How to Backup Data to Seagate External Hard Drive? [2021]

Got your new Seagate Backup Plus hard drive? Check out how to backup files on Seagate external hard drive so that you can keep your data safe for easy retrieval.

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If you're someone who uses their PC to save pictures, videos, and all sorts of data, it would be better to invest in a Seagate external hard drive. Why? Because you can use the hard drive to back up important data from your PC and keep it safe all the time.

Believe it or not, but the internal hard disk on your PC may crash anytime due to external factors like a virus attack or an unexpected Windows error, which can further lead to data loss.

To avoid being in an uncertain and unsafe data condition, we have compiled a detailed guide on how to backup files on Seagate's external hard drive. Scroll to get more knowledge.

What Kinds of Data Need a Backup?

When talking about backup, some individual readers may feel confused about what kinds of data need a copy of the backup. Since they have a lot of data such as documents, videos, photos, audios, and the like.

According to a recent investigation, most people say that they tend to back up their precious photos and important work files onto the external hard drive or cloud. And some people would prefer to clone the whole operating system and applications regularly to avoid a system crash.

To be honest, it is not suggested that you back up all your files, it will be time-consuming and space-wasting. Anything that has great meaning to your life and work should be backed up.

back up important data

How to Choose a Seagate External Hard Drive?

Speaking of how to choose a Seagate External Hard Drive, well here we have collated a few points that might help you with buying the one that perfectly suits your needs.

To sum up, Seagate's "Backup Plus Hub" external hard drive is equipped with free backup software, power bank, and higher RPM, which makes it a better choice than Seagate's "Expansion Desktop" hard drive.

Now you must know how to choose a relatively good Seagate hard drive for yourself. The next step is to make a copy of the backup to your Seagate drive.

Wondershare UBackit - A Backup Software for Seagate External Hard Drive

Here we recommend Wondershare UBackit, a professional backup tool designed to back up files from a Windows PC. And I have listed some features of it as followed.

ubackit product box
  • Backup your files, folders to Seagate hard drive in three simple steps.
  • Set an automatic backup schedule to free you from data loss worries.
  • Filter your documents, photos, audios, videos and programs to make the backup process quicker and easier.
  • Monitor the storage, protect the backup environment, and notify backup schedule intelligently.

How to Backup Data to Seagate External Hard Drive?

You must have learned a lot about Wondershare UBackit from the above section. Now you can read through the step-by-step guide on how to backup PC data to Seagate external hard drive using Wondershare UBackit.

Step 1 Launch Wondershare UBackit

launch ubackit

Step 2 Select Files/Folders from Seagate Hard Drive

select files/folders from Seagate hard drive

Step 3 Choose Backup Destination

choose backup destination

Step 4 Set Automatic Backup

The backup schedule is helpful for people who are tired to manage backups everyday. Through several clicks, one can choose to backup daily, weekly, monthly or non-stop.

set automatic backup

Step 5 Start The Backup Process

start the backup process

Once the backup process completes, you'll see the backup list on Wondershare UBackit's home screen.

Have you got your Seagate hard disk backed up? If you lose your precious files before making a copy of backup, read next part to learn about data recovery instructions.

About Data Recovery

Wondershare Recoverit is a reliable data recovery software, which is used by over 5 million global users. It can help you regain your Seagate hard disk data, no matter it is photos, videos, files, or anything else. With the latest version, now you are able to recover your data in three simple steps. You can download and have a try.

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Our guide focuses on how to choose a suitable Seagate hard drive and how to backup files onto Seagate external hard drive. Hope you have already got your ideas.

NOTE! In case you've lost any valuable data during the data transfer process, simply install Wondershare Recoverit on your PC and use it to retrieve the deleted files.

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