Can I Recover Facebook Password without Email and Phone Number?

In case you forgot Facebook password and email, you can recover it. Learn how to reset Facebook password and email. Also, know ways to delete old Facebook account.

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I forgot my Facebook password and do not know how to reset my Facebook password with email.

Today, one of the most trending and used social media platforms is Facebook. It gives you the option to share your story, thoughts, videos, etc with your friends or relatives worldwide. Millions of users are using Facebook, and it is more than a social media platform as it offers options like traveling, shopping, dining, and more.

If you want to operate your Facebook account, you need to remember your login credentials or linked email. If you have lost your Facebook password or email, you need to reset it immediately. Are you wondering how to reset your Facebook password with email? Or, how to open a Facebook account without a password and email address?

If yes, then this guide is for you. Here we have discussed step-by-step procedures to recover the Facebook account without email and with email. Take a look!

Login to Fcaebook

Part 1. Reset Facebook Password without Email

It is very normal that you forgot your Facebook password. These days' people log in on devices once and forget their credentials. Later, when you need to open Facebook on any new device or browser, you forgot the password.

But, you do not need to panic, as you can reset Facebook password without email. If your phone number is saved in your Facebook account, then you can recover your Facebook password with the below-mentioned steps:

Click on forgotten password on Facebook

Reset Facebook password

Create new password on Facebook

That is it! Now, you have successfully reset Facebook password without email.

Part 2. Change Facebook Password without Phone Number

Do you want to change Facebook password without phone number? If yes, then follow the below steps:

Login on Fcaebook

Go to menu on Facebook

Locate settings & privacy on Fcaebook

Change Facebook password

So simple! Finally you know how to change Facebook password with email.

Note: You can also use the Wondershare Recoverit to recover deleted files, folders, or data. This helps you find lost password if you saved them on your system when created the Facebook account.

Part 3. People Also Ask Questions

People have many questions in mind regarding the Facebook password and email recovery. In this section, we have answered two main questions reading Facebook logins.

1. What if I cannot receive Facebook Password Reset Code Email?

For people it is really frustrating to not able to log in to Facebook. This becomes worse when you do not receive Facebook password reset email.

Luckily, Facebook offers you many other options with which you can recover Facebook password without the email.

Below are some ways with which you can find Facebook password and email.

When you are not able to log in to your Facebook and unable to receive a security code, then check if you are logged in elsewhere.

Check all your android and iOS devices, mobile browser, and even a different browser on your computer. And, if you find that you are logged in elsewhere, then you can reset the Facebook password without any need for a security code.

If you are not logged in elsewhere, Facebook allows you to specify a new phone number or email through which they can help you to change password.

For this, you will need to go to the Facebook sign-up page and tap on the "Forgotten Account?"

Now, you will go to the "reset password" page, where you have to tap on the "no longer have access to these?" link.

You will be requested to give a new phone number or email address.

2. Can I Delete Old Facebook Account without Password or Email

Do you no longer use your old Facebook account, and you don't want people to see it? If yes, then consider deleting the old Facebook account if you have access to it.

If you do not have access to your old Facebook account but still want to delete it, then you can follow the below-mentioned steps.

· Try to recover your Facebook password

Go to to search for your account with your name.

But, with name, you may find or may not find your old Facebook account. So, if you don't see it, click "I'm not on this list", and you'll be allowed to enter the name of your friend.

Get security code on friends email on Facebook

Once you find your old account, you'll be able to send a reset code to any of the email addresses or phone numbers you associated with your account.

Also, in case you are not sure about the email you used to log in to Facebook, it will show you a redacted version (e.g., n******* that may spark your memory.

· Use Facebook's Trusted Friends feature

If you can't access Old Facebook with the email address or phone number, opt for Facebook's Trusted Friends feature. It lets you regain access to your old Facebook account in case of forgotten credentials. With this feature, you can ask three "trusted friends" to give you a reset code.

But, it only works if you set up Trusted Friends in your account.

If you set this up, then on the email and phone recovery page, there will be an option to enter a new email or phone number.

Now, tap on "Reveal My Trusted Contacts" and type the complete name of one of your friends.

Reveal trusted friends on Facebook

After this, you will get a special URL from Facebook that contains a recovery code to reset your account. This code will be sent back to you by your friend.

So, you should contact your friends and provide them with the URL you get. Now, as you can log in to your old Facebook account, you can delete it forever.


We hope that from the above article, you have gained knowledge on how to reset Facebook password without email and with email. Also, now, if you forgot Facebook email and password, you can easily recover them.

In addition to Facebook password recovery, you can also delete your old Facebook account with the above-mentioned steps.

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