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Best and Free Disk Image Software

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Jan 24, 2024 • Filed to: Take Data Backup • Proven solutions

Disk imaging software plays an important role whenever you or companies need to update or change their systems. These tools can take backup of all your hard drive data and can save it on other systems or clouds.

Disk imaging

This is a great way to update any system at any time. Let’s find out more about disk imaging software!

Part 1: What Is A Disk Image?

The disk image is all about creating a virtual hard drive or solid-state drive (SSD) to implement the virtual machine. It can work as a boot disk to boot the system from the different operating systems or copy your drive's entire content to another device.

In simple words, we can say that disk imaging is a backup of a hard drive that keeps all of a hard drive’s data into a compressed file. And, the file can be easily stored on other systems or in the cloud.

With disk imaging, you do not need to set up similar systems separately. One image can be used on many machines. Moreover, you do not need to sit in front of your system while the process is running.

Disk imaging allows you to return to a previous version of your hard drive, including all applications and files stored on it. So, for example, if your current hard drive is get affected by malware, you can replace it with the image of another hard drive.

Also, it allows you the option to store multiple disk images in different locations. You can store it on both physical and virtual platforms. And, in case the disk stored in file format gets destroyed, you will still have the data available on a virtual platform. This provides extra protection to your data.

Disk space is more affordable as compared to office space. So, if you want to store data, you do not need actual hardware for this. Simply create an image of that drive with disk imaging software and store it.

Also, if any employee is leaving your firm, make the image of his or her files to use later in the future if needed.

All in all, disk imaging allows you to recover all data that was on a computer when the image was made.

Part 2: Top 3 Disk Image Software Freeware

Do you wish to use the free disk imaging software? If yes, then these three are great options for you.

Wondershare UBackit

ubackit disk image software

When you are looking for the best disk imaging software, then Wondershare UBackit is for you. It comes with an advanced disk imaging feature that can easily maintain a copy of the entire disk. It also allows you to backup all the stored files and folders on disk in one go. In addition, it offers one month completely free trial.


Here are the easy steps to use UBackit – Disk Imaging Freeware

Step 1: Choose a Disk to create an image

First, you will need to launch Wondershare UBackit and go to the “Backup & Restore” feature of it. Now, tap on the “Create New” icon and choose the “Disk Backup” option.

Choose disk for backup

Select the drive from the list that you want to back up and click “select.”

Choose disk for backup

Step 2: Select backup destination

Now, you have to choose the location (like another drive or an external source) to store your backup.

Backup a hard drive

Step 3: Complete the process

After taping on the “Backup” icon, wait for few minutes to complete the process.

In the end, UBackit will inform you once the Disk Backup is completed.


Fog disk imaging tool

FOG is another good free disk imaging software for Windows. It is open-source and is a Linux-based tool. You can use it for free with a GPL license. Fog offers more than imaging as it is a complete set of network management.



Clonezilla disk imaging software

Clonezilla is best for both imaging and cloning. It is a free disk imaging software that supports various file formats. Its server version can be used for huge deployment, cloning many systems at a time. With Clonezilla, you have also the option to encrypt disk images. This will protect stored data in files.

Further, this disk imaging freeware comes in three versions:


Part 3: 3 Best Paid Disk Image Software

Here are the top three paid disk imaging software:

Macrium Reflect

Macrium reflect disk imaging tool

Macrium Reflect is another disk imaging freeware that can also help with data backup and restoration. The base version of this software is free to use. It offers an easy solution to upgrade the disk or to implement it on the new system.

It should be available on the system that you want to update, and if there are many endpoints, you can install it a number of times.


Price: Macrium Reflect comes with different pricing plans for business and personal use. Also, it offers a 30-day trial version for commercial editions.

Iperius Backup

Iperius Backup

Iperius Backup is a popular disk imaging software for Windows PCs, servers, databases, and virtual machines. It can automatically backup all data to external storage devices. It is available in eight editions, out of which three are specializing in disk imaging.


Acronis True Image

Acronis True Image

Acronis True Image comes with backup and anti-malware features that give your data an excellent protection. It is a comprehensive disk imaging software that comes with various advanced features.


Final Words

We hope that from the above article you have gained a lot of knowledge about disk imaging and disk imaging software. So, choose the best disk imaging software that fits your needs and budget. If you are looking for a reliable solution, then you can try UBackit to take a backup of your complete data.

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