How to Restore Files from Password Protected USB Drive

This page we will offer the best solution to help you recover files from password protected USB drive with Recoverit Data Recovery software.

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How do I Remove Encryption from a USB Stick?

Overview of the Password Protected USB Flash Drive

Once a USB drive is write-protected, you cannot use it anymore other than as a read-only device. You can view files but fail to modify them. While this is effective in securing data stored in the device, it is also dangerous for when you forget the password you have set on the device. Also, if a data is encrypted, there is a risk for data loss when files are decrypted.

Encryption is a common practice for securing confidential files, especially those that are used in business. The data becomes safer because the files cannot be accessed unless the external device is plugged in a computer. Even then, access can never be gained if one does not know the decryption key to the file. If you fail to enter the correct key, or if you simply forgot the details such as passwords, data loss is an imminent possibility.

How to Unlock Encrypted USB Drive

  • Step 1. Insert the encrypted USB drive to the computer via the USB port and go to This PC/ Computer.
  • Step 2. Once the drive appears on the connected drives list, right click on the USB drive and go to Properties.
  • Step 3. Open the Security tab on the new window and select Edit.
  • Step 4. Chosoe User under Group and Usernames. Set Full Control and Write in the Allow column by checking the boxes. These are found under Permission for Authenticated Users.
  • Step 5. Select OK. Proceed to the file explorer and open the USB drive to check whether the files can now be accessed.
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