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How to Backup SD Card to Google Drive

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Jan 27, 2024 • Filed to: Take Data Backup • Proven solutions

Q: How to backup the SD card to google drive?

"I have been using SD card as storage for many of my memories, but I'm striving to know the methods for making a backup of my videos and photos because the storage I'm worried about the fragility of the SD card. I wish to store all my data at google drive so that it is always safe. I can even go through multiple methods and find out which suits me the best. Moreover, I want to know other features of google drive that are not yet disclosed to me. The data files on my SD card are also useable for my academic and professional work.

Millions of people use SD cards but all of them are afraid to lose the data because the tiny storage device can leave their side any time. However, few right methods can help you secure the data by making the backup of the SD card to google drive. In this guide, you will have multiple facile solutions related to your situation. As per your requirement, you will also be given some of the distinctive benefits of google drive. Make sure you follow the guide till the end to properly back up data on the SD card to google drive.

Part 1: Why you need to back up the SD card to google drive?

You have a particular reason that you want to secure your data that is why you need to back up the SD card to google drive. These are some of the common reasons behind it;

  1. It surely saves you a lot of costs. If your backup SD card to google drive, you are never required to buy another hard drive to save your data. As hard drives get stuffed quite often. The best thing to do is to use the google drive to save your cost and effort.
  2. Storage space is quite valuable these days. 15 Gb of free storage is a blessing from the google drive. You can utilize this storage to backup multiple types of data files.
  3. The majority of the people use google drive to secure their data. People adopt an efficient backup strategy and secure their data in case something goes wrong with their hard drive, USB, SD card, or any other storage device.
  4. The most convenient thing about google drive is that it is easy to access. You can access it wherever you want. All you need to have is a good internet connection and the credentials of your google drive account.

Part 2: What you need before backing up the SD card in google drive?

Well, you are aware of the utilities that google drive allows you to cherish. It is time for you to know about the things you need to do before backing up the SD card in google drive. In this guide, you will be given aspects of backing up the SD card to google drive. The diverse methods below will allow you to backup SD card from Android phone and computer. Make sure you perform these tasks before jumping to any of the given methods;

  1. First of all, you need to create your google account by going to the website of google sign in.
  2. Once you have made your account, you can download the google drive app on your PC or Android phone.

Part 3: How to backup SD card to google drive from android?

Coming to the core section of our whole guide. Let's start from the backup of the SD card to google drive from an android phone. However, there are two different methods to conduct this task, make sure you follow both of them;

Method 1: How to upload photos to google drive using photo gallery

In this first method, you will utilize a photo gallery to upload your photos to google drive. These are the particular steps to do so;

Step 1: On your android phone, open the photo gallery. Select the photos you wish to backup on google drive. Choose the "Send" button or "menu" button on your screen and select "Google drive". Moreover, you can also choose the entire folder to upload to google drive.

Step 2: Just click "Ok" to upload your selected photos to google drive.

Method 2: How to upload multiple files to google drive from android with the google drive app

In this method, you will utilize the google drive app to properly backup multiple files to google drive from an android phone. You can utilize the google drive app to upload multiple types of data. Just follow the quick steps to do so;

Step 1: Connect your android phone to an internet connection.

Step 2: Open your account on the downloaded google drive app.

Step 3: On this app, you need to click the "Red plus icon" on your screen and choose upload.


Step 4: In this step, click "Open from" to select the files and folders to backup and also the path and then click "Done". The google drive will automatically backup these files after that.


Part 4: How to backup SD card to google drive from PC?

You are already aware of backing up the SD card to google drive from android. Now, you will learn to do it on the computer. Follow the steps to effortlessly perform the task. There are multiple methods to do so;

Method 1: Using google drive folder?

Use these steps to backup data on the SD card using the google drive folder;

Step 1: First of all, connect your SD card or Android phone to the computer.

Step 2: Choose the option "Google backup and sync" on your PC. This will open the google drive folder.

Step 3: The folder which has the data files that you want to upload, you need to double click it. Them, "Control C" to all the data that you want to backup and then paste the data on google drive folder.


Method 2: Using google backup and sync

Utilize these steps to use google backup and sync to perform your desire task;

Step 1: Choose the option "Google backup and sync" on the taskbar. Select the settings option and choose preferences.

Step 2: Click the option "USB drives and SD card" under the "My computer" tab. Choose "OK" to reveal the final results.


Step 3: Once the data is successfully uploaded, you can witness it under my computer tab in the web version. However, this method has deficiencies as sometimes the SD card may not be recognized by google back up and sync.


Part 5: How to sync SD card to google drive with software?

You have utilized all the beneficial methods for your situation. Yet, this method is one of the most useful to your scenario. In this method you will sync the SD card to google drive with the finest third-party software;

AOMEI Backupper

This software is known for its diversity, it can perform any task related to backup, synchronization, and multiple other entities. It also contains all features of the Standard Edition, provides complete and reliable PC backup and restore strategies for any of the windows version. System Clone, Backup Scheme, Dynamic Disk Backup, Dissimilar Hardware Restore, Merge Images, etc. and many other diverse and useful features are available. It supports schedule sync, email notifications, and many other features too. The software is compatible with almost every operating system. You can surely use this software to sync the SD card to google drive, follow the steps to use the software;

Step 1: Use the card reader to connect your SD card to the computer or you can use the cable to connect your android phone.

Step 2: Download and install astonishing AOMEI Backupper.

Step 3: You need to click "Backup" and "File sync" subsequently.


Step 4: You can utilize the add folder button to select the files/folders to backup.


Step 5: choose the drop-down menu and select the cloud drive. Make sure to choose google drive and click "start sync".


Step 6: In the next window, you need to choose "Google drive" again and press the option of "Start sync" and you are done here.



The people who decide backing up the SD card to google drive is very productive. Yet, you need to follow certain methods to properly perform the task. Using AOMEI Backupper is essential for pleasant results.

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