Best Backup Hard Drive in 2021 | Desktop Drive or Portable Drive

Best Backup Hard Drive in 2021 | Desktop Drive or Portable Drive

Receiving an error message saying 'Desktop hard drive running out of space'? Don't panic! All you need is an avant-garde portable hard drive. Thus read this article to find out the best backup hard drive to acquire.

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When speaking of the best external hard drive for desktop, you think of an avant-garde tool that can help maintain a perfect balance between storage space, flexibility, and affordability. Although there are lots of desktop hard drives available in the market, only a few can deliver you the best satisfaction.

As a result, we've done the deep research required to find out the best backup hard drive in 2021. Sounds interesting right? Then if you're eager to know which hard drive is best to acquire next, stick to this page for the best backup hard drive in 2021!

Can You Distinguish the Differences Between SSD and Hard Drive?

To be concise about the headline question, I would say a big YES! There's a lot of difference between HDD (Hard Disk Drive) and SSD (Solid-State Drive)! Although they both deliver the same purpose by keeping your records and memories safe. The technology behind them is something that will drive you crazy. Firstly, let's take a look at the features of a Hard Disk Drive (HDD) before moving to the next.

Hard Disk Drive (HDD)

I define this storage cheap as an old school storage device that employs rolling mechanical platters to read and write head access to data. Yes, the head of an HDD is a fast rotating disk that moves from one area to another, and it's responsible for reading and writing the data stored on the drive. But since the component of this storage cheap is mechanical, the hard disk is considered to be the slowest and the most fragile of any computer.

Solid-State Drive (SSD)

In contrast to the hard drive, SSD is a new generation of storage cheap that uses flash-based memory called NAND to store fat, making it super faster than the old school storage device (HDD).  Since you've got the basic knowledge of these two storage cheap, let's check out some brief comparison between them both.

If you still have questions about the difference between HDD and SSD, click SSD vs HDD: What's the Difference?

Whether You Need a Desktop Drive or a Portable Drive?

Fundamentally, there's no too much difference between these two drives. Although both use USB connectivity, desktop drives typically consist of a plastic case that houses a 3.5-inch desktop hard drive. In contrast to that, a portable drive usually contains a 2-inch laptop hard drive and can be powered directly by the USB connector. But a vital difference is desktop drives require a power supply for it to function.

Anyway, both have a massive storage space, but a portable hard disk tends to be more pocket friendly compared to the portable drive version. Also, on desktop drives, you get networked models that can be bound to an Ethernet (RJ45) port which enables you to access and store your data over any internet connection. And if you need something portable that you can move around with, then you should go for the portable drive.

desktop hard drive and portable hard drive

Five Options: Pick up the Best Backup Hard Drive Right Now

In this section, we would cover the top 5 backup hard drives in 2021! So read on to check out our review on the best hard drives. I'm 100% sure this list is every man's solution for a backup hard drive. The first will blow your mind!

1 WD My Book Desktop Hard Drive- Massive Capacity

The digital storage capacity of the desktop hard drive ranges from 3TB-24TB, which is surely equipped with the most massive capacity. You can choose the digital capacity according to your demand. Besides, if buying the drive, you are able to enjoy the privilege of WD auto-backup software to keep your data safe. Its three-year warranty gets you rid of the quality worries. To sum up, users who require great storage space could give a thought to it.

best backup hard drive wd my book

2 LaCie Rugged HDD Portable&Desktop Hard Drive- Rugged Powerhouse.

Regarding storage capacity, it is set from 500GB to 8TB, which makes it a device compatible with laptop and desktop computers. The drive is resistant to drop, dust, shock, and rain because of its "Rugged" feature. Users are entitled to one-month membership of Adobe Creative Cloud and a two-year data recovery service.

However, it only provides a two-year warranty period. There is no software designed to monitor the hard drive data.

best backup hard drive lacie rugged hdd

3 G-Technology Armor ATD Portable&Desktop Hard Drive- Strong Durability.

Well, this rugged external hard drive aims to provide storage space for a laptop, desktop, and television. Users can choose among 1TB, 2TB, 4TB and 5TB.

