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Restore Data from Formatted iXpand Flash Drive

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Jan 15, 2024 • Filed to: USB Recovery • Proven solutions

Overview of iXpand 32GB Flash Drive

SanDisk is one of the market leaders in the manufacturing of USB flash drives and memory cards. The company has been producing reliable and fast flash memory products for a long period. The iXpand 32GB flash drive is one of the best products developed by SanDisk for the iPhone and iPad generation. It offers Apple users the chance to free up space on their iPads and iPhones easily. Offering them an external storage space of 32GBs, the iXpand 32GB flash drive provides iPad and iPhone users the opportunity to back up their photos and videos via sync as soon as they plug it into their Mac or Windows PC. However, what happens if you format your iXpand 32GB flash drive? The first disaster you are going to meet is losing data. So if you are suffering this issue, the article will show you how to restore data from formatted iXpand flash drive easily.

While the iXpand 32GB flash drive remains a reliable product, it can sometimes develop issues and needs to be formatted. Usually, the development of bad sectors is the reason why you will feel the need to format your iXpand 32GB flash drive. In such a situation, there is always the chance that some of the essential files and data get lost when the flash drive is formatted. If you don't act fast and try to retrieve these files and data, then they will get permanently lost, and you will not be able to get them back. To avoid this, you will need to find a way to restore data from formatted iXpand flash drive.

Part 1: Formatted iXpand 32GB Flash Drive Recovery Software

If you have recently formatted your iXpand Flash Drive accidentally or deliberately and you wish to recover the data inside the USB, then there is only one thing you can. It is to run the flash drive through Recoverit Data Recovery Tool and allow it to scan each sector for erased or formatted data. The only thing that should be careful about is overwriting the memory of the iXpand flash drive with additional data. You must use Recoverit on the USB at once to restore the content inside. Here are some features of the application that you should know about before using it:

Part 2: Solution to Restore Data from Formatted iXpand Flash Drive

Here are the steps to Restore Data from formatted iXpand Flash Drive:

Step 1: Select the Location

Connect your flash drive with the PC and launch Recoverit. Once you see the interface, locate and select the icon of the USB and click on "Start."

recoverit interface

Step 2: Scan the Flash Drive

Once you hit the start button, Recoverit will search every fragment of your USB drive and try to recover each file with complete efficiency. Meanwhile, it will display the names of the retrieved items as the scan commences, which you can see by pausing or stopping the scan midway.

all around recovery scaning

Step 3: Save the Files

Recoverit will notify you after it finishes the scan, and you will be allowed to check the items through the preview feature under the category of "File-Type" and "File-Path." After reviewing the restored content, the next step is to save the files to the destination of your choosing.

all around recoveryscan results

People Also Ask

Q1. What are the different SanDisk iXpand USB Drive Data Lost Scenarios?

Due to the delicate physical state of a USB flash drive and the way we use it across various computers, it is only natural that you may have to deal with data loss or some damage to the USB. Here are some the data loss scenarios of the SanDisk iXpand USB's:

Q2. How to Prevent SanDisk iXpand Data Loss in the future?

While there's nothing much a person can do if you accidentally format your data on the USB flash drive, but it is still better to perform some precautionary measures to prevent data loss in the future. Here are some of the preventative measures:

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