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How to Recover Permanently Deleted Email in Outlook

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Jan 15, 2024 • Filed to: Recover Emails • Proven solutions

The worst thing that can happen to any person is if they end up permanently deleting all their important emails and not being able to recover them. Often, we accidentally clear our inbox for junk mail, deleting all our important ones along. However, the advancements done in technology every single day has led to software companies making software that can help you recover permanently deleted Email in Outlook.

Solution 1: How to Recover Permanently Deleted Emails in Outlook

Luckily, there is a fix to this even if you've cleared your deleted item folder. Because when you delete your emails, contacts, and other items in Microsoft Outlook from both your inbox and your deleted item folder, Microsoft Outlook keeps them for a period before they permanently delete it.

Another safety mechanism provided to you by Microsoft Outlook is that if you delete an email from your inbox as well as from the deleted items folder, it still allows you to recover permanently deleted emails in Outlook.

Step 1 You log into your Microsoft Outlook account and open your deleted items folder. It will be empty as you’ve deleted all your emails from there as well.

recover deleted email in outlook step 1

Step 2 Click on the folder option provided in the menu bar and select recover deleted items.

Step 3 Microsoft will then recover permanently deleted emails from their exchange server and provide you with a list of the deleted emails with the date that you deled them on.

recover deleted email in outlook step 3

Step 4 Chose the email that you want to retrieve by clicking on the Recover button that you will find on the top left corner.

Step 5 The retrieved email will be stored back in your deleted item folder from where you can move it back to your inbox or any folder.

Note: Microsoft isn’t able to retrieve emails, calendars, contact deleted a while ago. You may only be able to retrieve recently deleted emails, also depending on your account settings.

If you end up deleting a folder, you will have to retrieve that folder as you will not be able to retrieve only selected emails from that folder in the deleted folder.

The best and professional email recovery software can be found on this page: Top 5 Email Recovery Software for Windows.
This article introduces only permanently deleted email recovery in Outlook, we also provide a solution for deleted task recovery in Outlook.
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Solution 2: How to Recover Permanently Deleted Emails from PST Files

1. What is PST file

PST stands for a personal storage folder. A PST file is a person folder file in MS Outlook. It is the storage limit provided by Outlook which is 2GB. It is used to store copies of email messages, calendar, contacts, notes, and other items.

If PST files are damaged or corrupted, the Stellar Phoenix Outlook PST Repair tool can scan damaged and corrupted PST file and repair it. Also, it supports to recover permanently deleted email messages, attachments, contacts, calendar items, journals, notes, etc.

outlook pst repair
  • Recovers all mailbox components within the files such as emails, attachments, contacts, calendar items, journals, notes, etc.
  • Recovers accidentally deleted Emails that were purged by mistake or lost due to unplanned system formatting
  • Allows saving recovered mails in EML, MSG, RTF, HTML, and PDF formats
  • Supports repair of encrypted & password protected PST files
  • Enables you to arrange scanned emails using various criteria such as "Date", "From", "To", "Subject", "Type", "Attachment", and "Importance"
  • Repairs corrupt Outlook file created in MS Outlook 2016, 2013, 2010, 2007, 2003, 2002 (XP), & 2000 and MS Office 2016, 2013, 2010 (64-bit version), 2007 & 2003;Supports Windows 10, 8, 7, Vista.

2. Repair PST Files and Recover Permanently Emails

Step 1 If you don't know the location of your file chose "find the PST file", or chose "Select Outlook File".

recover permanently deleted email from PST files step 1

Step 2 Search your drive for the option "Look in" and select where the file could've been stored and then select "look in" again.

recover permanently deleted email from PST files step 2

Step 3 All PST files will be showed after scanning all folders and subfolders in the "Find Results". Choose your PST file and select "Start".

recover permanently deleted email from PST files step 3

Step 4 Click "Scan now" to start the repair process. The time taken depends on the size of a file that you're trying to recover or how damaged the file is.

recover permanently deleted email from PST files step 4

Step 5 All repaired PST files will be displayed in the left window. You can preview all items by selecting the folder.

recover permanently deleted email from PST files step 5

Step 6 Select folders you wish to recover and select the "Saved Repaired File" button. Multiple formats will be provided from which you can select your desired one and save it in the location that you choose. Select "OK" to continue.

recover permanently deleted email from PST files step 6

Step 7 Current status is shown by the window below.

recover permanently deleted email from PST files step 7

Step 8 The permanently deleted emails are recovered and saved.

recover permanently deleted email from PST files step 8

Outlook PST Repair saves your recovered files to a separate server, the FTP server rather than a local disk. However, in the modern world, very fewer people use it. They prefer the Secure FTP instead compared to the traditional one that they use which limits its use in modern times, so the Outlook PST Repair tool needs to change that.

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