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How to Perform Mimoco USB Flash Drive Data Recovery

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Jul 17, 2024 • Filed to: USB Recovery • Proven solutions

Is there any way to recover files from USB flash drive? This page covers everything that you need to know about USB data recovery. Follow our guide to learn how to recover data from USB safely.

Part 1Can I Recover Files from a Mimoco USB flash drive?

I have a 4GB Mimoco Starwars USB flash drive. I have many important work files and pictures on it. Yesterday a friend of mine borrowed it from me and formatted carelessly. All my files on that flash drive are gone now. I need your help to retrieve lost files from my Mimoco USB flash drive. Please do help me!

Take it easy. Though the Mimoco USB flash drive has an extraordinary design, files on it can still be lost because of your improper operation, deletion, flash drive formatting, or even virus attack. The advantage of digital data is that it will never disappear from your Mimoco USB flash drive as long as you do not put new data onto your device to overwrite it. This means that you can recover data from your Mimoco USB flash drive with quick and proper action.

Recoverit or Recoverit for Mac is a great Mimoco USB flash drive data recovery program that enables you to recover almost all lost, deleted, formatted, and even corrupted files from your Mimoco USB flash drive. With the help of the Mimoco USB recovery tool, you'll be able to recover lost files like photos, videos, audios, documents, and more within a few easy and risk-free clicks.

Download the trial version to recover your Mimoco USB flash drive data now!

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Part 2Process Mimoco USB flash drive data recovery in 3 Steps

Let's start the recovery with the Windows version of the program. Before we start, please connect your Mimoco USB flash drive to your computer.

Step 1. Select "External Devices Recovery" mode to begin Mimoco USB flash drive data recovery

To recover data from the Mimoco USB flash drive, you can select the "External Devices Recovery" option to start the process Mimoco USB flash drive data recovery.

usb flash drive data recovery

Step 2. Scan your Mimoco USB flash drive to look for lost data

Select the USB flash drive of your Mimoco USB flash drive and click "Start" to start scanning for lost files.

recover data from mimoco usb flash drive

To recover data from a formatted Mimoco USB flash drive, you can select go to "All-Around Recovery" mode if the quick scan can't find your files.

recover data from usb flash drive

Step 3. Recover files from Mimoco USB flash drive

The found contents on your Mimoco USB flash drive will be displayed in the window after scanning.

You just need to mark the files you are going to reclaim and click "Recover" to save them to your computer disk.

Note: Please do not save the recovered data back onto your Mimoco USB flash drive during the recovery.

recover files from mimoco usb flash drive

People Also Ask

  • Can data on a USB be recovered?

    Yes, data on a USB flash drive can often be recovered. When files are deleted or lost from a USB drive, they are not immediately erased from the device. Instead, the space they occupy is marked as available for new data. Until new data is written over that space, the deleted files can potentially be recovered using data recovery software.
  • When the computer doesn’t identify a pen drive, it’s classified as a physical device failure. In this instance, data recovery software is useless. Therefore, it is advised to avoid opening the bootable pen drive yourself. Instead, please take it to a Data Recovery service center near you. Data recovery from a physically broken bootable pen drive is difficult and time-consuming, necessitating the use of specialized software.
  • When you delete files from a USB drive, they do not go to the Recycle Bin or Trash like they would on a computer's internal hard drive. Instead, the file system marks the space occupied by the deleted files as available for reuse. Until new data is written to those sectors, the deleted files remain physically intact on the USB drive. However, they become inaccessible to the operating system. This means that with the help of data recovery software, it is often possible to recover deleted files from a USB drive before they are overwritten by new data. It's important to avoid using the USB drive or saving any new files on it after deletion to maximize the chances of successful file recovery.
  • 1. Defective Hard Disk or Partition.
    2. Improper BIOS Boot Sequence.
    3. Boot Viruses.
    4. Incorrect configuration of a new hard drive.
    5. The hard drive has not been correctly plugged in.
    6. Conflicts between software and system settings.
    7. Failure of the Windows Operating System.
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