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How to Fix Computer Restarts Automatically Issue

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Jan 27, 2024 • Filed to: Windows Computer Solutions • Proven solutions

In the given article, we discuss how you can fix the issue if your computer restarts automatically. It is important to note that the computer restarting itself automatically can be frustrating as it can lead to work being lost, data being lost, and other loss of information. Imagine being in the middle of the presentation and watching your system reboot itself. Computer restarts automatically due to the faulty settings that are causing the damage. This can be attributed to the bugs in Windows 10 or simply the settings that come along the hardware. Below, we discuss how to resolve the issue.

Preventing the issue where Computer Restarts Automatically:

By taking the following steps, we can disable the settings, thus solving the issue where the computer restarts automatically.

computer restart automatically

1. One can edit their local group policy settings to force Windows update to only download the updates. However, you must wait for your install (and therefore reboot).

fix computer restart automatically issue step 1

2. In the start menu, type "˜Group', and then click on "˜Edit group policy'. You can expand, "˜Computer Configuration'' Administrative Templates'Windows ComponentsWindows update.

fix computer restart automatically issue step 2

3. You should then follow it by double-clicking on "˜Configure Automatic Updates' and ensure that you enable the policy and configure so as it's needed.

4. You must then head back to "˜Windows Update' and click on "˜Check for Updates', and once you are finished, click on the "˜Advanced Options'. The new settings should be enforced.

fix computer restart automatically issue step 3

5. You can then perform a small test where you download a Windows update, and when they are finished, wait for the notification for installation.

fix computer restart automatically issue step 4

6. Click on "˜Install now', and you shall see that a computer reboot is not necessary to get the job done.

Additional Information:

The same can be achieved by tweaking the registry. When the computer restarts automatically, there is more than just making some changes to the settings. For the ones who don't have a technical background, this method can come in to be useful as well.

Using the above steps, one can solve the issue where the computer restarts automatically.

Also, there can be instances when the computer crashes randomly and then restarts automatically. We shall discuss how to overcome the issue of computer restarts automatically in the case of conflicting programs in the section below.

Blue Screen Error While Using your PC that causes computer crashes randomly:

Check for Updates:

Often, the blue screen error occurs because the Windows have not been updated for a while. One can go to the search box on the taskbar, look up for Windows update, and select the same option. On the page of Windows Update, you can check for updates, and thus, install the necessary updates.

Hardware Elimination:

In rare occurrences, the introduction of hardware to your system can cause a blue screen error. For the ones who are experiencing such an issue, it is advisable to remove the USB Drive or any other hardware device that has been installed, shut down the PC. You can then turn on the PC.

Blue Screen Error That Allows the User to Access the Desktop:

There are instances when the computer restarts automatically after the blue screen error, thus giving you access to your desktop.

If you are still able to access the desktop, you must make sure to uninstall the update that is causing the error in the first place. In case you are unsure of any specific update, you are required to uninstall a set of updates. This can be done in the following manner:

If uninstalling the update fixes the blue screen error, you must ensure that you temporarily block the update from automatically installing again.

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It is possible that due to the issue where computer restarts automatically, one can lose critical data. We shall use Wondershare Data recovery software to recover our crucial data when the computer reboots automatically.

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Simple steps to recover lost data back

You can restore data by conducting the Repair process. This involves the installation of data recovery software. Wondershare Data Recovery software has been in use for quite a while and offers users the opportunity to restore their crucial data. Here, we take a look at how it's done.

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recover lost data-step 1

Step 2 Select the target location where you lost your data to scan lost files.

recover deleted files-step 2

Step 3 If a quick scan can't get your lost files, you can go to "All-Around Recovery" which will deeply search your lost files.

deep scan lost data

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deleted file recovery-step 4

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