How to Repair Damaged Video Files on Mac?

How to Repair Damaged Video Files on Mac

Here you’ll learn How to Repair Damaged Video Files on Mac, how does it happen and many other useful tips to avoid video corruption.

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Viewing high quality video content has never been easier and more convenient in the past than it is right now. But at the same time, we often have to deal with corrupted data. Regardless of the format of the video file, there always is a chance that they might get damaged or corrupted in any way.

repair damaged video file

Video files on Mac including MP4, F4V, MKV, M4A and MOV, all of them have a tendency to get corrupted under certain conditions. The reasons may vary but the outcomes are usually the same. Some of the most common issues that cause a perfectly healthy video file to get corrupted include optical media breakdowns, bad sectors on hard drives, computer viruses, physical damaged to the magnetic media and several others as well. While this whole experience may prove to be highly frustrating and exhausting, you can repair damaged videos by deploying certain techniques.

Making use of a video repair tool is the best approach in this regard. Using such a tool, you can easily repair videos on Mac as well as on Windows. A few details explaining how it all works are discussed in the sections below for your convenience and understanding.

  • Part 1. Signs of Mac File Corruption
  • Part 2. What Causes Video File Corruption on Mac?
  • Part 3. The Best Mac Video Repair Tool
  • Part 4. Repair Video File on Mac by Converting It
  • Part 5. Repair Video Files by Changing the File Extension
  • Part 6. How to Avoid Video Corruption on Mac?

Part 1: Signs of Mac File Corruption

If it has ever happened to you that when playing a video, the audio is damaged, the video is constantly interrupted or your video player warns you that the file is not playable, it may be due to data corruption. Data corruption is a common problem for both, PC and Mac users and in most cases people choose to delete their damaged video files and rebuild them from the start, however, there are some practical tips that could help you to solve these problems, here you will learn about the signs of data corruption, you will get some tips to avoid these problems and how to fix corrupted files on mac easily.

Q: “How can I know if my video file is corrupted?”

When a file has been damaged, you will notice some problems during playback. Here you will learn about some of them:

Part 2: What Causes Video File Corruption on Mac?

A file gets corrupted when it loses or write wrong information that is necessary for its reading. This may be due to any of the following reasons:

Part 3: The Best Mac Video Repair Tool

Losing an important video file to corruption can be highly exhausting. But rather than regretting the whole experience, the sane option in this regard is to make use of a video repair tool to repair videos on MAC.There are several tools that may be used in order to repair damaged HD videos but the best one among the others is known as Recoverit Video Repair. It basically is a software tool developed to repair damaged video files that have been damaged as a result of different issues including format changes, computer viruses, bad sectors, etc.

Video file Repair Tool
  • Fixes video corruption issues by rebuilding header, frame, movement, duration and sound damages.
  • Repairs video files like MOV, MP4, M2TS, MKV, MTS, 3GP, AVI, FLV
  • Repairs videos stored on hard drives, memory cards, and other storage media
  • Provides preview of the repaired video files of supported file formats.
  • Fixes various corruptions of the file on Windows and Mac

The software can fix all the corruption issues by making the right kind of changes in the file. These include rebuilding the header, sound, duration, movement and frame of the video file. Recoverit Video Repair is available for both Windows as well as MAC users. A few of the most notable features offered by this remarkable software are listed below in order to give you an overview.

If you are willing to use Video Repair tool to repair videos on Mac, all you need is to follow the series of some very simple steps that are listed below.

Add Corrupt Video

Step 1 Download Mac video repair tool on your Macbook and launch it. Add the corrupted video to software interface.


Repair Corrupt Video

Step 2 Select multiple videos for repairing, and click "Repair" button to start repairing damaged video files.


Preview Repaired Video

Step 3 Selected video repaired successfully, you can preview repaired Mac video file.


Try Advance Video Repair

Step 4 You can try the "Advance Video Repair" mode for the severely corrupted videos for a better result.


Losing any important videos to corruption might not be the best experience so it is highly recommended to take the right measures in order to prevent such situations in the future. In order to do that, it is highly recommended to keep the hard drive health under observation. Keep checking it on a regular basis for any bad sectors, so that you might foresee what’s coming your way before taking a big blow. In addition to that, you have to keep your computer free of viruses all the time. Keeping a backup of important data never hurts so make sure to backup all your important stuff.

Part 4: Repair Video File on Mac by Converting It

There are several programs that can help you convert the format of a video on Mac, however, many of them are programs that require the purchase of a license but here you will learn how to perform this process for free with the VLC player.

Step 1 Go to “Streaming/Exporting Wizard" option that is located into "File" menu.

Step 2 Click on "Transcode/Save to File".


Once you’ve done it, click on “Next”.

Step 3 Choose the file that you need to convert.


You can search your files by clicking on the "Choose" button and then click on Next.

Step 4 Set the video and audio codecs.


Here you’ll be able to choose some features such as Formats, Codecs and Bitrates, then click on “Next”.

Step 5 Choose a location and add a name.


You’ll have to choose a location for the converted file by clicking on the “Choose” option. Once you’ve done all the previous steps, you just have to click on “Next” to see a Summary of the conversion, then Click on Finish.

Part 5: Repair Video Files by Changing the File Extension

If you want to use the VLC repair feature, you’ll have to convert your videos extension into .avi, to do this you can follow these simple steps.

Step 1 Click on “Get info”


To find this option, you’ll have to open the dropdown menu by clicking on your file, then click on “Get Info”.

Step 2 Edit the file extension


Here you’ll be able to change the file extension by clicking on the “Name & Extension:” text bar.

Part 6: How to Avoid Video Corruption on Mac?

There are many ways to prevent your videos from getting corrupted, here I will show you some security measures that will help you to avoid these problems.


When a video gets corrupted it can result in many hours of wasted effort, however, thanks to the constant advances in the software and hardware industry, this problem now has a solution and is gradually less common over time. Now repairing a damaged video only takes a couple of minutes thanks to tools such as VLC or Recoverit, in addition, you will not sacrifice the original quality of the file thanks to its Advanced Video Repair mode which uses reference videos to match the original quality in case it has been affected and as you have noticed, it is extremely easy to use thanks to its friendly user interface.

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