Windows 11 vs. Windows 10

Let's check if Windows 11 really suits your PC...

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First, Let's Check the Major Updates in Windows 11

Is Win 11 better than Win 10? Before making a decision, you might want to get more info about the newly released Microsoft Windows system.
Here, we have picked up some extra ideas about the new OS, let's check Windows 11 features now.

Integrated Android apps
Android apps are finally integrated into Windows 11. But there are some hardware requirements that might make things troublesome.
Renewed widgets
The implementation of the widgets in Windows 11 is very different to the Live Tiles within Windows 10's Start menu. Just take a look!
Xbox tech for better gaming
Windows 11 can load new games faster than ever. So this update will bring you an unprecedented gaming experience!
Updated virtual desktop support
This will make it easier to follow up on your work and make any changes/additions to your projects in one space.
Start menu & taskbar
The Start menu's position, icons list and basic tabs are all renewed. Also, Windows made some changes to the way the taskbar looks, functions, and delivers.
Multitasking & external monitor support
The multi-monitor setup can drastically improve your productivity when you are multitasking with multiple apps.

Then, Take a Look at How Win 10 & Win 7 Users Consider

These new features of Windows 11 sound nice, aren't they? But is it worth installing the new OS? Let's
have a look at these different opinions.

These rounded
corners look so
ugly in my opinion
The Snapping
tool bug is fixed!
it's a downgraded
version of
Windows 10.
Taskbar is castrated
in Windows 11.
Added options for
resizing the window
are incredibly fluid!
Pretty neat i would
say! I like it!
It has ample
There're so many
useless features in
windows 11 like snap


people hold a positive attitude


people refused to update

Solve the Possible Issues During the Upgrading Process

Having looked through the information above, you might have made the decision to update your system to Windows 11.
However, there are many issues which could hinder your Windows 11 update. Let's get to learn about Windows 11 issues and corresponding fixes.

These annoying issues might upset you

PC doesn't meet Windows 11's requirements

Downloaded faulty Windows 11 ISO files

External hard drives connected to PC

Driver conflict or drivers are outdated

Which can result in...

Bonus! Get These Amazing Tools for Enjoying Windows System

Now you have got almost all the information about the two systems. But no matter which
system you finally choose, you need some helpful software installed on your PC. Here are some very useful and creative small tools. Pick them up!

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