How to Recover Data from SanDisk SD Card/USB Drive

The Best Free SanDisk Data Recovery Software

This article we'll introduce the best SanDisk Data Recovery software to help you recover data from SanDisk SD card, memory card, USB drive,hard drive.

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How do I Recover Files from a SanDisk?

Is there any way to recover deleted files from a SanDisk USB?

I recently erased an important document on my SanDisk USB drive. I didn't do anything with the drive, because I know there's a kind of flash drive recovery software that can help, and want to get the file back. Can you please recommend a piece of software that can help me? Please help, thanks!

What to Do If your Data Got Lost from SanDisk Device?

When accidentally deleting files from SanDisk USB flash drives/SD memory card, the first thing you should not write any new data or transfer to the SanDisk device. The lost files still stored on your device but you cannot access to. Don't worry! You still can get your data back with the powerful SanDisk Data Recovery. On the following guide we will show you the best Recoverit Data Recovery software to help you recover data from SanDisk USB flash drive/SD memory card.

The Best Free SanDisk Data Recovery Software - Recoverit

Recoverit Data Recovery software is a professional data recovery program, it can easily to help you recover deleted files from SanDisk USB device, SD memory card, hard drive. The data recovery software can solve all data lost scenarios such as accidentally delete, formatted disk, virus infected, the files system crashed, etc.

USB data recovery

Recoverit - The Best SanDisk Recovery Software

The SanDisk data recovery program can easily to recover deleted files from USB flash drive on Windows and MAC. Undeleted files from formatted USB device, restore files after virus infected USB, or any other data lost issue from USB flash drive.

Video Tutorial of SanDisk USB Drive Data Recovery

How to Recover Deleted Files from SanDisk USB Drive/SD Memory Card

Download and install Recoverit Data Recovery on your computer, connect SanDisk USB device to the computer and follow the next steps to perform SanDisk Data Recovery on Windows computer.

Setp 1. Launch Recoverit USB drive recovery. To recover files from USB flash drive, please select "External Devices Recovery" data recovery mode to start.

Setp 2. Make sure your SanDisk USB drive have detected to the computer. Select your Sandisk USB drive and click "Start" button to proceed.

select sandisk usb drive

Setp 3. Recoverit data recovery will start a quick scan to search files.

If you can't find any recovered files after the quick scan, go to scan again with "All-around Recovery". It will take more time and search more files from Sandisk USB drive.

sandisk usb recovery

Setp 4. Preview and recover deleted files from SanDisk USB flash drives

In the scan result, all recoverable files are displayed and categorized well. You can preview some recovered files and click on "Recover" to retrieve all SanDisk data back.

sandisk usb drive recovery

Note: Please get a safe device to save all recovered data files, in case your data lost again.

Recoverit Data Recovery can effectively to help you restore all lost data from SanDisk USB device, it also can recover lost data from other device like computer/laptop hard drive, Mac, camera, mobile phone, and others.

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