Solutions to Fix Computer Overheat in Windows 10

Solutions to Fix Computer Overheat in Windows 10

If you are facing the issue of computer overheat after upgrading to Windows 10, we have listed the solutions in the given article with other information.

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Windows 10 comes with a powerful upgrade, with tons of features that were not available in its earlier variants. However, the upgrades have not been without bugs which Microsoft has had a busy time fixing. One must realize that there are numerous concerns that plague the Windows 10 Operating System, one of them being Computer Overheat. In the given article, we discuss how can one overcome the issue of Computer overheat, and what can be done to ensure that your laptop doesn't get damaged due to overheating. Another aspect that must be understood is that overheating is not a software issue, but the hardware issue, and therefore, should be approached accordingly, as we discuss in this article.

Computer overheat has just been of the issues when it comes to dealing with Windows 10. Users have complained of several issues varying from the inaccessibility of the BIOS, Safe Mode, to missing toolbars, external hardware connectivity, and much more. While Microsoft has been coming out with updates that are allowing the bugs to be fixed, we shall see what can be done to solve the issue of computer overheats in Windows 10.

Basic Steps and Precautions for Computer Overheat Solution:

The foremost aspect to be considered in the scenario of computer overheat is that are the drivers updated. One can face this issue if the drives are not updated correctly according to Windows. Users can go to their settings, to the Window Updates section, and then check for these updates. It is also necessary that you install the correct drivers for Windows 10 to avoid the computer overheat.

Also, please ensure that the computer overheat is not being caused by a driver that you may have installed recently. If you have installed one, simply uninstall it, reboot, and check if the problems of computer overheat persist, if it doesn't, you may have just fixed the issue. Similarly, you should also look into the functioning of your hardware components. Incompatible hardware programs are also one of the major reasons that cause the problem of computer overheat. Proper ventilation for your CPU is also necessary to avoid this problem. Often, we do not leave enough breathing space for our systems which causes a rise in temperature in the hardware and thus causing the issues of computers to overheat.

However, Windows 10 users have to follow an additional set of methods due to computer overheat problems that have accompanied that Windows upgrade. We shall discuss them further in the article.

If your computer is overheating, and your battery life is heading for a complete meltdown, this could be attributed to a process called the runtime broker.

What are Runtime Broker and the role it plays in Computer Overheat?

The core feature from Windows 8 was designed by Microsoft, and it is a safe process that assists the Windows through the Metro apps permissions. Runtime Broker won't run as long as no Metro apps are running. However, with the upgrade to Windows 10, this process comes alongside too, and for now, it's been causing a great disturbance for most use

What is the fix for Computer Overheat?

You can start by ensuring that the Runtime Broker has been consuming a majority chunk of your CPU processes, thus causing the issue of Computer overheats. You are required to head to the Task Manager and check the processes tab to find out if it has been consuming the CPU space. If it has been indeed occupying the space, you have to follow the given options to disable Runtime Broker. This involves tweaking your registry. Therefore, if you are not sure of your capability to do it alone, we recommend professional help.

Here are the following steps:

Additional Options:

However, one can opt for the following options if the heating problem persists. One can turn off the Windows Tips reduces the processes that Runtime Broker occupies. Using the settings menu in Windows 10, you can turn off the Windows tips. Turning on the battery saver mode in Windows 10 can also give you respite from the problem of computer overheat for some time, but is not a permanent solution.


Windows 10 has been giving trouble to a lot of users with the issue of computers overheat. Many users have tried following the above steps, cleaning their fan, even reinstalling their third party anti-virus programs, but the problem did remains. The reinstallation of Windows 10 can also be an option but hasn't proved to be useful. Windows 10 has been regularly updated by Microsoft and one should keep checking for updates. You can check out other articles on the portal to see solutions to other problems that are users facing with Windows 10.

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