The drive has many elaborate designs. For example, there is a weather-resistant port cover, protecting the port from rain, dust, and other damages. Its protective-bumper and triple-layer enclosure arm it with strong durability to shock and crush. In conclusion, the external hard drive is a relatively good choice if you work and live in the wild.

best backup hard drive g technology armor

4 Seagate Backup Plus Ultra Touch Portable Hard Drive- Portable Storage

One of the most excellent features of Seagate Backup Plus Ultra Touch portable hard drive is that it organizes your photos and videos by event with Mylio. Besides, it prioritizes safety through a password to ensure hardware encryption. There is two capacity for you: 1TB and 2TB. choose what you like! It is a good and considerate choice for a laptop user.

best backup hard drive seagate backup plus ultra touch

5 Seagate Backup Plus Slim Portable Hard Drive - Cool Slim Design for PC

Seagate Backup Plus Slim portable hard drive has only 1TB storage space. It is praised as thin and stylish storage. Similarly, it has Seagate Mylio function, which allows photos and videos to show in even sequence.

best backup hard drive seagate backup plus slim

After reading my list, you should be confident in which backup hard drive will be perfect for your requirement. Anyway, let's check out some comparison between these backup hard disks listed above.

Item Ratings Storage Capacity Spin Range Warranty Interface
Western Digital My Book 4.5 3TB-24TB 5400RPM 36 Months (3years) USB 2.0 and USB 3.0
Seagate Backup Plus Ultra Touch 4.5 1TB-2TB 5400RPM 24 Months (2years) USB 3.0 and USB-C
G-Technology Armor ATD 4.6 1TB-5TB 5400RPM 36 Months (3years) USB 3.0, Thunderbolt 3, and USB C
Seagate Backup Plus Slim 4.4 1TB 5400RPM 36 Months (3years) USB 3.0
LaCie Rugged HSBC HDD 4.6 500GB-8T 7200RPM 36 Months (3years) USB 3.0

Best Software to Backup A Hard Drive

Having known the best backup hard drive, it'll be remarkable to introduce an advanced backup software, which makes the process of backing up an external hard drive fast and efficient.

AOMEI Backupper is one of the few excellent backup service providers that enables you to sync contents from an external hard disk to another drive or Cloud. And fortunately, its high-intuitive user interface simplifies and eases the backup process. Employ the steps outlined below to back up your external hard drive using AOMEI Backupper!

Step 1 Select Disk Backup

Launch AOMEI backup software on your Windows PC > Click on Backup > Then select Disk Backup.

select disk backup

Step 2 Select Hard Drives

In the second phase, click on Step 1 and hit the Add button in the pop-up windows that appear on the screen to choose the external disk you're looking to backup > After that, click on Step 2 to select the destination path, that is, either your computer hard drive, another external hard disk, Cloud storage, or NAS drive.

add the drive to backup

Step 3 Configure the Task

You'll be given access to make settings for the external hard drive backup process and edit the task name for easy identification.

Moreover, you can add more disks to backup, delete the selected external disk, and schedule the external hard drive for automatic backup. And you can also click "Backup Options" to fit VSS settings. VSS techniques allow you to backup external hard drive without interrupting the operations in progress.

configure the task

Step 4 Start External Disk Backup Process

The last steps involve only clicking on the Start Backup button to back up the external hard drive. Then wait for some minutes while the backup operation gets finalized. Simple right? Don't waste any more time just backup your hard disk now!

start external disk backup process


It's an indisputable fact that choosing several similar things can be very tricky, especially when you don't know which meets your requirements. Anyway, there you have it, the best backup hard drive in 2021, and the best backup software.

So if you find yourself or any friend in such a situation next time, you can always reach this article for evaluation. Also, AOMEI backup software is an amazing backup tool, which can clone your external drive content conveniently and safely.

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