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5 Tips to Fix Computer Suddenly Turns Off and Won't Turn Back on

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Jun 14, 2024 • Filed to: Windows Computer Solutions • Proven solutions

You were working on a big project on your computer, and suddenly your computer just turned off. At this point, you might be wondering how and why did that happen? If you have never experienced or heard of any such incidents, then it might be difficult for you to assess the situation.

If your laptop suddenly turned off and won’t turn back on, it means something is wrong with its seamless working. From hardware failure, power issues, or malware intrusion, it could be a result of anything.

The article covers five essential tips to fix the abrupt turning-off of your computer issue. It also features an efficient way to recover unsaved data due to this technical glitch.

5 Tips to Fix Computer Suddenly Turns Off and Won’t Turn Back on

If your laptop suddenly turned off and won’t turn back on, it means that your system is going through a rough patch. You might want to inspect your computer or laptop for the source of the problem. As mentioned earlier, there could be numerous factors responsible. The following list covers five tips that can solve the issue.

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Tip 1: Check the Power Cord

Sometimes, the problem is easier to solve than we speculate. Your computer suddenly turned off and won’t turn back on could be a possible result of a faulty power cord. You can use a multimeter to test for a potential open circuit. If there is sufficient electrical connection, the multimeter will beep, or else it would probably mean that power cords are faulty. In that case, it would be best to replace the power cords.

Tip 2: Disconnect from the docking station

Often when you dock your laptop to any compatible docking station, it creates some technical problem that results in the abrupt turning-off of your laptop. If you have docked any hardware plug-ins to the E-port of your laptop, you may want to remove it to check if your laptop starts up.

Tip 3: Remove and reconnect the battery

If you have been using you’re the same battery in your laptop for a long-time, it is only a matter of time that the battery develops some glitches. If your laptop is not starting up after it was suddenly turned off, you might want to remove the battery, dust it off if required, and reconnect the battery. If the battery accidentally misaligned with the port when connected to the laptop, removing and reconnecting it might solve the issue.

Tip 4: Drain the computer of electricity

One of the effective ways to turn on a computer/laptop is power draining. It’s a process in which you drain all the static charge (flea power) running around in your electronic device. Follow the step mentioned below to know how to drain the computer/laptop of electricity.

Step 1: As your laptop is not starting up, unplug all the cables from the laptop.

Step 2: Now, take out the laptop battery.

take out the battery

Step 3: Tap and hold on to the power key for 20 seconds. Release the button to drain the flea power.

tap and hold the power button

Step 4: Reconnect all the cables to your laptop and turn it on.

You can follow the same process for a computer as well.

Tip 5: Bad hardware

Malfunctioned or corrupted hardware devices can force your computer to turn off suddenly. You can use Device Manager to identify the source of the error and troubleshoot device issues in safe mode.

How to Recover Unsaved Data Due to Suddenly Turning off?

Just like any technical error, a loss of data is expected if your computer is suddenly turned off and won’t turn back on. The loss is much significant if you are working on something that you haven't saved, whether it's photos, videos, some important documents that you were working on, or other files.

While you might be thinking that all hope is lost, it is not as you can retrieve them back. Although there are numerous methods to recover lost or unsaved data, Recoverit Data Recovery software is your best bet for this issue.

Here are some of the great benefits of using Recoverit Data Recovery software application,

To recover the lost data, you must first download the application and launch it on your system. Double-tap on the Recoverit option and follow the steps below.

Step 1: Select a Location

To find the unsaved or lost data, you need to choose the location from where you lost your files under the 'Select Location' option. Now, click on the 'Start' tab to initiate the process. Also, if you know the exact location of the lost data, you can 'Select Folder' in the 'Select Location' tab.

recoverit interface

Step 2: Scan the location

As soon as you click on the 'Start' tab, Recoverit initiates the thorough scan. Now, if you get a glimpse of your lost data files, you can pause or stop the process any time in between.

operations during scanning

Step 3: Preview and Recover

Recoverit allows you to get a preview of all the files that feature the file size, type, date modified, and more. When you are assured of the files that you wanted, you can click on the 'Recover' button.

preview recovered photos

It would be best if you save the data files at a different location. Now, tap on 'Save' to store it at a different storage location.

The Bottom Line

If your computer suddenly turns-off and won’t turn back on, it’s a sign that something is hindering in its smooth performance. As mentioned in the article, it's a common issue that can easily be solved. The five tips mentioned in the article will help you fix the problem. And if you are facing data loss due to the issue, you can rely on Recoverit to retrieve any data from your computer.

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