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How to Move Files from SSD to HDD on Windows 10/11: A Step by Step Tutorial

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Jan 27, 2024 • Filed to: Take Data Backup • Proven solutions

How to move files from SSD to HDD?

If you have also got a new HDD or would like to backup files from SSD to HDD, then you can have the same thing in mind. Ideally, it is pretty easy to move files from SSD to HDD on any computer, be it Windows or Mac. Instead of doing a manual transfer, I would recommend taking a complete backup of your data. In this post, I will let you know how to transfer files from SSD to HDD in a jiffy with no technical hassle. Let’s begin!


Major Differences Between Solid-State Drive and Hard Disk Drive

Before we learn how to transfer files from SSD to HDD, let’s quickly understand their differences. While Hard Disk Drives (HDD) have been around for a while, Solid State Drives (SSD) provide a better experience and are mostly preferred these days.

Hard Disk Drives

Solid State Drives


Based on magnetic disks and a rotating arm to read/write data

They are based on flash memory with individual storage blocks

Power consumption



Battery life


Longer lifespan

File fragmentation issue



Overall performance

A bit laggy

Better optimization


Takes time (for spinning and locating data)

Extremely fast







I/O Request time

400-500 ms

20-30 ms

Failure rate





A bit expensive


As you can see, SSDs are far better compared to HDDs and provide overall enhanced performance. That’s why more people are picking SSDs and simply move files from SSD to HDD to back up their data.

Move Files from SSD to HDD on Windows 10

If you want to move files from SSD to HDD easily, then simply use Wondershare UBackit. A professional and user-friendly application, it can take a selective or an entire backup of your SSD to any location of your choice.

To know how to move files from SSD to HDD automatically with the help of Wondershare UBackit, you can follow these steps:

Step 1: Launch Wondershare UBackit on your PC

To begin with, you can just install Wondershare UBackit on your computer and launch it. From its home, go to the “Backup & Restore” option and simply choose to create a new backup.

launch Wondershare UBackit

Step 2: Select the source and files to back up

Now, to learn how to transfer files from SSD to HDD, you first have to select the backup source. Here, you can view all the available partitions that you can browse to select what to include in the backup. If you want to save the entire data from your SSD, then you can pick the respective drive from here.

choose backup source

There is an inbuilt search bar on the UBackit interface that would let you look for specific files to be included in the backup.

search option

Besides that, you can also find the inbuilt filters in UBackit that would let you find different types of data (like photos, videos, documents, and so on).

filter option

Step 3: Select a Destination where your Backup would be saved

Once you have selected what you wish to back up, you can mark a location to save your files. Here, you can select the connected HDD as a destination where your backup would be stored (or any other location).

choose backup destination

Step 4: Enable the Automatic Backup schedule

To make things easier for you, there is also an additional Automatic Backup feature in UBackit that you can enable. From here, you can set up an appropriate schedule to take daily, weekly, or monthly backup automatically.

set an automatic backup

Step 5: Move files from SSD to HDD

That’s it! Once the destination has been specified, UBackit would start the backup process and will let you know the progress. You can simply wait for a while and make sure the application is not closed till the process is completed.

move files from ssd to hdd

In the end, the application will let you know that the backup has been taken. You can now check the stored backup on your HDD, view the available versions, and restore it to your SSD later on.

complete the backup

Pro Tips on Maintaining your Solid-State Drive

As you can see, it is pretty easy to learn how to send files from SSD to HDD and keep your data safe. Though, if you want to increase the overall performance of your SSD and improve its lifespan, the follow these suggestions:

Update Disk Drivers

I’m sure that after reading this post, you would be able to move your files from SSD to HDD easily. As you can see, learning how to move files from SSD to HDD is quite simple if you use the right tools. When we manually transfer our data, we end up missing some important files. That’s why you should consider using Wondershare UBackit that can perform an incremental and automatic backup of your data. Go ahead and try UBackit and share this guide with others to teach them how to move files from SSD to HDD like a pro.

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