Which One to Choose - Unlimited Cloud Backup Services Compared

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The term "unlimited" sounds so much better than "fixed," right? Maybe that is why many people want to know about the best unlimited cloud backup service to use. Cloud backup is becoming the rave of the moment. It has features that make many people need its services continuously. Together with its ease of use, it is now an important backup option for many people.

Presently, there are many backup services that deliver top-notch services. However, since "size" is a limitation, most people are always looking for an unlimited cloud backup for their works. In order to give you an edge, this article will introduce some services that you can use. Here you will get to know about the best unlimited backup service, their price, features, etc.

Unlimited Cloud Backup Services

There are many cloud backup services currently in the market. This makes choosing the right one to be very stressful. Coupled with the fact that what interests us are unlimited cloud storage options, there are many things to do. Before going on, take a sneak peek into the future. "Unlimited" in cloud backup services always comes with a higher price.

Below are the best unlimited online storage services you can use.


Dropbox logo

Dropbox is a cloud backup software with a very high reputation. It is available for a wide range of customers in two categories: individuals and teams. This makes it a top target for businesses and organizations alike.

Unlimited Storage Plan and Pricing

There are many plans available on Dropbox However, the only plan with unlimited cloud backup options is Dropbox Business. Dropbox Business has three plans under it. Standard, Advanced, and Enterprise. The last two plans are the ones with unlimited property.

Advanced plan goes for $25/user/month and has all features Dropbox has to offer. Enterprise plan is a customizable unlimited plan. To get information about the plan, you need to contact the services.


Dropbox is popular for its amazing features. These features make it an important part of many businesses and organizations. Below are a few of its features.

  • File Sharing

Dropbox allows users to share files or folders backed up on the platform with other people. You can share such files or folders by selecting them and clicking "share." Input the recipient's email and share the file. File sharing is important for small tasks such as sharing photos after a photo cloud backup

  • Smart Device Syncing

You don't have to worry about the platforms you want to use to access your files. Dropbox syncs files backed up on it such that it is available on all platforms.

  • Search Option

Dropbox has a search feature that makes finding files easy. You can use the simple search method or the advanced method to get your files. The advance method allows the use of criteria such as file type, date modified, owner, etc., for the procedure.


idrive logo

Not mentioning iDrive would be a lot of disrespect to the cloud backup service. It is simply one of the best in the industry. However, getting the "unlimited" attribute comes with a price. Its features make it one of the world's most sought-after cloud services. It is also available on Windows, macOS, iOS, and Android.

Storage Plan and Pricing

iDrive has three simple storage plan categories: Basic, Personal, and Business. These storage plans all come at affordable prices. Get to know about each storage plan below.

  • iDrive Basic

This plan provides a storage capacity of 5GB. It is free and comes with no IDrive feature.

  • iDrive Personal

This plan offers two storage plans. It offers 5TB at $69 52/year and 10TB at $99.50. It also comes with many features such as continuous backup, cloning, etc.

  • iDrive Business

This plan offers three storage plans. It offers 250GB at $99 50/year, 500GB at $199.50, and 1.25TB at $499.50. It comes preinstalled with all features seeing in IDrive personal. Unlike iDrive Personal, it includes Business compliance.


iDrive major selling point is its many features. Below are a few of its features.

  • Cloud Syncing

Having a convenient backup process is important. However, easy synchronization between multiple devices is very important. This is one part where iDrive flourish. It has a cloud syncing feature that allows users to sync up with multiple devices in real-time.

  • Security

Another thing about cloud backup is security. iDrive has a two-factor authentication process. Therefore, you have an assurance that your files are always secure.

  • IDrive Internet Express

Another way iDrive manages to keep its customer happy while milking some cash is the iDrive Express. With the feature, you do not need to worry about the internet or servers during backup. iDrive implement this feature by shipping a temporary storage device to its users for local backup.

After a local backup of your files, they will transport the temporary storage devices for uploading on their server. This is only free for the first time of backup for iDrive Personal. For iDrive busines, you can do it three times. After that, it comes for a price.


