How to Recover Corrupted Video Files | Full Video Repair Guide

With the best video file recovery software to help you repair corrupt video files and make a recovery.

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With the increase in popularity of videos, video file corruption is also on the rise. My videos were playing well on my laptop but now there are playback problems in most of them. The videos are often blurring or lagging. My video file is corrupted and how to recover this? Are you also unable to watch your videos because they are corrupted? This article will give you a full video repair guide to help you recover corrupted mp4 files.

Part 1: Common Corrupt Video Scenarios

It can be frustrating to discover that you have a damaged or corrupted video on your hands. This is because you get an error message without giving you details on how to recover the corrupted video. The error message is an indication that something had gone wrong with your video files. But it’s important to know the factors that might have corrupted your video files to ensure you take the necessary precautions in the future. Here are the factors and scenarios that can cause video corruption:

  • Virus attacks or malware can cause video corruption.
  • Errors while converting video files into another format can corrupt videos.
  • Interrupted system shutdown while the video is playing in your video media player.
  • Loss of internet connection when downloading videos.
  • A faulty video player can corrupt a video file.

To fully understand what might have causes video corruption, here are two real-life scenarios:

Situation 1: After transferring videos from my digital camera to the PC, I discovered that the videos were not playing properly at all. Some videos had audio-video sync problems while others had jerky video playback. Is it possible to recover these corrupted videos?

Situation 2: I was excited to recover my wedding videos back after my camcorder shutdown improperly. However, to my surprise, the recovered MP4 video files are not accessible. Is there a way to recover my broken videos?

Part 2: Ultimate Way to Recover Corrupt Video Files Instantly

Ultimate Video Repair Software

You are spoiled for choice when it comes to selecting the video repair tools. Nevertheless, many of these tools promise that they can repair video files when in reality they some of them don’t. Most of them can bring other problems, such as non-synced audio and video. Recoverit Video Repair is the best tool you can find on the market. It’s a powerful software that guides you on how to recover a corrupt video file instantly. This corrupt video file fixer repairs videos from different devices, like memory cards, SD cards, computer hard drives, digital cameras, action cameras, etc.

It’s always essential to have a video repair tool that can recover different video formats. The good part about Recoverit Video Repair is that it supports a wide range of video formats, like MOV, M2TS, MP4, MKV, 3GP, MTS, FLV, and AVI. Besides this, you can use this video repair tool to recover damaged mp4 due to memory card error, file transfer error, interrupted system shutdown, corrupted recovered videos, virus attacks, and many other causes.

Want to know the best part about how to recover damaged video files using Recoverit Video Repair? It supports various corruption scenarios, such as video file header corruption, video file system corruption, corruption on the video slider, corruption on the sound section of the video files, etc.

How to Recover Corrupt Videos Files

To recover broken mp4 video files, you have to use Recoverit Video Repair software. This is the only way you can continue enjoying watching your videos. Even better, making use of Recoverit Video Repair is easy. All you have to do is to take the following steps:

Step 1: Download and Install the Recoverit Video Repair

Download and install Recoverit Video Repair on your computer. Next, launch the software to enter the home page. Then you can click "Add" button or "Add video and start repairing" area to add corrupt videos.


Step 2: Repair Video in Quick Repair Mode

After adding corrupt video, just click "Repair" button to start repairing video quickly. In this mode, it can repair different video error messages.


Step 3: Preview the corrupted video files

When the Quick Repair mode completes the repairing process, you can preview the repaired video file. Click OK to save the video file to any location of your choice. But, if the recovery process wasn’t satisfactory, consider proceeding to step 4.


Step 4: Add the Sample Video to Repair severely corrupted HD video files

Recoverit Video Repair has the Advanced Repair mode which uses the Sample Video. You can use it if the Quick Repair option failed to repair the video files. Select the Sample Video which will be used as a reference when repairing the severely corrupted video files.


The Advanced Repair option will start repairing the corrupt video file after it completes scanning the Sample Video. You can now preview the recovered video. Finally, save the repaired corrupt video to any location.

Tips for Smooth Corrupt Videos Recovery

The repairing process must be absolute. Otherwise, even after the recovery process, you won’t have a perfect video. Therefore, to ensure that you have a smooth corrupt video recovery, you have to understand the capabilities of the Recoverit Video Repair tool and what you need to do while using it.

  • You can repair multiple video files simultaneously. This will save you time rather than repairing one video file after another.
  • Recoverit Video Repair features the Quick Repair and Advanced Repair modes. If after utilizing the Quick Repair option your video file is not repaired, then use the Advanced Repair option to recover severely corrupt video files.
  • An Advance Repair Mode uses the Sample File to repair the severely corrupt video. But, make sure a Sample File was created from the same device and has the same format as the corrupted video file.
  • Don’t interrupt the video repairing process until the Recoverit Video Repair alerts you that it’s complete. You will see the Preview and Save now when the video repairing is finalized. This is the only way it can complete the video recovery process.
Video files are not corrupted, but just lost or deleted. Another guide will be better option for you: Recover deleted videos.

