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How to Recover Deleted Voice Memos on Android

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Jul 17, 2024 • Filed to: SD Card Solutions • Proven solutions

"I've mistakenly deleted my memos today from my Android phone. How can I recover lost memo on Android in simple steps?"

Many users experience data loss whether mistakenly or intentionally. So, if you find yourself in the mix, do not worry.

There is always a way out!

But come to think of it, our phones are part of our lives. They carry important data that ought to be looked after with lots of care. And when it comes to memos and notes? Yes! You don't have to use tones of papers to store your important information. The better alternative is to make notes and memos on your mobile phone. This way, you will save yourself the agony of using numerous sheets of paper for storage. But accidents can occur and you may need to restore memo Samsung. If so, you are on the right page.

First, let's understand where memos are stored on your Android phone.

Part 1: Where Are Memos Stored on Android?

Your Android device has an internal memory. So, any data that is captured is stored within the internal memory. However, SD cards may also be used to store information. But such information is not only present within these memories; a copy is kept at the Android device itself. However, such data is not seen and you may be of the opinion that they are erased once they get deleted from the memory.

Hence, if your mind is thronging with the question of "how do I restore my memos on my Samsung?" You are settled. There are many ways to restore lost memos and notes. But what really causes data loss. Let's unravel this first!

Part 2: Reasons for the Loss/Deletion of Memos on Android Devices

Many internal and external factors can lead to the loss of your data including memos and notes. It is vital to realize the real cause and see the way forward to recover your data.

Formatting SD card

The SD card is an external storage medium for your Android phone. Data is directly saved in there so long as you have set it. If you happen to format it, data will be erased.

Accidental deletion

This is another cause for alarm when talking about reasons for data loss. You may accidentally press the 'delete' button and clear your memos and notes.

Virus attack

Once your phone gets infected with viruses, they end up eating your files hence data loss.

Factory reset

There is a factory reset option that when you perform, your phone will wipe away all data and apps that were initially present at the time of purchase.

ROM flashing

The internal memory when flashed, it automatically clears data from your Android phone.

Updating the operating system

Data loss can also occur when you upgrade to a higher version.

Part 3: How to Recover Deleted Memos/Notes from Android Phone

The much-awaited time is here! Many users are eager to find their lost memos and notes. These two methods are handy and come with the added ability to help you in the process.

Method 1: Recover via Backup

The first option for Android memo recovery we are going to tackle is recovery via Backup. Your Android devices automatically sync your data to Google Drive. So, whenever you lose data, the first place you should run to is the Backup.

But remember, you can only get your data from Backup if you enabled backup options before experiencing data loss.

Apart from Google Drive, you can also get your files from your Android device's inbuilt backup. The inbuilt backup is a free feature that's available on all Android devices.


When you are about to lose your mind, wondering "how do I restore my memos on my Samsung?" this guide can be of great help. You now know the best ways to recover deleted memos and notes from Android. But remember that the first option needs you to would have backed up your data for it to be effective. Otherwise, without any data backed up, there is little you may gain. Thanks to Dr.Fone Data Recovery that foreshows powerful abilities to help in data recovery.

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