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9 Tips to Resolve Outlook Password Prompt Error

Wondershare Recoverit Authors

Jan 15, 2024 • Filed to: Recover Emails • Proven solutions

resolve outlook password prompt error 1

The outlook is among the most often used platforms for emails. As amazing as Outlook is, it is but a platform like others, i.e. open to errors. Users have complained about this error if Outlook asking or prompting them for a password even after logging in for the first time.

As an Outlook user, you must have faced this issue for you to come here. As stated in the topic, this article will show you how to resolve this Outlook password prompt error, in addition to teaching you why you have been experiencing the error in the first place.

Why Does Outlook Keep Prompting for Password Error?

The outlook may keep prompting or asking for a password each time you try to open it because of several reasons; they include the following:

  1. Outlook has been configured in such a way that each time you try to use it; you will need to input your login credentials.
  2. If the "Credential Manager" stores an incorrect password, it could lead to this error
  3. A bad network can prevent Outlook from connecting to the server, thereby leading to this error

How to Fix Outlook Keeps Prompting for Password Error?

Now that you know why Outlook keeps prompting for a password, you should know how to fix the error. The following solutions will help you:/

1. Using Windows Credentials Manage, Reset the Login Settings for Outlook

You can start by resetting Outlook's login settings which can be done with the use of Windows Credentials Manager. To achieve this, follow these steps below:

reset login settings 1

reset login settings 2

2. Check Credential Settings

If the "Prompt" option is not checked in profile, it could lead to this error message. Check to ensure that this is not the case; you can check by doing the following:

check credentials settings 1

check credentials settings 2

check credentials settings 3

3. Clear the Cached Passwords

If the login details of your profile that has been saved on Windows are incorrect, the tendency is for Outlook to keep prompting you for a password. Therefore, just clear the credentials that are saved as cached passwords on your system by doing the following:

clear cached passwords 1

4. Enable Remember Password

You may have forgotten to save your profile username and password so that Outlook remembers each time you open it. This could be why you keep getting Outlook password prompt. To do this, simply apply the following steps:

enable remember password 1

5. Start Outlook in Safe Mode and Disable Add-in

You can start Outlook in safe mode which is different from using Windows in safe mode. You have to start the Outlook application in safe mode before this solution can work. A simple way to start Outlook in safe mode for all Windows version is:

outlook safe mode 1

Remove the add-ins in Outlook by following the steps below:

disable add in 1

disable add in 2

disable add in 3

6. Create a New Profile

What if the issue is with your Outlook profile completely? Then it only means you need a new profile to start afresh. Thus, create a new profile with these steps:

create new profile 1

create new profile 2

create new profile 3

create new profile 4

create new profile 5

create new profile 6

create new profile 7

7. Disable your Antivirus Program Temporarily or Boot in Safe Mode

If your installed antivirus program uses a firewall or an add-in, it could interfere with Outlook's operations. Therefore, you can fix this problem by disabling or uninstalling your antivirus program temporarily, then try to start Outlook and see if you still get the password prompt error. If you don't, then continue like that for a few operations before installing the antivirus program again.

Alternatively, you can boot your system in safe mode as explained above.

8. Outlook Anywhere is Configured to use NTLM Authentication

With "Outlook Anywhere", you can have access to your Exchange account even if you are outside your organization's firewall. There are three authentication methods you can choose from when using this feature: Basic, NTLM, or Negotiate Authentications. Choosing NTLM Authentication will ensure you get a considerably lower number of password prompts. Thus, follow these steps to choose it:

use ntlm authentication 1

use ntlm authentication 2

use ntlm authentication 3

9. Repair Outlook with Stellar Outlook Repair

An error like Outlook Password prompt indicates damage to your Outlook. Damages as this require a strong repair tool to fix and make them usable again. This is where Stellar Outlook Repair comes in. As the name implies, this is an Outlook repair tool that fixes the errors in your Outlook PST to enable you to use it properly. Once you can repair Outlook with this tool, you will not experience this error anymore. This is indeed the ultimate last resort. Stellar Outlook repair fixes a vast range of errors associated with your Outlook application on Windows, and this is not an exception.

To repair Outlook with Stellar Outlook Repair, follow the steps below:

Step 1. Add Corrupt File

Click on the button "Find" or "Browse" and you will be able to add the corrupt Outlook files on the tool.

add corrupt pst 1

Step 2. Repair File

Choose to "Repair", then relax and let Stellar Outlook Repair fix the problem

repair corrupt pst 2

Step 3. Preview and Save File

Preview all the repaired files using the tool's user-friendly interface. The list of files are usually displayed on the left panel, the contents in the middle panel, and specific details on the right panel

preview repaired pst 3

If all is in order, which should be the case, simply select "Save Repaired File" under the Home menu

save repaired pst 4

The Bottom Line

It is quite exhausting inputting your password each time you get the Outlook password prompt error right? Now you should be at ease because you have been shown how to resolve this error and it wasn't as hard as you thought, not when you have Stellar Outlook Repair to bail you out.

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