Part 3. Specific Ways to Recover Corrupt Videos

Corrupted videos are every person’s nightmare. While you can recover such videos, you need to know their causes, signs, and solutions. Most of the time, corrupt videos are a result of an error that happened during video recording, playback, or while transferring the video file. Thanks to Recoverit Video Repair software, it’s easier than before to recover these video files. There are several other factors responsible for corruption in your videos, and here are some of them:

Cause 1: Error during recording, playback, or transfer

Corruption in videos usually happens while the files are reading or writing. In a camera, this process occurs when you are shooting, playback, or transferring the video files from your device to backup storage. Therefore, if you find out that there is an error message such as error code 0xc00d36c4 while playing your videos, there is a high potential that your video file is corrupt.


The best solution is to use Recoverit Video Repair to fix the video files.

Cause 2: Improper formatting

If you don’t properly format your SD card or memory card, it can cause corruption in your videos. Here’s why it can corrupt your videos. All cameras and other recording devices use a specific video file and media features to properly identify and store video files. Therefore, if the SD card is not formatted correctly, there is a chance of getting corrupt videos. You can know that formatting was the cause of corruption when you lose your video files. Your screen might appear blank without showing any video playing.


For these reasons, make sure that you format the original videos in the recording device that records it. You can also recover the corrupted videos that are not playing by utilizing the Recoverit Video Repair. This video repair tool recovers corrupted videos in several formats.

Cause 3: Errors during video transfer

Even if you have properly transferred your memory card from your camera, likely, your video is not safe yet. In the video transfer process, there are a lot of opportunities for getting data compromised. For instance, you can have an error message that simply says the application for opening video files on your device can’t open the video file.


This is a clear sign that your video is corrupted. If you see this error message, use the Recoverit Video Repair to recover your corrupt video file. It supports most of the video formats and is easy to use.

Cause 4: Interrupted system shutdown

Corruption to video files can occur when the power cuts off while shooting, saving, or playback with almost depleted batteries. Because each video has headers and footers, there is a chance that some of the data will not be written. Perhaps, the data on the memory card or SD card will be corrupted. Worse still, the video will simply not play as the entire data might not be readable. If there is no sound in your videos, just know that you have corrupted videos. Recoverit Video Repair can repair unplayable video files.

Cause 5: Physical damage

Physical damage can cause corruption in video files. A dropped camera can result in immediate damage to the video file. You might be asking yourself how to recover broken video files from those video files. Well, if you drop your camera, there are bound to be some loose wiring or bad connections. This can cause some sort of video degradation or corruption.

Errors in the movement of the video, flickering in videos, video playback interruption, and many more are signs of corruption in your video file.


The best way on how to recover a corrupted mp4 file is by using Recoverit Video Repair software.

Cause 6: Heat

Heat is unavoidable when you are out shooting a video on a sunny day. But, the heat causes several problems, such as an unexpected camera shutdown. As with other factors that cause improper system shutdown, this opens your video file up to video corruption.

Recoverit Video Repair is the best video repair software to recover corrupted video android or on any other device. You can use it on corrupted video files caused by the heat or any of the above causes. It has earned its deserved reputation for being capable of recovering broken video with multiple video formats, like MOV, MP4, M2TS, MKV, MTS, 3GP, AVI, and FLV.

Let's have a snapshot of MTS video file repair.

Part 4: Regular Tricks Against Video Corruption

It’s always great to be aware of the usual tricks you can use to prevent video corruption. Now, the significant thing is to ensure that you avoid doing the following things while recording or playing the videos:

  • Don’t leave your computer or any other device unprotected against virus attacks or malware. You can get an antivirus program and keep on updating your system regularly.
  • Avoid removing your memory card or SD card forcibly from your camera during the transferring of videos into the video media player. The only time you can remove them is when the transfer is complete.
  • Don’t let the video player shutdown while the video file was still playing. You can shut down the system only after closing all the video files.
  • It’s not a good idea to convert a video file into another format by using a video converter from the third-party. The safest way is to convert video files using a reliable and safe video converter that doesn’t corrupt video files.
  • Use cameras not known to have data integrity issues. Regardless of any human errors in handling cameras or video files, if the camera’s software is not trustworthy, you will have corrupted videos. Purchase only cameras that don’t have reported problems to cause video corruption.

It can be heartrending to see your favorite Video files damaged or corrupted. Various factors can cause corruption in video files. But, you should always go for the best and preferred video repair tools to recover corrupted video online. The Recoverit Video Repair easily recovers your corrupted video file. This will also prevent you from using unreliable video repair tools which can only escalate the video problems.

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