supported by third-party tools like Photoshop, Irfan View, UF Raw, CR2 Image Viewer, and more.

Get the exact steps on CR2 Photo Recovery.

As you can see, Recoverit Photo Recovery supports fast photo recovery of all the above-listed formats and even tons of other data types. This makes it a must-have picture retriever application for every graphic editor and photographer.

Now when you know how to recover all photos securely, you never have to worry about an unexpected data loss. So what are you waiting for? Go ahead and undo deleted photos or perform an all deleted photos recovery using Recoverit Photo Recovery. It is one of the best photo retrievers with an impressive success rate, available for Windows and Mac.

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