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How to Repair Video File with No Sound

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Jan 15, 2024 • Filed to: Photo/Video/Audio Solutions • Proven solutions


Problems playing audio in a video are common and in most cases, it is due to compatibility errors with the Audio Codecs. There are several ways to solve these problems quickly and easily, here I will show you some methods to solve the audio problems in your videos through simple solutions and how to solve the audio problems by conversion with programs like VLC and UniConverter. In case the source of the problem is that your file has been corrupted, I will also show you how to repair a corrupted video file.

Part 1: Causes for Video with No Sound

The issue of video file playing without sound is a common type of issue associated when playing converted or transferred video files. This error causes the videos to play without any sound being produced. The videos play smoothly but you can't hear what is being said. This can be quite annoying as it makes it impossible to view the video file properly. The main reason for the occurrence of the issue of video file playing without sound is a corrupted video file. Here are some of the actions that can cause the video files to corrupt and thus end up causing bad frames in them.

Part 2: The Best Video File Repair Tool

If you are facing the issue of video file playing without sound then you will have to look to repair corrupt video files. It is the only way to get the video files playing properly again. Making use of a video repair tool can be of great assistance to you in this regard. Recoverit Video Repair is the premier tool for video file repair that can help you to repair video files with no sound as well.

  • Fixes video corruption issues by rebuilding header, frame, movement, duration, and sound damages.
  • Repairs video files formats like MOV, MP4, M2TS, MKV, MTS, 3GP, AVI, FLV, etc
  • Repairs videos stored on hard drives, memory cards, and other storage media
  • Provides a preview of the repaired video files of supported file formats.
  • Fixes various corruptions of the file on Windows and Mac computers

Video Tutorial on How to Repair Corrupted MP4 File?

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Step by Step to Repair Video File with No Sound

This instruction set has been organized to give you the chance to see how the Recoverit Video Repair can be used to repair corrupt video files.

Step 1 Add Corrupt Video Files

Launch the Video Repair tool on your computer, click "Add video and start repairing", or click the "Add" button to add corrupt video files from the local drive.

add corrupted video files

Step 2 Repair Corrupt Video Files

Select multiple video files for repairing, click the "Repair" button to start the repairing process.

select corrupted video files

Step 3 Preview Repaired Video Files

Selected video files repaired successfully, you can preview the repaired video with sound.

preview repaired video files

Step 4 Add A Sample Video File

In case you are not able to repair the videos, try "advanced repair". Click the folder icon, add a sample video to repair. A sample file is a valid file created with the same device and the same format as the corrupted video. Advanced Repair uses the information from the sample file and repairs the corrupt video.

save repaired video files

Step 5 Save Repaired Video

Click the "Repair" button, here are some tips in the interface. The repaired videos will not be saved if you start Advanced Repair. Do you want to save the repaired video before Advanced Repair? Choose No or Yes as you need. Then, click the "Save" button, you will see the prompt in the interface. "Select a path to save the recovered files. Please do not save files to the path where you lost them. After that, you can repair and save corrupted videos.

save repaired video files


The following are some precautions that you will have to keep in mind if you want to ensure that your video files remain safe from errors like the video files with no sound.

Keep reading and learn the top 15 common video errors and solutions. How to Fix Top 15 Video Issues?

Part 3: Free Methods to Repair Video without Sound

There are several options to solve an audio problem in a video. Here you will learn how to do it.

1. Update your audio drivers

Follow these steps to update your drivers in Windows 10

windows 10 drivers update

2. Download the appropriate video codecs

Depending on the player you use, you will need to keep your codec library updated. Most video players have an option to check for updates automatically, you will need to access this option and verify that it is activated and if your player does not have an automatic update option, you can search the internet for codecs.

3. Convert the video

If the audio codec is not supported by your video player, you can convert using tools such as VLC or Uniconverter. Here I will explain how to perform this process with both tools step by step.

1 Convert a video using Uniconverter

Step 1 Download & Install Uniconverter

uniconverter video convert install

You can download the UniConverter tool in the link that is written above. After opening the installer, a box will appear where you can customize the language preferences, once everything is in order, you will have to click on "Install" to continue.

Step 2 Drag & drop the file you'll convert

drag the video to uniconverter video convert

When you start the program you can notice there's a displayed tool to attach files to convert, you can drag and drop them into the picture of the folder or you can just click on "+".

Step 3 Set the conversion features

set the video features

In the "Target" section, click on the dropdown options button. Here you'll be able to choose the audio and video codecs, format, and quality.

Step 4 Locate the converted file

video convert files

Once you have done all the previous steps, the file should be ready, you can find it in the "Converted" section that it's located next to the converting section, then just click on the "folder" icon, this will open the location of the file.

2 Convert a video using VLC Media Player

Step 1 Open VLC and click on Media

open vlc video convert

This will open the format conversion tool.

Step 2 Add a corrupted video

add corrupted video with no sound to vlc video convert

Here you will have the option to add the file that you will convert, once added file click on Convert / Save

Step 3 Set the conversion features

vlc video convert by setting the conversion features

Choose a Codec and set a location for your video and click on "Start"


As you may have noticed, audio playback problems in videos are fairly easy to solve in most cases. It is advisable to keep the drivers of your computer updated, as well as the codecs of your video player to avoid this type of problem. It is also very useful to have some conversion tool installed on your computer to solve these types of problems and if the problem is because your file has been corrupted, you can easily solve it using a specialized tool for repairing corrupted videos such as Wondershare Video Repair.

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