How to Fix USB Composite Device Driver Error?

How to Fix USB Composite Device Driver Error

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Your device driver plays an all important role in Windows 10. It interacts with components and other peripheral units to ensure functionality. Some of these parts are the keyboard, network adapters, printers to name a few. A situation may arise whereby you see a yellow prompt on your screen telling you that your USB Composite Device Driver  cannot work. While you may be lost with little or no idea about how to fix this problem, this article is essentially written to show you ways on how to fix a USB Composite device driver error.


Windows download and install device drivers whenever they are available and without your active participation in the process. However, there are situations where you may need to install an update like when one of your hardware is not recognized or suddenly stops working. To fix this problem, a new operating system is required. Updating the composite driver in your system will generally resolve this issue. In this article we will show you how to fix this problem and make your composite driver functional again.

How to Fix USB Composite Device Driver

There are quite a few ways to resolve this problem but we will show you two beneficial solutions to fix the problem.

Solution 1- Update your USB Composite Device Driver via Device Manager

If this solution does not work for you, use the next two solutions.

Solution 2 – Update your USB Device Driver Manually

If your search for new driver updates is unsuccessful but you are certain that there is a new software version you will have to download not manually from the manufacturer' support website. If there are laid down instructions, please follow them accordingly to manually download the update. In the absence of instructions, you can follow this process. First you need to have an .exe or .zip file with your driver. Double click .exe self-extracting package or use our helpful tips to extract content of the compressed file. After you are done with it, take these steps.

Once you complete these listed steps a new driver version will be installed on your PC. Issues will be resolved, new functions will be introduced including more support for your Windows. This method works well for old hardware devices.

Solution 3 – Update USB Composite Device Driver with tools

If you are unable to install a new driver with device manager, you can do so using a drive manager program like Driver Easy. I recommend this program especially for users who are not too vast in the technicalities of computer usage. With Driver Easy, you can automatically update driver. You also avoid installing an incorrect driver by mistake. Here is how to do it.

Your USB Composite Device Driver can work again if you adopt any of these solutions. This article will hopefully help you in fixing whatever errors your device driver may have. Just make sure you follow the steps carefully.

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