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How To Recover Photos Deleted From Recycle Bin? 2 Best Ways

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Jul 17, 2024 • Filed to: Photo/Video/Audio Solutions • Proven solutions

Are you wondering how to recover photos deleted from recycle bin? It happens a lot; most of the time, we delete an image from our system, and then we realize the need for that deleted photo. Luckily, the deleted photos from a folder or any location aren't permanently deleted on our Windows and Mac. Instead, they are just moved to the Recycle Bin so that you can recover deleted photos from the Recycle Bin.

But what if you permanently deleted those photos? It happens when you intentionally go to the Recycle Bin and delete the photo from it, or you intentionally or accidentally empty the whole Recycle Bin. In that case, you won't be able to retrieve photos from the trash, as they are permanently deleted. What to do now? How to recover permanently deleted photos from the recycle bin? Well, we have the solution to this problem. Simply go through the article and find out the best way to recover photos deleted from trash.

Part 1. How to Recover Temporarily Deleted Photos from Recycle Bin?

It's super easy to recover deleted pictures from Recycle Bin. If you have deleted your pictures from any folder or any location on your PC, all those pictures or files are supposed to go inside the Recycle Bin before you permanently delete them. So, if you haven't emptied your Recycle Bin or have permanently deleted those photos from the Recycle Bin, you can simply go to the Recycle Bin and restore those images.

Step 1 Double-click on the Recycle Bin icon from your desktop to enter the Recycle Bin. If you can't find the icon, go to the search panel on the taskbar and search for Recycle Bin.

recover deleted photos from recycle bin 1

Step 2 You can use the search bar to locate the photos that were deleted. In the search box, enter the image file type extension, such as .jpg, .png, or .bmp, and then press the Enter key.

recover deleted photos from recycle bin 2

Step 3 You can choose a photo you want to restore or use the "Ctrl" or "Shift" keys to select multiple photos. Select all the photos you need to recover from the Recycle Bin.

recover deleted photos from recycle bin 3

Step 4 Right-click and select the "Restore" option to recover deleted photos from recycle bin. You can find the recovered photos from their original location.

recover deleted photos from recycle bin 4

Now, as you have recovered deleted photos from your Recycle Bin, you can navigate to their original location to reaccess the photos.

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Part 2. How To Recover Deleted Photos From Recycle Bin After Empty?

Suppose you mistakenly or intentionally deleted all the data from your Recycle Bin. Now, you can't retrieve photos from the trash just by restoring them from the trash. So, how to recover permanently deleted photos from Recycle Bin? Well, there's a way to solve this problem, but let's first understand the possibilities of recovering permanently deleted files from Recycle Bin.

2.1 Is it Possible to Recover Files After Emptying the Recycle Bin?

Yes! You can recover files after emptying the Recycle Bin.

All our Laptops and PCs running on Windows, Mac, or any other OS are designed to allow you to recover photos deleted from Trash. You can recover any permanently deleted files from your system. It happens because whenever you delete a file from your system or get accidentally deleted from your system, it's only the location of the file that gets deleted. Still, the data of the file remains hidden on the drive. You can use data recovery software to recover those files, but always remember that the files can only be recovered until any other data is overwritten.

2.2 How to Recover Permanently Deleted Photos from Recycle Bin?

To recover photos after emptying the Recycle Bin, you will be required to go through a trash data recovery process with the help of a deleted trash recovery software for Windows. We recommend you use Recoverit Data Recovery software to retrieve photos from the trash.

There are many other recovery software in the market. Still, not all of these software support photo recovery from emptied Recycle bins, and those who support such recovery come at costly prices. On the other hand, Recoverit supports the recovery of photos from the emptied Recycle Bin, and it also comes at a very affordable price. Moreover, compared to other recovery tools in the market, the Recoverit brings you the most powerful set of features and customizations:

deleted data recovery
  • 🖥 Drives & Disks Recovery - Recover photos from all the drives and disks of your system, including from your emptied Recycle Bin.
  • 🔍 Dual Scanning Modes - Comes with 2 different scanning modes, an All-Around scan and a Deep scan for better recovery results.
  • 👁 File Preview - Supports to preview all the scanned files before recovering deleted photos from Recycle Bin.
  • 💪 Powerful - Supports 1000+ file formats recovery, and can help you recover deleted files from all kinds of storage devices like SD cards, hard drives, PCs, laptops, Windows, digital cameras, etc.
  • High Success Rate A high recovery success rate without any quality loss.
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Part 3. Stepwise Guide - How To Recover Photos Deleted From Recycle Bin Permanently?

To recover the permanently deleted photos from Recycle Bin, you can follow four steps. Once you have completed the process, you will be able to get all of your deleted photos back.

Step 1 Download the Recoverit tool from the official website of Recoverit, and then install it on your Windows PC. Once the Recoverit tool is installed, launch the device on your system to retrieve photos from the Trash.

Step 2 After entering the tool, the first window you will see will have the list of all of your system's storage drives, including the connected external storage devices. Next, find the "Recycle Bin" option in the same window, select the Recycle Bin option and click on "Start" to initiate the scanning process. Scanning might take some time, depending upon the size of the data.

recycle bin recovery

Bonus: Recoverit come with two different scanning modes, All-Around Scan and Deep Scan. If you are not happy with the results of an already powerful All-Around Scan, you can choose to go through a more powerful Deep Scan. Recoverit allows you to select a specific folder or file type for scanning, increasing efficiency and providing better and more precise results.

deep scan recycle bin

Step 3 Once the scanning is completed, you will see a list of recoverable files for the preview. These are all the deleted or lost files from your Recycle Bin. The last thing you need to do is find the photos you want to recover from the deleted recycle Bin. You can find those photos by previewing the listed files or searching by the name. Select all the photos that you want to recover from the deleted Recycle Bin and click on "Recover."

preview recovered photos

Step 4 To successfully restore the selected photos in your system, you will be asked to choose a location on your system. Choose a secure location in the popup window and click on "OK." This will successfully start the recovery of deleted photos from the Recycle Bin.

save recovered files

It's essential to know how to recover permanently deleted photos from the Recycle Bin. Because no matter how cautious you are, you can always accidentally delete the photos from your Recycle Bin or accidentally empty the whole Recycle Bin. And in that case, to get all those photos and videos back, you will require to recover permanently deleted photos or movies from the Recycle Bin. Recoverit can help you recover photos deleted from Trash or any location on your system. For example, SD Card File Recovery.

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