How to Completely Erase Hard Drive

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1. Why need to completely erase hard drive?

Sometimes simply deleting files isn't good enough, because we know that deleted or formatted files still exist somewhere on the hard disk. So:

• When you plan to clean an old hard drive completely, deep wiping can be a good way to fast your hard drive.
• When you decide to donate or discard your old computer and don't want your personal information leaked, deep wiping can prevent your data and files from recovering by hard drive data recovery tools.
• When you are going to reinstall your Windows, deep wiping can return you a new drive and give you a fresh start.

2. How to Erase Hard Drive

Most of the time when we erase hard drive, we want to protect our personal information stored on it from leaking out. But deleting and formatting is not enough, the act of erasing a file does not remove it from a storage device. In order to protect ourselves, we can use a disk wiper to do this for us, such as Wondershare LiveBoot Boot CD, which can assist us to wipe the whole disk or single partition according to the need.

Step 1 Boot computer from LiveBoot

Insert Liveboot CD to your computer CD-ROM or plug in LiveBoot USB and start your computer, and then choose to boot it from LiveBoot.

Erase Hard Drive

Step 2 Wipe data

Launch LiveBoot on your computer, go to "Disk Management" menu on the top, and hit "Wipe Data" on the left list. There are two options for you: Partition Wiper and Disk Wiper.

wipe hard drive,

Partition Wiper: Wipe a specific partition for clean install of software or Windows.
Disk Wiper: Erase an entire hard disk for safely discarding it.

Choose one to meet your own need. Either of them takes you only 1 click to completely erase the partition or disk. When it finished, take out of the LiveBoot CD and reboot your computer, you'll find that your partition or disk is extremely clean, and there is no recovery tool can find them back. Know more about Wondershare LiveBoot Boot CD

3. How to Recover Lost Data from Hard Drive

Recover data from hard drive is using Recoverit data recovery is a professional hard drive data recovery software.Recover files in 550+ formats from your computer and storage devices quickly, safely and completely. Sometimes you just deleted your data from hard drive and did not backup your data habitually,when this happens you need a reliable hard drive data recovery software to get your data back.

hard drive data recovery

Recoverit - The Best Hard Drive Data Recovery Software

  • Recover lost or deleted files, photos, audio, music, emails from any storage device effectively, safely and completely.
  • Supports data recovery from recycle bin, hard drive, memory card, flash drive, digital camera and camcorders.
  • Supports to recover data for sudden deletion, formatting, lost partition, virus attack, system crash under different situations.

Free download Recoverit Hard Drive Recovery on your computer, and follow the next simple steps to perform external hard drive recovery.

Step 1 Select a data recovery mode. To recover data from external hard drive, you can select "External Devices Recovery" to get started.

hard drive data recovery

Step 2 To do this ensure that your external drive connected to your computer and then select it and click on "Start" to scan it.

recover files from hard drive

If you want to recover data from a formatted external drive, you can go to deep scan with "All-around Recovery" mode after a quick scan. It will search more files and take more time.

deep scan external hard drive

Step 3 All the files that have been found will be displayed on the resultant window after scanning.You can recover lost files from hard drive .

recover data from hard drive

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