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Corsair Flash Recovery: How to Recover Lost Data from Corsair Flash Drive

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Jan 15, 2024 • Filed to: USB Recovery • Proven solutions

Need Corsair Flash Data Recovery Help!

Hi, when I inserted my Corsair 4GB pen drive into my computer, I was told to format it. I have tried on three computers, and all gave me the same notice. I can't format it now because I have some critical documents and Excel files on it. Is there any possible solution for me to recover data from my Corsair flash drive before I decide to format it?

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Corsair Flash Recovery

Part 1: About Corsair Flash Drive:

The Flash Voyager USB drive is a product by the American tech company Corsair Components that specializes in items related to gaming and plug and play convenience. The latest version of the Flash Voyager is the Corsair USB 3.0, which can transfer data at twice the rate that is offered by a traditional USB. You can purchase it in different sizes that vary from 16GB to 64GB, and all of them come with a rubber rounded exterior to prevent physical damage, which is one of the leading causes that lead to loss of data in an average storage device.

Part 2: What Causes Data Loss or Removal from Corsair Flash Drives:

If you are an avid user of tech-based products, especially a flash drive, then you may probably be familiar with the unavoidable factors that may cause data loss from the Corsair Flash Drive. But, if you are new to the scene and intent to understand the underlying reasons behind such a problem, then we have compiled a list for you to check and follow. Here are some of the fundamental factors that may lead to data loss or its removal from your Corsair Flash Drive:

Accidental formatting of the Corsair Flash drive:

If you have a flash drive that has additional storage space and you indent to compartmentalize the storage by creating a partition, then upon overlooking the process, there is a possibility of accidentally formatting the hard drive and deleting the already stored data inside. Make sure to follow the procedure while using the Disk Management utility carefully that doesn't result in the accidental deletion of files.

Virus/Malware Issue:

A USB drive usually gets infected when you transfer a corrupt or Virus-infected file on to it. Such a file, then carries on to corrupt the inner sectors of the USB, rendering it useless. Such an accident occurs, when you do not have a reliable anti-virus on your system or use the drive on someone else's PC, without checking for the health of the computer.

Corsair Flash Drive Turned RAW:

Sometimes you are in such a kind of hurry that you remove the USB from the PC without noticing that it was still in use. Such an action could corrupt a flash drive, and it would result in the file-format of the USB becoming RAW. The only way around such a huge problem is to format the Corsair Flash Drive and erase all the data inside.

Part 3. Recoverit - The Best Flash Drive Recovery Software

Digital data storage devices always encounter the same issue. This problem prevents you from accessing data on your Corsair flash drive. It is a wise decision to look for professional data recovery utilities on the Internet. Recoverit data recovery is one of the best data recovery utilities that can help you retrieve data from your Corsair flash drive in a straightforward way. With only a few clicks, you can recover a variety of file types from your corsair flash drive, including office documents, PDF files, photos, videos, and audios files.

flash drive data recovery

Recoverit - The Best Flash Drive Recovery Software

  • Fully capable of restoring data in over 1000 file format with complete efficacy;
  • Can recover data from a Recycle Bin and a file deleted by some virus or malware;
  • Recognizes every external storage source including a Corsair Flash Drive, SD card, and an external hard drive


Part 4. How to Recover Corsair Flash Data with Recoverit Data Recovery:

All you have to do is download and install the Recoverit flash drive recovery software on your computer and follow the 3-step guide written below to recover files from the Corsair Flash Drive quickly!

Step-1. Select a Location

Launch Recoverit on your computer and select the Corsair Flash Drive from the interface. Simple click on "Start" to start the scan proceedings.

recoverit interface

Step-2. Scan the Location

After hitting the start button, wait for the application to finish the search/scan for lost/erased files. You have the option to pause or stop the scan anytime you like to check the already restored files.

operations during scanning

Step-3. Recover the Data

All you need to do once Recoverit restores all the files is to check them through the "Preview" function, where the data is separated into two categories "File Path" and "File Type." Select the items you wish to restore and hit the "Recover" button.

preview recovered photos


Corsair's USB flash drives are one of the most durable and efficient storage devices in the market, which moves media files from one place to another with super-speed. But accidents can occur at any time, and you can not prevent the inevitable, which is the deletion of valuable data stored inside the Corsair Flash Drive.

However, thanks to Recoverit, you can restore your files and documents at once and save them to whatever destination you wish! You should also note that to avoid any such inconvenience, the suitable thing one can do is regularly create a backup of data.

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