Remove Recommended Section Items from Windows 11 Start Menu

Recently Microsoft introduced some productive changes to Windows 10 and introduced Windows 11! Most of the users were skeptical about the new additions and removal of some of the most loved features. The same can be said about the Windows 11 Start Menu. If you’ve upgraded from Windows 10 to Windows 11 version recently and are fed up with the unwanted suggestion, then here’s how you can remove Start menu Recommended section content on Windows 11 and avoid inconvenient uninstallations. Read on to know more!

Previously, the start menu was to the left and had icons of all the apps that are dear to you. Also, you can make a simple search to narrow down what you want. Things more or less remain the same but there are certain additions that are irking the users. The recommendations of the Start Menu is one such feature. The unwanted suggestions are all over the place and no one wants to click on those apps and download applications that are unnecessary.

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New Changes of Start Menu on Windows 11

Start Menu is undoubtedly very important. Before we go ahead and understand how to remove Start menu Recommended section content on Windows 11, we need to comprehend all the changes made and assume why Windows would have made those tweaks. Either we like it or not, getting to the root of the issue can give us a new perspective and of course, newer solutions to our problems.

Compare New vs Old Windows Start Menu

If we compare the status of the Start Menu in the older Windows 10 version and the new Windows 11 version, there are quite a few notable differences.

Change 1: Position of Start Menu

Firstly, the position of the Windows 10 Start menu is different from where it is placed in the windows 11 version. In 10, the start button is towards the left bottom corner and the first icon on the taskbar. Now, it is aligned towards the center and still remains to be the first icon. This change is made to match the position of the taskbar icons with the overall design and layout of the windows 11 plan. It has no technical reason behind it.

position of start

The Start menu, when it used to open in the Windows 10 version, used to be a square box with pointed ends that resembled an elongated square or a rectangle. The start menu used to open towards the left. But now, due to the center alignment, you will see that the start menu opens towards the center. Also, the nox is still an elongated rectangle but comes with rounded ends.

rounded edges

Change 2: Icons List

Previously, we had the icons in the form of a list on the left side panel whenever you open the Start Menu. Now, you can pin the important apps towards the top and about 18 apps will be easily available for you to go back to again. You can prioritize the apps and move them to the first line as well.

pinned section

Whenever you want to prioritize a certain app, move it towards the upper line of the list of apps that are present, right-click on it, and the first option you will find is ‘Move to Top’. Go with that option and you’ll be able to keep them at the first. This is another useful change you’ll see in Windows 11

prioritize the apps

Change 3: Basic Tabs Missing

You used to find the basic tabs of Power, settings, documents, pictures and Account name as a simple left end side panel on the Windows 10 version. This has been tweaked in the Windows 11 version. You do not have the documents, pictures and settings option there. Only Power and Account names are left in place of them.

power and account

Now, let us talk about the elephant in the room. The Recommendation section of the Windows 11 tweaked version. To remove Start menu Recommended section content on Windows 11, you’ll have to know what it hosts and why it is there. This will help you make a right decision about either keeping the section or conveniently eliminating it.

The recommendation section comes after the pinned section on your Windows 11 Start Menu. It only shows app suggestions based on your most frequently used application, the ones you’ve pinned or the one you have recently visited. When you click on the More option above, you can see a list of other apps that are recommended to be the most used ones by you. This will help you narrow down your applications very easily.

recommended section

Then what is the problem?

The problem here is the app suggestions! Apart from your most frequently used and recently used suggestions, you are also shown app suggestions that you can download, depending upon your usage and browsing history. when you are in a hurry, you might end up clicking on them and accidentally downloading them. You won’t even realize until they start showing unwanted pop-ups and you have to go all the way back to the control panel in order to uninstall them. And then there is a follow-up cleaning and certain app-related files remain on the computer.

Most importantly, it is that irritating wince on your face when you click on the wrong app and end up downloading something that is not needed. It uses your internet, computer memory and also serves no value to you. If you don’t notice the background download, you might end up having so many such apps on your computer and that will affect the overall relative performance of your PC.

In our next section, we will discuss how to remove Start menu Recommended section content on Windows 11.

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How to Remove Recommended Section Items from Windows 11 Start Menu?

Let us now get into the business that we are here for. The Recommendation section is completely optional on the Windows 11 Start Menu. You can remove Start Menu Recommended section content on Windows 11 by using two different methods. Both of them are extremely easy and it depends on your choice to opt for anything you like. Here’s how you do it.

Method 1: Remove ‘Recommended’ Items Through Settings

You can remove the recommendation section by making certain changes in the settings. This is how to get started.

Step 1: Click the shortcut ‘Windows+i’ or go to settings from the Start Menu. Then choose ‘Personalization’ and choose ‘Start’ from the list. personalization-windows-pic-7
alt text: personalization windows

Step 2: Now you need to turn off the toggle next to ‘Show recently added apps’ and ‘Show recently opened items in Start, Jump Lists, and File Explorer‘.

toggle off

Note that removing the ‘Show recently added apps’ option will remove all the prompt suggestions that Start Menu gives you to quickly access your most recent applications. If this is an inconvenience to you, avoid switching off the toggle next to this suggestion.

Method 2: Remove ‘Recommended’ Items From Start Menu

This is an elaborate method but still serves its purpose. Instead of removing all the apps at a time, you will be removing individual apps from the suggestions and you can choose to keep certain suggestions.

Step 1: Click on the Windows icon or the Start button that is now centrally aligned on the Windows 11 desktop design.

start button

Step 2: If you want to remove an app from the display in the start menu space, right-click on it and choose ‘Remove From the List’. If you completely want to remove an app, right-click and go with uninstall.

remove from list

Though it seems like a simple process because of the two steps, it is not going to get the work done in just a few clicks like method 1. You are being selective and only removing the unwanted apps here - either moving them away from the list or completely eliminating them from the computer.


The changes that Windows made to its newest version are commendable in a few areas. While some things are quite disappointing and inconvenient. This recommendation section can prove to be a poking hindrance for people who use their computers professionally. When you work with speed, having to deal with these unnecessary additions can make people irate and uncomfortable.

No worries! It is quite easy to remove Start Menu Recommended section content on Windows 11 by using any of the two methods we’ve mentioned above. There is always a solution to your problems and we hope we’ve provided the right ones for your ‘Recommended’ section issues.