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Top Tips to Delete Files on iPad

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Jul 17, 2024 • Filed to: Photo/Video/Audio Solutions • Proven solutions

iPads are popular among every age group. If you want to play a game as a kid, deal with your business as a businessman, or study as a student, the iPad will help you with the best of its iOS features. Sometimes, you do not pay attention to your iPad storage while dealing with your affairs. In this way, your iPad is left with no space.

If the same case happens to you and you have queries about how to free some space on your iPad, this article is all you need. This article tells you how to delete photos on iPad, movies, emails, etc.

Part 1: How to Delete Photos on the iPad?

If you want to free up some space on your iPad by deleting pictures in your gallery and can't delete photos from the iPad, this section will help you. To proceed with the deletion process, you will have to follow easy steps.

open photos app

select the images

tap on the trash icon to delete photos

In this way, your photos will be deleted. But if you want these photos back, then you can go to the "Recently Deleted" folder, click on the picture, and tap on the "Recover option to get your picture back.

Part 2: How to Delete Movies on the iPad?

If you have got plenty of videos on your iPad and cannot store the necessary stuff, you do not need to worry because we are here to deal with your confusion about how to delete files on iPad-like videos. The deletion of movies from an iPad is not a tough task and follows easy and workable steps, which take the least of your time. So let's go through these steps.

open apple tv app

access library

click on downloaded folder

select the video to delete

confirm deletion

After the completion of these steps, your video will be deleted.

Part 3: Delete Multiple Emails on the iPad?

Emails are a necessary part of our life. We usually have more than one email address for different uses. There is hardly a need to delete emails on the iPad. But if you want to do this, then there is no way that you can delete multiple emails on your iPad at once. It only allows you to delete multiple emails on the iPad if they are in the same folder as an inbox.

This section will help you deal with the queries about how to delete emails on the iPad. You just have to consider the following steps to deal with the process.

click on edit

tap on move option

move emails to trash

Part 4: Delete Bookmarks and Favorites on the iPad.

Safari has useful features, but bookmarks and favorites are the most popular. Through these two, your favorite sites are never lost. If you have to pause reading your book or save your favorite website, you can save them in bookmarks and favorites.

If, for any reason, you want to delete bookmarks on iPad or delete favorites on iPad, then we have got you covered. To perform the procedure, follow these easy steps.

delete bookmarks

delete favorites

Part 5: Delete Messages on the iPad.

If you feel that your inbox on the iPad is overflowing, do not worry because we'll help you eliminate some extra messages. So, if you have queries and confusion about how to delete messages on the iPad, you are in the right hands.

Let's see the steps you will have to repeat to delete messages from your iPad.

delete messages

If you want to delete more than one message, you can repeat the process. In this way, you can delete all messages on your iPad.


Suppose you feel that your iPad is overflowing with data. Then you do not need to worry at all. Because now, you can delete photos, videos, Emails, and messages from your iPad following this article. You can also get the procedures to delete bookmarks on the iPad and delete favorites on the iPad here.

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