How to Repair JPEG Files Easily on Windows and Mac Computer

How to Repair JPEG Files Easily on Windows and Mac

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How to perform a JPEG repair on Windows? Some of my important photos have been corrupted and I don't have their backup. Someone, please help me repair these corrupt JPGs!

It might surprise you, but we receive queries like these about JPG file repair almost every day. Since it has become quite common to suffer from corrupt or damaged files, the need for photo repair software has become more evident than ever. The good news is that you can easily repair JPEG files by using the right tools. In this post, we will discuss one of these solutions in detail.

What are the common instances of a corrupt or damaged JPEG file?

There are different ways by which a JPEG or JPG file can get damaged. Ideally, it would depend on the trigger and various other conditions. The following are some commonly faced problems with photos on Mac and Windows.

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gray areas

damaged colors

wrong colors

heavily damaged photo data

missing jpeg image header

other photo corruption issues

How to Repair JPEG easily on Windows and Mac?

The best way to do a JPG file repair on Windows and Mac is by using Stellar Repair for Photos. Also known as Stellar Phoenix JPEG Repair, it can fix all kinds of defects and damages related to a JPEG file, like blur or pixilated image, gray boxes, split image, color change, corrupt files, and all the other issues. The application is available for both Windows and Mac with a free trial version.

  • Stellar JPEG Repair has a user-friendly interface that can load multiple files for batch processing.
  • It runs a highly sophisticated repairing algorithm that is known for its impressive success rate.
  • Since the process is entirely automated, no user-involvement or prior technical knowledge is needed.
  • Users can load as many files as they want and later save them to the desired location.
  • One can get a preview of the repaired file before saving it
  • The tool can even repair the thumbnails of excessively damaged photos

You can easily repair JPEG files of your choice using Stellar Phoenix by following these steps. The process is similar for both Mac and Windows.

    1. Launch Stellar JPEG Repair on your system (Mac or Windows) after downloading it here. Click on the "Add File" button to start the process.

add file for jpeg photo repair

    1. Browse the photos from your system's internal storage or the external media and load as many JPEG files as you want. Just click on the "Repair" button once the files are loaded.

repair damaged jpeg file

    1. It might take some time to repair the selected photos. You can just wait for a while for the process to be completed. An on-screen indicator will let you know the progress.

repairing the corrupted jpeg files

    1. When the repair is done, the interface will let you preview your photos. Simply select the file to view it on the right.
    2. Now, you can just select the JPEG file that you wish to retrieve. Click on the "Save Repaired Files" and restore them to any location. You will be notified when the files are saved successfully.

save the repaired files

By following these steps, you can repair JPEG files automatically on Windows or Mac. Later, you can access the file and do the needed operations.

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Tips to prevent JPEG files from getting corrupt on Windows and Mac

It doesn't matter if you are using a Mac or a Windows system, the truth is that your photos can be damaged unexpectedly. To prevent this, you can simply follow these suggestions.

  • Make sure that you have maintained a backup of your important files. Taking a backup on the cloud would be a recommended choice.
  • Save your files in a different format while taking a backup and maintain them on any other storage media.
  • Try to work on the second copy of your photos instead of the original file.
  • If you use third-party photo editing software, then make sure they are compatible with the file.
  • Don't overwrite your JPEG files. Instead, try to maintain a second copy and delete the unwanted files afterward.
  • Make sure the firewall on your system is updated and running so that your files won't suffer from a malware attack.
  • Don't unplug any external media when your system is still accessing its content.
  • Don't shut down your Mac or Windows in between when a JPEG is being accessed.
  • If you are copying your data, try not to halt the process in between.
  • Don't manually change the format of any photo as it can alter its header.

Most importantly, always keep a JPG file repair software handy. For instance, you can simply download Stellar JPEG Repair on your system and use it as soon as your photos get corrupted. It can fix all kinds of damages related to a JPEG file and will let you retrieve your photos in the original quality. Download it right away or simply give its trial version a go to get a hands-on experience of it.

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