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How to Recover Data from a Lexar Storage Drive on Mac

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Jun 14, 2024 • Filed to: Answer Hard Drive Problems • Proven solutions

Currently, using Flash Drives is extremely common and this is due to its considerable storage capacity and portable designs. There are many options in the market but one of the most popular are Lexar devices due to their excellent performance and attractive costs, however, no storage medium is immune to physical failures and this usually leads to the loss or data corruption. If you have any Storage Flash Drive that has lost information this post is for you, I will talk about the most common causes related to this problem, how to recover your information, and avoid future problems.

Part 1: How to Get Back Files from Lexar Flash Drive?

Q: How to Recover Data from A Lexar Storage Drive on Mac?

Flash Drives are a very versatile external storage option and with time they have become an essential tool for everyday life, thanks to these devices, transporting large amounts of information safely and practice has become extremely simple since they only need to be connected to a USB port and will be ready to use. There are many options in the market regarding Flash drives and among the most prominent are the Lexar Drives, since these have an attractive cost and offer excellent performance, however, all storage devices can present failures, and to avoid losing the information stored in them, it is advisable to make constant backup copies of the information. If you have lost information or have a damaged Flash drive, you are probably wondering if there is any way to recover your information and fortunately, the answer is yes.

There are several methods of data recovery, however, it is best to use specialized information recovery software.

Part 2: Mac Data Loss Situations on Lexar Storage Drives

If you have lost information, you are probably wondering how it happened. Knowing the most common causes that generate these problems can be very useful to avoid loss of information in the future by taking appropriate precautionary measures. Next, I will describe the common causes.

Part 3: How to Recover Data from A Lexar Storage Drive on Mac?

If your Lexar Storage drive is damaged or any unforeseen arises and you have lost the information you had stored in it, I will show you how to recover the data with the help of a professional information recovery software. This software collects the remains of information that exist in the device and reorganizes them in a logical order, in this way it manages to reunify the original file taking as a reference the structure of its original format, thus correcting any corrupted or deleted file in just a few seconds.

Next, I will show you how to use it step by step, you will notice that it is very simple and the whole process takes just a couple of minutes.

Step 1: Select the Drive

mac external device recovery

To recover lost or deleted files from external media, you should choose it as the target location for data scanning and searching.

Step 2: Scan the removable media

mac scanning lost files

An all-around scan starts once you make the choice. It usually takes a few minutes.

During the process, you can filter and locate files of your choice.

Step 3: Preview and recover files

mac audio files recovery

After it, Recoverit provides the preview function for you before recovery. A variety of files can be previewed, such as pictures, videos, movies, audios, music, documents, and so forth. Then, select one or more files you want to restore and click "Recover" to get all of them back.

Part 4: How to Prevent Data Loss on Lexar Storage Drive?

As you have noticed, recovering your information is possible and with really satisfactory results using professional software, however, it is advisable to take some precautionary measures to prevent these problems since this can save you so much time and can even help you to manage better your information and files.

  1. Have a proper backup of your important files: Making a backup copy is perhaps the easiest preventive practice to perform, just create a duplicate of the files you consider important and save those backups in a different storage device. Keep in mind that any storage media may fail so I recommend you to create at least two backup copies of every file on different devices.
  2. Make sure you have a reliable electrical connection: Losing or damaging information due to voltage variations or sudden power outages is more common than you imagine. This is because, when making changes to a file of any kind, your computer performs a process of writing and restructuring of the stored information and if for some reason, this process is suddenly interrupted, the process will not be finished properly, leaving incomplete or poorly structured information. It is very important to take this information into account and have a reliable electrical connection to avoid such problems. Purchasing a voltage regulator is very recommendable, this will protect your computer from power outages and electric shocks.
  3. Cross-check your file before you format your flash drive: Formatting a storage unit has many advantages, some of them are preventing data corruption, freeing up space, and improving its performance, but always keep in mind that formatting a storage device involves deleting all the data that is hosted on it. Make backup copies of your files before formatting your device.
  4. Don’t save your recovered files again to the same flash drive: If you have recovered your information from a device that you suspect is malfunctioning, be careful, do not save your recovered files or any other file on the same storage device because it is common that when a device has physical damage, it may lose the information with increasing frequency.


Storage Flash Drives are an essential tool for daily use today and due to their great portability, they are exposed to many risk factors such as drops, voltage variations, or virus/malware infection, so it is very important to always have your information backed by at least one additional device and pay attention to the possible malfunction symptoms that may occur. Fortunately, in case you have lost information, there are professional information recovery tools such as Recoverit, which, with just a couple clicks and in just a few minutes you will fully recover your information.

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