Kingston USB Recovery: How to Recover Lost Files from Kingston USB Drive

When using a USB of any kind, losing data is always going to be a potential concern. It couldn't be easier to recover lost files from Kingston USB drives, using the best free Kingston USB recovery software - Recoverit data recovery.

A Kingston USB Drive provides the user with many advantages. First and foremost, it offers faster transfer speeds than other similar drives. This means that you get better performance for your money - and more storage for the price you pay too. Kingston is a recognized brand, and it is established in the sector for a reason - you get a reliable storage device for your data. So, there are still many users are the owners of Kingston USB drive. However, with the practicability of Kingston USB drive, Data loss from Kingston USB drive also becomes a common issue. What will you do if you lost your data from Kingston USB drive? This post will provide you with best best solution.

Part 1. Top Reasons of Data Loss from Kingston USB Drive

It is rare that you will be faced with Kingston data recovery issues. Your Kingston USB Drive is known for its reliability and solidity of performance. However, there are many reasons that necessitate the use of a Kingston recovery tool. Here are some of the potential ways of losing data from your Kingston USD Drive:

Part 2. Most Recommended Kingston USB Recovery – Recoverit Data Recovery Software

One of the best pieces of Kingston USB free recovery software is Recoverit USB flash drive data recovery. This data recovery can help you recover data that has been deleted, formatted or lost from your PC, laptop or removable device, such as Kingston USB recovery. It is available for Windows and Mac and can recover all major file types, whether they are documents, graphics, video, audio, email and others. Recoverit data recovery software can help with all data-loss scenarios, providing all you need to restore files from USB drive like Kingston USB drive.

Recoverit Kingston USB Recovery

Powerful Recoverit Kingston USB Recovery

  • Recover lost or deleted files, photos, audio, music, emails from any storage device including Kingston USB hard drive effectively and safely.
  • Supports to recover Kingston USB data for sudden deletion, formatting, hard drive corruption, virus attack, system crash under different situations.
  • Supports data recovery from recycle bin, hard drive, memory card, flash drive, digital camera and camcorders as well.

This Kingston USB Recovery tool that processes fast and has a clear interface. You merely need to select the relevant device, click on scan and after the scan preview recovered files to find the ones that you would like to restore. You can check it out from the detailed steps below on how to recover lost files from Kingston USB Drive.

Part 3. How to Recover Lost Files from Kingston USB Drive

You might be wondering how easy it is to use such a tool. If you have experienced file loss from your Kingston USB Drive, then the steps needed for recovery could not be simpler. You will simply download and install the best Kingston USB recovery - Recoverit from its official site or the download buttons (Win or Mac version) above, and then follow the detailed steps below carefully.

Step 1 Enter "External Device Recovery" mode after launching this Kingston USB Recovery tool

This is a lot simpler than it sounds. The interface opens with 8 icons, one of which is external device recovery. Click on the option "External Device Recovery" to enter this mode.


Step 2 Connect your Kingston USB Drive and select it to start the scan

Insert your Kingston USB into your device, as per normal use. It should show up ready for selection. Click on USB flash drive and it will show all connected drives. Select your Kingston USB drive connected to your device and click "Start" to begin scanning.


Step 3 Scan the lost files from Kingston USB Drive

After you click the "Scan" icon, Recoverit USB Recovery software will start scanning your Kingston USB Drive. After a while, you can preview some restorable files.


Note: there is an "All-Around Recovery" option for you to start a deep scan if you can't find your lost files from the Kingston USB Drive after the quick scan. Just turn to the "All-Around Recovery" mode to look for more files.

Step 4 Preview the recoverable files and recover them

You will then get a summary screen with all the recovered files from the device. You can review these files one by one from this screen. To restore Kingston files, you need to tick the box in the corner of the files you want to restore. You then click "Recover" and this free Kingston USB recovery tool will offer you the opportunity to save the files to a different place. This is an excellent opportunity to back up the files and ensure they are safe in the future.


Video Tutorial on How to Recover Lost Files from Kingston USB Drive

Part 4. Kingston USB Drive Not Recognized - How to Fix


When you receive the popup of your USB device not recognized, don't panic, you can check what the flash drive's problem is by scanning it first and then follow the useful ways to fix the problem of Kingston USB drive not recognized.

Way 1: Scanning for USB Issues

Way 2: Reformatting the USB

If the problem is related to the USB device itself, you should start by trying the device in a different port just in case. Then, follow these steps to reformat the Kingston USB Drive.

Be aware, this will cause the device to lose all data. However, if you use your Kingston USB recovery tool, you can find the files after reformatting.

Way 3: Updating the drivers

If the problem is related to the USB device itself, you should start by trying the device in a different port just in case. Then, follow these steps to reformat the Kingston USB Drive.

Way 4: Updating the Operating System

Part 5. Tips to Prevent Data Loss on Kingston USB Drive

Although it is simple to retrieve lost files, it is always best to avoid such issues in the first place. There are many steps you can take to protect your data.

What's the bottom line? The great news in all this is that any loss or damage to your Kingston USB can easily be rectified using the Recoverit data recovery software. Although it is always best to avoid problems, this is sometimes not possible. When the worst happens, all your best precautions in the world could not prevent a problem. Hence, download the powerful USB data recovery software and you can always recover files from your Kingston USB drives.

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