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[Complete Tips] How to Delete AOL Email, Adress And Account?

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Jan 27, 2024 • Filed to: Recover Emails • Proven solutions

Owned by Verizon, AOL is one of the most popular email services, which is still used by millions of people. While using its email service is pretty easy, there are times when users wish to delete an AOL email address or account. Well, learning how to delete an AOL email is extremely easy and you don’t need any technical experience to do that. In this post, I will list all the pro tips to manage and delete your AOL email, email address, and email account.

What you should know about the AOL Mail

Before we discuss how to delete all emails on an AOL account, it is important to discuss some basics. The AOL mail service was started way back in 2004 and is still extremely active.

AOL Email Homepage

Six Pro Tips to Manage your AOL Email Account

As you can see, the overall space in an AOL email account is limited. That’s why you should learn how to delete multiple emails on AOL to manage your account.

1 How to Remove an AOL Email?

If you want, you can easily delete an AOL email from your account. Here are some basic steps you can follow to learn how to delete an AOL email.

Step 1. At first, you need to go to the AOL website and log-in to your mailing account.

Step 2. Once the AOL mailbox is opened, simply select the email that you wish to remove by clicking on its checkbox.

Step 3. Now, click on the trash/delete icon from the toolbar and confirm your choice.

Delete AOL Email

From here, you can also move your email to any other folder, by clicking on the “More” option.

2 How to Delete Multiple Emails on AOL?

Just like an individual mail, you can also learn how to delete multiple emails on AOL in the following way:

Step 1. Go to your AOL mailbox first by visiting the website and logging in to your account.

Step 2. From the mailbox, enable the checkboxes for any email to select multiple emails. You can also press the Ctrl or Shift key to select multiple emails.

Step 3. After selecting emails, just click on the Delete icon from the toolbar to get rid of multiple unwanted emails from your AOL account.

Delete Multiple AOL Emails

3 How to Empty All Emails on AOL?

To further manage your AOL mailing account, you can choose to remove all the stored emails from it. To learn how to delete all emails on AOL, just follow this basic drill.

Step 1. Log-in to your AOL mailing account on any system and visit your inbox.

Step 2. You can now click on the main checkbox just above the first mail to select all the emails on the screen.

Step 3. Alternatively, you can also select the first mail, press the SHIFT key, and check the last mail. This will automatically select all the emails on your AOL account.

Step 4. That’s it! Once all the emails are selected, click on the delete icon on the toolbar to empty your inbox.

Delete All AOL Emails

Apart from that, you can also select any folder from the sidebar on your AOL mailbox, right-click it, and choose to empty it. This will delete all the emails that are stored on the AOL folder.

Empty AOL Folder

4 How to Delete AOL Emails Permanently?

When we delete emails from the AOL inbox, they are not removed permanently but are moved to the Trash folder instead. Therefore, if you want to delete AOL emails permanently, then you need to follow this additional step. But before you delete the emails, it's highly recommended to back up your AOL emails with a AOL mail backup tool.

Step 1. Log-in to your AOL account, and on the inbox, go to the sidebar. From here, locate and visit the Trash folder.

AOL Mail Trash

Step 2. Here, you can view all the deleted emails that are temporarily saved in the Trash. You can select any email from here and click on the delete icon to remove it from the Trash.

Empty AOL Mail Trash

5 How to Delete an AOL Email Address?

If you are not using your AOL account, then you can also consider canceling it. In this way, you can still access the AOL features, but your mailing account won’t be functioning anymore.

Step 1. To delete your AOL account, just go to the main AOL website and log-in to your account. Now, visit your account settings and click on the “Manage my subscriptions” option.

AOL Manage Subscriptions

Step 2. As your current AOL plan details would be listed, just click on the “Cancel” button from the bottom.

Cancel AOL Address

Step 3. In the end, you can select a reason to cancel your AOL email address and confirm your choice to delete your account.

Confirm AOL Cancellation

6 How to Deactivate an AOL Account

Since a lot of people are no longer using their AOL accounts, the company also lets us delete an AOL email account permanently. Once you deactivate your AOL account, all the related services would be inaccessible and your mails will automatically be deleted.

Step 1. To learn how to delete an AOL email account, go to its account deletion page (right here).

Step 2. Once you log-in to your AOL account, you will get the following account termination screen. From here, you can choose to continue deleting your AOL account.

AOL Account Deletion

Step 3. Furthermore, you have to enter your AOL account details again, choose a reason, and confirm your choice to delete an AOL account permanently.

Confirm AOL Account Deletion

How to Recover Deleted AOL Emails from your Computer?

If your AOL emails are stored on your computer (via Outlook, Thunderbird, etc.) and you have deleted them by mistake, then don’t worry. You can still recover your deleted AOL emails with a reliable tool like Wondershare Recoverit data recovery application. Developed by Wondershare, it will let you extract your mails and their attachments seamlessly.

To recover your deleted AOL emails from your computer via Recoverit Data Recovery, you can follow these instructions.

Step 1 Select a source location to scan

Firstly, launch the Recoverit Data Recovery application on your Windows or Mac and select a location to scan. From its home, you can select a partition, drive, or even go to a specific folder of your choice.

computer data recovery

Step 2 Let Recoverit extract your data

Once Recoverit Data Recovery will start extracting your data, you can just hold on and wait for a while for the process to be completed. You can view the progress of the recovery process from here and can also stop/pause it in between.

computer scan

Step 3 Preview and Recover your Emails

Afterward, Recoverit will automatically list the extracted data under different categories on the sidebar. If you want, you can also use its inbuilt filters and enter keywords in the search bar to find your deleted emails.

file filter

Once you have got your deleted emails back, just select them, and click on the “Recover” button. You can also preview the results here and choose to save your data at any location of your choice.

word preview

I’m sure that after reading this post, you would be able to manage and delete your AOL emails, address, or account. I have also listed steps on how to delete multiple emails and all the emails on AOL in this post. Though, if you have deleted your AOL emails by mistake, then simply use Wondershare Recoverit data recovery software. An extremely secure and reliable data recovery application, it will help you restore your lost, deleted, and inaccessible emails (and other data types) under every possible scenario.

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