Livedrive logo

LiveDrive is one of the cheapest unlimited cloud backup services known for its simple and straightforward service. It is ideal for any form of cloud backup. For example, you can protect your photos by having a photo cloud backup using the service.

Storage Plan and Pricing

LiveDrive has two categories of plans: Personal and Business. Business is a limited cloud backup option, while Personal is an unlimited cloud storage option.

  • Personal

There are three plans under this category: Backup, Pro Suite, and Briefcase. Backup is accessible by only one computer and goes for 6.99 Euros per month.

Pro Suite plan is accessible by five computer accounts and mobile devices. It goes for 15 euros per month.

The last one is the Briefcase plan, which is accessible anywhere on desktops and mobile apps. It is a limited plan offering only 2TB of space and goes for 10 euros per month.


LiveDrive has some awesome features making it one of the best unlimited backup services. Below are a few:

  • Privacy

Like the other cloud backup services, LiveDrive uses a TLS 1-2 encryption method to upload files to its servers. Therefore, you have an assurance that your files are always secure.

  • File Sharing

There are two modes of sharing files on LiveDrive. You can use the Public share to share through email or social media. You can also use Private share to individuals.

  • Device Syncing

LiveDrive has a syncing feature that allows users to access files from other platforms. For example, you can backup photos to the cloud on a mobile platform and access them on other platforms.


opendrive logo

OpenDrive is an unlimited online storage service known for its openness to many types of files. Whether you want a photo cloud backup or other files, the platform is the right one. It is accessible on many operating systems, e.g., Windows, macOS, iOS, and Android.

Storage Plan and Pricing

OpenDrive has unique storage plans at an affordable price. There are three storage plans: Personal, Business, and Enterprise. The uniqueness of OpenDrive is that each plan has an unlimited attribute. It is ideal to backup photos to the cloud, video cloud backup, etc.

  • Personal Plan

Personal plan has a free 5GB online storage for all users. There is a $9.95/user/month unlimited storage with unlimited bandwidth.

The final storage plan is Custom. It is a limited plan that goes for $5/user/month.

  • Business Plans

There are three further plans under Business. Custom, which is a limited plan, goes for $7/user/month. The other two are unlimited plans. Business plan goes for $29.95/user/month while the Reseller plan goes for $59.95/user/month

  • Enterprise Plans

This is a plan with a White glove service. It is the ideal unlimited cloud storage service for businesses that have large data up to exabytes. You have to contact some in OpenDrive on how to go about it.


OpenDrive has very decent features. Below are a few of its features.

  • File Sharing

OpenDrive allows you to share files and folders already backed up to other people. Do this by using the "Share" button found in the options menu. After that, you can copy and share the link.

  • Compatibility with OpenDrive

If you have a WordPress web hosting service, there is an OpenDrive plugin already there. It is compatible with all themes, and you can use it as the cloud storage service for your website.

  • Security

Another thing about cloud backup is security. iDrive has a two-factor authentication process. Therefore, you have an assurance that your files are always secure.


Blackblaze logo

While others are popular for only features, Backblaze is popular for its features and pricing system. It is an unlimited cloud backup service that is useable on only one computer. You can only access Backblaze on Windows and macOS. There is mobile support. However, it is only for view and sharing backed-up files.

Storage Plan and Pricing

Backblaze has a simple pricing system. You can easily call it the cheapest unlimited online backup service. It has an unlimited storage plan that goes for $6 per month. You can also save more by using the yearly and 2-year plan. The yearly plan goes for $60, while the 2-year plan goes for $110.


Backblaze has features like other cloud backup services. Below are a few of its features.

  • File Sharing

Backblaze also supports file sharing. It is popular for its hitch-free data transfer between Windows and Mac operating systems.

  • Security

Security is an important aspect of cloud backup. Backblaze also incorporates the use of a two-factor authentication process. Therefore, without proper verification, nobody can have access to your files.

  • Automatic Backup

Backblaze can automatically backup newly added files without authorization from the user. This is ideal for those that constantly add new images, videos, etc.

