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World Backup Day 2024
Take the Pledge and
Protect Your Data
World Backup Day is the tech industry's annual commemorative date to raise awareness of data backups. March 31st is coming. Mark your calendar.
World Backup Day launch
A Reddit user, Ismail Jadun, initiated World Backup Day after losing a hard drive and wishing someone had brought the significance of backups to his attention. Experts joined it and spread the word.
Gaining momentum
People from all walks of life join the event, which gains widespread media coverage. Cloud storage and tech companies encourage participation through World Backup Day promotions and discounts.
Worldwide participation
Tech giants like Google, Amazon, and Microsoft promote the initiative and offer data storage and backup deals. The event gains global reach, making the official WBD website the go-to data protection resource.
Ever-growing evolution
WBD's exposure expands, drawing in data-conscious individuals and organizations. It becomes the North Star of the digital age, guiding us to a world devoid of data loss.
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Why Should You Back up Data?
frequent data loss
Data Loss Occurs
More Frequently Than
You May Think
Individuals and organizations lose data left and right, from unintentionally deleting files and having hard drives die on them to falling victim to criminal masterminds who crawl into their systems.
75% of data loss occurs due to human error.[1]
70% of US computer owners have accidentally deleted a file.[2]
54% of Americans report data loss, yet only 11% create their daily backups.[3]
10% of hard drives don't survive longer than four years.[4]
2,200+ cyberattacks occur daily (one every 40 seconds). That's 800,000/year.[5]
76% of organizations experienced at least one ransomware attack in 2023.[6]
data loss amazon
In February 2017, Amazon's S3 team made a typo during debugging, accidentally removing multiple servers and causing an outage that cost AWS customers over $150 million. [1]
data loss myspace
In March 2019, MySpace lost all data users uploaded to the platform between 2003 and 2015 due to a server migration error. Over 14 million users lost 53 million songs and over 15 billion photos. [2]
data loss ovh
In March 2021, OVH lost a data center in France due to fire, impacting many customers who used the company's cloud services and resulting in a €400,000+ loss. [3]
data loss costs
Data Loss Can Incur Sky-High Costs
Data loss can be detrimental, putting a massive dent in the wallets of businesses and individuals. Some companies never survive.
Data loss causes companies to lose between $10,000/hour and $5+ million/hour during downtime. [4]
Business continuity and disaster recovery (BCDR) experts estimate that a data center outage costs US companies approximately $7,900/minute. [5]
perform data backups
How to Perform Secure Backups
Don't become a cautionary tale. Regularly back up your data to have a secure copy if an unexpected situation strikes. The time to know what backup is and choose your options is now.
Full vs Differential vs Incremental Backup
Backup applications have long offered several backup operations to protect user data from potential loss.
The most notable include full backups, differential backups, and incremental backups.
full backup
A full backup includes all data on a device or chosen cloud service, copying all files to another location.
differential backup
A differential backup only includes files you have added or modified since the last full backup.
incremental backup
An incremental backup includes all files you have added or altered since the last backup, full or otherwise.
backup type comparison
Local vs Cloud vs NAS Backup
Backup solutions primarily differ in the storage location.
You can choose from local, cloud, and NAS backups to keep data on-site, store it on a secure remote server, or enjoy the best of both worlds.
local cloud nas backup
3–2–1 Strategy
The 3–2–1 backup strategy means keeping three data copies (the original and two replicas) on two storage devices (different media types) and one off-site storage.
That provides rock-solid security, regardless of your backup solution.
data copies
types of storage
offsite storage
backup and restore
Select the Right Backup Tool

A backup tool will streamline your data protection efforts, even performing automatic backups. As one of the best backup software, Wondershare UBackit is your go-to backup software with the following top features:

● Local, cloud, and NAS backups

● Real-time, incremental, scheduled, and encrypted backups

● Disk clone

● Data restoration with version history

more people backup data
More People Than Ever Back up Their Data!
Data backup frequency among computer owners continually grows.
In 2023, 82% reported backing up their data, higher than 65% in 2008.
Most do it yearly (24%) or monthly (22%), while only 11% and 12% do it daily or weekly (respectively).
Some (13%) wait over a year before backing up again, while 18% need a little push because they never back up data.[1]
2023 backup
daily Daily
weekly Weekly
monthly Monthly
yearly Yearly
year+ Year+
never Never
2008 backup
backup now
Are You One of the 18% Who
Never Backup?
Take the World Backup Day pledge
and safeguard your data now!
I solemnly swear
to backup my important documents
and precious memories on March 31st.