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How to Recover Formatted Photos form Windows 8/10

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Jan 15, 2024 • Filed to: Photo/Video/Audio Solutions • Proven solutions

Is there a way to recover my formatted pictures from Windows 8/10?
I fully formatted my hard drive and I lost all my pictures. Is there software that can recover formatted photos back, even if it’s very expensive? Thanks a lot for your help.

When you format the hard drive, data saved on the hard drive actually is not wiped immediately. You can't see your original photos directly on the hard drive, because they're marked as useless and the place that they occupied has been marked reusable for new data. Once you write new data in, those formatted photos will disappear forever. Therefore, when you find important data missing, stop adding new data to the same partition or disk to avoid lost data being overwritten. Here in this post, we will help you learn some proven ways to recover formatted photos effortlessly on Windows 8/10.

Method 1: Find from Recycle Bin

This is one of the easiest ways to recover Windows 8/10 formatted photos. When you delete a picture, it moves to a temporary storage place called Recycle Bin. However, if you have to delete a picture using Shift+ Delete, then this method won't help you. In such a case, you can move to the next method. Follow the steps mentioned below to find formatted photos from the recycle bin.

Step 1. Open Recycle Bin folder on your Windows 8 or 10 computer.

Step 2. Now you will see a list of all the files you have deleted recently. Locate the file which you want to restore from the recycle bin, right-click on it and choose the "Restore" button.

restore formatted photos from recycle bin

Step 3. It will restore the chosen files to the original location.

Method 2: The Best Photo Recovery Software

Here we provide a photo recovery software program to help you, that is -Wondershare Recoverit. It is perfectly compatible with Windows 8 and 10, and supports to restore multiple formats of pictures. The program scans your computer for formatted photos and tries to retrieve them in simple steps, which is reliable and effective. So, it's time to install the software and recover formatted pictures from Windows 10/8 with ease.

How to Recover Formatted Photos from Windows 8/10

Free download and install Recoverit data recovery software on your computer, launch it, and follow the next steps to recover formatted photos.

Step 1. Select the formatted pictures

When all the partitions on your computer are found and displayed, choose the one where your formatted photos were saved before and click "Start" to find those formatted but didn't be overwritten photos.

select formatted photos

Step 2. Scan the partition

Now, Recoverit will start a deep scan on your selected drive to search for all your formatted images.

deep scan formatted pictures

Step 3. Preview and recover photos from formatted device

After the scan, all recoverable files can be found and displayed in clear categories. You can preview each of the photos before recovery. Mark those you want to recover and click the "Recover" button, you can save them on your computer with one click.

preview recovered photos


If you're using the free trial version or you want to recover the data later, don't forget to save the scan result by clicking the "Save" button at the left bottom. Later, you can directly recover photos from the formatted hard drive by importing the scan result without scanning again.

Even if your recycle bin is emptied and thus data gets lost, it is highly possible for you to recover photos from the emptied bin.
- 2 minutes to read it.

Also, if you want to get more information about recover files on Windows, you can click here to know more.

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Method 3: Using the Backup and Restore in Windows 8/10

This is another effective method to restore formatted photos on Windows 8 or 10. There is a feature called "Backup and Restore" which allows you to recover photos from the Windows backup. However, this feature will work only if you have enabled it before. Now scroll through the following steps to learn how to back up and restore formatted photos on Windows 8/10.

Step 1. Head to the "Control Panel" on your Windows computer and then click on the "Backup and Restore" available under the "System and Security section".

backup and restore feature

Step 2. On the next prompted screen, click on the "Restore my files" option and follow the on-screen instructions carefully.

restore my files

Step 3. Search for the desired backup files and select a location to restore them.

Method 4: Find in File History

File History is one of the essential features in Windows 8 and Windows 10, which automatically makes the backup of all the files stored in the folders such as documents, music, pictures, and videos every hour. However, this feature only works if you have enabled it before formatting the photos. You can go through the following simple steps to restore formatted photos from the file history.

Step 1. Head to the folder where you have stored the photos before formatting them.

Step 2. Right-click on the folder name and then select the "Restore previous versions" option.

restore previous version option

Step 3. On the next screen, you will see a list of all the previous versions of the folder. Choose the specific version which you want to recover, and click on the "Restore" button.

choose a specific version

5 Tips to Avoid Windows 8/10 Photos Formatted

No matter how hard we try, there are some instances when we delete important photos by mistake. At that time, you can do some things to make sure your formatted photos can be recovered effortlessly.

1. Create Backup of Important Files in Advance

As you know that data loss can happen at any time without any prior notice. That's why it is good practice to make a backup of your important files in advance. So in case of sudden data loss, you can recover the deleted files safely from the backup. There are several ways to make a backup. If you want a reliable and easy-to-use method then you should think about Wondershare UBackit. This professional tool comes with a user-friendly interface and is packed with plenty of helpful features.

Your handy backup manager software takes the security seriously and scans backup files to prevent your computer from all sorts of computer viruses and threats. Wondershare UBackit allows you to restore files from a specific backup version which means you need not download the entire backup you can choose a specific backup version that you want to restore.

2. Save Photos to a Safe Location

When you recover your deleted photos, it is recommended to save them to a safe location. Try to avoid saving the photos to the same location where you have saved them earlier. If you do so then there are high chances that you may lose your recovered formatted photos again.

It is recommended that you download Wondershare Recoverit software to get back the formatted photos. This software works with a wide range of photos.

3. Never Write New Data to the Place Containing Formatted Data

When you realize that you have deleted an important file, you should stop writing new data to increase the recovery chances. If you write new data, it will take the place of old data and you won't be able to recover lost data. Immediately after realizing that you have deleted an important item, you should take the help of any of the above-mentioned to recover the data.

4. Do Not Defragment Your Storage Device

Defragmentation is a major issue that can reduce the chances of recovering the formatted photos from Windows 8/10 computers. The defragmentation process moves the data to a completely different location than the actual one. So whenever you try to recover the formatted photos they will be overwritten and become less recoverable. Hence you should need to avoid defragmenting your storage device.

5. Be More Careful

This is the best thing you can do to make sure you never lost your important photos or other files. Before formatting a folder or a drive, we suggest you check every file stored in that carefully. If you found something important in the formatting drive then copy and paste that file to another location. This way you will never suffer from the disheartening situation of losing data.

Closing Words

In this post, we have concluded 4 useful methods that will allow you to recover formatted photos from Windows 8/10. Of course, the easiest and efficient way is using Wondershare Recoverit. It is highly effective software and allows you to retrieve formatted images effortlessly, just like Recoverit does claim to do – try to bring files back from the dead.

That said, Wondershare Recoverit is a powerful data rescue tool that finds deleted files and recovers them. A lot of things could go wrong in data-loss situations like, including files already being overwritten before being recovered. This makes the files completely unrecoverable. All the files were in working order and had no errors whatsoever. If you’ve accidentally deleted some files, or mistakenly formatted a storage device, give Wondershare Recoverit a try.

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