At the right cost, you can have an unlimited backup service at your call. They are generally convenient to use. However, even the best unlimited cloud backup service has its limitations. These limitations are responsible for the regular shift of people away from Cloud backup. Below are a few limitations of using cloud backup.

  • Subscription Fee

All the unlimited cloud backup services introduced above have something in common. This is the subscription fee. Depending on the storage plan and features provided, you have to pay regularly. This is one reason many people avoid using it.

  • Restricted Folder Path

What is the purpose of having an automatic cloud backup software if it won't back up all folders automatically? Some common cloud backup services do this a lot. For example, some cannot backup files in hidden folders. Therefore, they leave users to the stress of selecting these folders themselves. For the humongous fee associated with them, this should not be a limitation. However, it is a limitation that drives some people away.

  • Connection Issue

Having a cloud backup without internet is not possible. This is a big disadvantage in areas with internet issues. The complete absence of the internet makes cloud backup impossible. Issues with the internet, such as low internet speed, make cloud backup frustrating. Low internet speed can lead to failure in synchronization. Therefore, backing up under this condition takes a very long time.

  • Hard to Manage Files

This depends on the cloud backup service you are using. However, it is a general thing that managing files on the cloud can be difficult. For example, you might need to switch between applications to get access to some files. Also, you have to make sure that every space is accountable. This means that there must not be data duplication that can take valuable space.

  • Only Suitable for Small Volume

Size is another big limitation for many Cloud backup services. This makes many people see them as options for backing up a small volume of data. For example, some people think that they are only ideal or small documents and images. Unless you have the price for a bigger storage plan, using a cloud backup for such files is not advisable.

No matter what, even the best unlimited cloud backup service will have one of these limitations. To combat this, many people go for local backup software. An example of such software is AOMEI Backupper, which we will introduce below.

Backup Using AOMEI Local Backup Software

Aomei backupper logo

AOMEI Backupper is a third-party Windows local backup software known for its seamless backup experience. It does this by providing both cloud and local features while removing cloud backup limitations.

That is not the only thing the software offers. It performs other functions such as restoring, cloning, etc. Therefore, it also has an advantage over other regular local backup software. In terms of unlimited online storage, the software further adds the local backup feature. Therefore, you can have a cloud backup while still open to a local backup.

Aomei backupper banner

Aside from offering both cloud and local backup options, AOMEI Backupper has other advantages. Below are a few advantages of using the software.

Integration is one property that makes Backupper stand apart from others. You can integrate the software on Windows for convenience in performing its functions.

It allows you to backup files from anywhere. You can use Hard disks to backup, clone, and restore your files. You can also use flash drives for simple backups. Backupper also works with NAS devices from where it can sync files into the cloud.

Aomei backupper features

Backupper is a multi-functional tool because it boasts of other functions aside from being a backup tool. With the tool, you can perform other functions restoring, syncing, cloning, etc.

Like some cloud backup service, Backupper automatically backup files without regular authorization. This is entirely different from other local backup software. For example, with the software, you can schedule a backup. You can also authorize the software to make a backup when there are new files.

How to Backup Data to Different Cloud Backup Services with Backupper

One unique feature of Backupper is its cloud backup and syncing service. This feature allows you backup files or folders to cloud services like Google Drive and OneDrive. Here you will learn how to use the software to backup files into different cloud backup services.

Launch the software and follow the steps below.

Step 1: Select "Backup" mode

Choose file backup

Name the backup

Step 2: Begin the Backup Process

Add files or folders

Users with the paid version (Professional plan) can use Filter Settings during the process. This will help them to target specific files and folders.

Select cloud drive

choose cloud backup service


Many people see cloud backup as a very good backup option. This is true and is visible in its wide use. However, a big limitation of using cloud backup is "size." This is a reason why many people look for unlimited cloud storage services. There are many cloud services under this category. However, you can only have access to unlimited storage on most platforms by paying more. This article did justice to this by showing five cloud services under this category. It brushes through the general limitations of cloud backup. From there, it introduced AOMEI Backupper. This software also has cloud backup features. This makes it a top contender in local and cloud backup on Windows.

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