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How to Delete Files in Dropbox

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Jan 27, 2024 • Filed to: Photo/Video/Audio Solutions • Proven solutions

Keeping our data safe and sound is one of the primary focus these days. People have stopped depending upon their systems to protect their data for several reasons, including virus activity and technical failures. Dropbox, like other cloud services, is used to store the data effectively. However, in case of deleting the files from Dropbox, we have brought up this article for you.

Suppose your Dropbox delete files accidentally, then no need to worry as you will be encountered with the method to restore them while also providing ways to delete Dropbox files from the browser, desktop, and mobile phone. Let us embark on a journey where we will be getting you answers to the frequently asked questions.

  • Part 1: How to Delete Files from Dropbox Using a Browser
  • Part 2: How to Delete Files from Dropbox on the Desktop
  • Part 3: How to Delete Files from Dropbox on Mobile Phone
  • Part 4: How to Restore Deleted Files on Dropbox
  • Part 5: What happens when I Delete Files in Dropbox

Part 1: How to Delete Files from Dropbox Using a Browser

Do the Dropbox users have an essential question in mind, which is how to delete a folder in Dropbox? The question is important; therefore, we will be addressing it in this section. If you want to delete documents and files from Dropbox from a Browser, stick with us as the simplest instructions will be given. It is advised that you follow the guidelines below precisely to not find the process impossible to deal with.

tap on delete to delete the file from dropbox website

Part 2: How to Delete Files from Dropbox on the Desktop

If you are looking to answer a frequently asked question, we got you covered on how to delete files in Dropbox. By the end of this section, the user will delete their documents and files from Dropbox if they are using the Desktop app. If you have enabled the Desktop sync with your system, then it is mostly the same as deleting any other file or app on the computer.

Stick with us while we set you on a journey where solutions are generated, and concerns are addressed. Let us start, shall we?

It is informed to the users that if they select the "Delete Everywhere" option, the targeted file will be gone from all Dropbox synced servers and applications. Therefore, make a choice carefully.

Part 3: How to Delete Files from Dropbox on Mobile Phone

Are you confused about how to delete photos from Dropbox? Are you looking for ways to deletes files from Dropbox on a mobile phone? We got the answers. To have favorable results, Dropbox users are advised to follow the steps correctly and precisely. Just follow our lead and solve your problem.

select the delete option

It is important to note that deleting the Dropbox files from a mobile device will also be deleted from all Dropbox servers and synced devices.

Part 4: How to Restore Deleted Files on Dropbox

If your Dropbox deleted the shared folder accidentally and the data was too important to get lost, do not lose your calm as we are here to help you get out of this crisis. In this section, we will be bringing you a simple method to retrieve your lost data. Henceforth, please fasten your seat belts and let us initiate this process.

restore the deleted file

It is important to note that you can only restore the deleted documents within the 30 days' time limit. After that, the file is automatically deleted from the trash permanently.

Part 5: What happens when I Delete Files in Dropbox

After you delete the file from Dropbox intentionally, certain processes occur. The file does not appear in all the synced folders of your Dropbox account. But it still remains somewhere in the app and does not go away until a specific time period.

In the case of the professional Dropbox account systems, the time period is 180 days, but for Dropbox Basic, Family, and Plus, you have time until 30 days. If you do not restore it in the specified time, the data is lost forever. You have around 60 days to retrieve the necessary data back to the Files folder in Dropbox in normal operations.


The article ensured that all Dropbox users have the perfect experience while they delete their unimportant files and folders from Dropbox. The article has given away methods of deleting those files no matter where they are using them. For instance, the browser, desktop, and mobile phone. Moreover, if you have deleted important files from Dropbox, you can also restore them by correctly following the procedure.

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