Methods to Delete Emails in Outlook at One Time

How to Delete Emails in Outlook at One Time

Struck into hundred of unnecessary emails and want to know how to delete emails in Outlook? Delete multiple Outlook emails in a matter of minutes. Learn how to delete all emails from outlook.

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“I signed into my outlook account after a long time and can see there are above 10,000 emails. Can I know how to mass delete emails in outlook so that I can delete outlook old emails or I have to permanently delete outlook?"

If you have set up your email on outlook and you find that the number of emails has become out of control and you should get rid of them then this is the perfect post you have landed. There is no doubt that too many emails cause frustration and make the outlook work slowly. Deleting them one by one is not a better option because it will eat a lot of time. Luckily there are a few methods through which you can quickly clean your outlook inbox. In this article, we will discuss a couple of techniques to remove all the outlook emails at once.

Part 1. How to Delete All Emails at Once on Outlook

If you have an outlook account, you can remove the unlimited emails that are unuseful to you. As you know, outlook saves numerous emails which sometimes causes your outlook account to get slow. To increase performance, one must get rid of unwanted and random emails. Here I will delete emails from my outlook account to show you how to delete outlook emails using different methods.

1. Delete all emails from a folder

The first technique we are going to discuss is how to delete all emails from a folder in outlook. Instead of selecting emails one by one you can delete the multiple emails within the folder.

Click on the folder that you want to clear and make sure you are choosing the right one which holds unnecessary emails. Here, you can clearly see there are 96 current emails in the Careem folder.


Now, right-click on the target folder and it will show you a list of actions.


From those actions, click on the “Delete All” option and a prompt will appear in front of you inquiring that are you sure you want to delete the emails. Click on Yes to confirm the action and it will instantly delete all the emails inside the folder.


That’s it. Your all messages or emails are moved to the Deleted Items folder and the target folder will appear with empty messages.


2. Delete all emails from all folders

Besides deleting emails from folders, you can also remove the contents of an entire folder and subfolders. In that case, you can include any subfolders to be cleaned up with the primary folder.

Go to your outlook home screen and hit a click on a folder whose messages you want to delete. Now from the top menu, click on the Clean Up option and as a result, you will see a dropdown listing three features.

From the following options, choose anyone to accomplish the process:

Check the pst-file for errors

If all the above methods become fail to solve your problem then maybe the issue is with your pst-file. You can find online solutions to resolve this minor issue and I am sure that it will work for all outlook versions and you will be able to delete emails without any restriction.


In the above discussion, many situations are discussed regarding outlook emails mass deletion and I hope you truly fond this guide helpful. We have discussed every aspect related to How to delete emails in outlook at once. Follow the steps by step guide to perform all the above methods on your own. Also, it will help you to manage your outlook account by removing slots of emails by their addressed names and dates and you can keep only important emails in your inbox to save your time. Comment below to let us know how was the article and was it truly helpful or not?

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