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How to save videos from Facebook to camera roll

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Jul 17, 2024 • Filed to: Recoverit Topic • Proven solutions

During our scrolling sessions on Facebook, we come across different videos that catch our attention. Most of them are funny memes, and others are motivational speeches that we need to save in our memory and the camera roll.

For instance, if you want to save a video from Facebook to your computer that closely links to some office presentation due the next day, what will be your first step?

How to save videos from Facebook to the Camera Roll? There is no need to feel left out if your co-workers can and you can't. The article under study reflects the methods and steps to save videos to your iPhone or Android devices. Moreover, it also ensures that you have a clear knowledge of saving your favorite Facebook videos to Mac and Windows.

Part 1: How to Save Facebook Videos to Your iPhone or Android Device?

The use of smartphones has pretty much taken over our lives. We are seen chained to our phones more than the people around us. It has become a need for most and a fun tool for others. The use of social websites like Facebook has become an addiction.

A typical Facebook user has to know how to save videos from Facebook to Camera roll because there are innumerable related videos that need to be in his gallery's folder, ready to use. In the latter part of this section, we will be keeping you informed regarding saving Facebook videos to your iPhone as well as Android.

For iPhone users

If you are an iPhone user, the steps mentioned below are for you. You just have to follow them precisely and save all your favorite videos and memes from Facebook.

Downloading "Browser and File Manager for Documents"

The steps are as under:

download and install the app

open the website

open the file tab for downloaded videos

Using Browser Extension

You can also use the browser extension to save the relevant videos from your Facebook app to the Camera roll. How are we going to pull this off? It's quite simple. First of all, we will save videos from Facebook to our computers. After that, copy it to the DCIM folder of your iPhone.

The guidelines are as follows:

download facebook video downloader extension

For Android users

If you are not an iPhone but an Android user and have to download the video from the Facebook app on your phone desperately, then you are in the right place. The following steps are a guaranteed method to help you with the question of how to save videos from Facebook to the camera roll. 

Using Downloading website

download the facebook video on android

Part 2: How to Save Facebook Videos to Your Computer?

In the daily grind of work, we need to blow off some steam using several social sites like Facebook. We often find videos relatable to our life that we want to save immediately. Has it happened to you?

Therefore, the question arises, how to save videos from Facebook to the camera roll to be previewed when we are feeling low and need motivation. In the latter part of this section, we will be embarking on a journey where steps to save videos to Mac and Windows will be set up for you. Aren't you excited? We know you are!

Let's start!

Steps to Save Videos to Mac

In the bullet points below, find the method to save Facebook videos to Mac. Following the guidelines correctly can allow you to enjoy your funny and motivational videos in the gallery if no internet connection is available.

Using a 4K Video Downloader

The 4K Video Downloader never leaves you in a lurch. It allows you to save Facebook videos to your computer in the quality of your choice. Thrilling, don't you think? Follow the steps below if you are not familiar with using this program.

tap on the download button

This will initiate the downloading process to be accessed after a couple of minutes from the camera roll. If you want to save the Facebook video from Windows, hop on the next section designed for you.

Steps to Save Videos to Windows

SAre you scrolling through Facebook, finding a perfect video for your dieting schedule, and having no clue how to save videos from Facebook to camera roll? Need not worry, as we are here at your disposal. Allow us to provide you with a gripping set of methods to blow your mind.

Using Online Service

paste the facebook video url

Part 3. How to Repair Corrupted Facebook Videos?

The Facebook video downloaded from the methods mentioned above may turn out to be corrupted. There can be a problem with the video link or content. But there is no need to get all hype up if the video cannot play.

Allow us to take this from here. Presenting your software that deals with the problems of similar nature Wondershare Repairit, as we know it. The main task of this software is to repair the corrupted videos, allow the Advanced Repair option, and make them perfect for watching in any format of your choice. Magical, don't you agree?

If you are not familiar with its interface, follow the easy instructions below, and get rid of the corrupted videos.

Step 1: Inserting the Video

The first requirement is to open the software of none other than Wondershare Repairit. In the middle of the interface, you will find a (+) sign. You can drag the corrupted video to the (+) or browse them from your PC.

upload corrupted facebook video

Step 2: Repairing Process

As you add the video to the interface, the software uses all its technology and starts working on making the video workable and new. To start the process, click on the "Repair" button located at the bottom of the page.

start repairing facebook video

Step 3: Advanced Repair Process

If your video is still corrupted, then there is a possibility that the video requires to undergo Advanced Repair. Therefore, to make this process a success, you just need to add the sample video of the format of the corrupted video. How will this help?

add sample video for advance repair

It will compare the video sample to the corrupted video and make it as good as new. Wondershare Repairit makes sure that you do not leave the interface high and dry!

Step 4: Saving Process

After waiting for a short time, your video will be all set to be previewed and saved.

save your facebook video


In a world where people are masking their pains using memes, there is a dire need for videos to be saved in the gallery so that they can be watched at regular intervals without any network requirement, right? The article kept in view the problem and sketched out several methods to save Facebook videos on your smartphones and computers.

You can save videos by using software online or browser extensions. We hope that you can have your gallery and windows filled up with videos of your choice by the end of this article.

Happy Facebooking!

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