How to Backup Data with USB Image Tool

This article focuses on a step by step guide when using USB image tool to backup data. At the end of the article, we will understand what a USB image tool is, how the tool works, and how to properly backup data using this wonderful tool.

What is USB Image Tool?

USB image tool is a very important tool which creates and clones images of MP3 and USB flash drives that are connected as USB drives. It makes it possible to easily create a backup image for your USB drive. With this tool it’s easy to backup your whole USB drive and then burn to a disc or save to a hard drive.

This tool can be used either in the volume mode or the device mode. For the volume mode, you can process and copy the entire volume on the USB drive. On the other hand, the device mode duplicates the entire USB device. A USB image tool will come in handy when you need to backup your flashdrive as quickly as possible to be able to retrieve such data in the nearest future. Sometimes we can have very important information we don’t want to lose on our USB flash drives. With the USB tool, we can backup all data on our flash drives to safeguard important files we will need in the event of any failure or crashes.

How does USB Image Tool Work

It’s very simple to make use of the USB image tool when backing up your data from a flash drive. This tool is very fast and can backup more than 4GIG files in less then 3 minutes. The first thing you need to do is plug in the USB drive and your computer should be able to detect it through the USB image tool.

The next thing to do is hit the backup bottom and select where you want to save it. Usually, all backup files from the image tool are saved in .img file format. The image tool will start the backup process and let you know when it’s done. After the backup, you can select the “restore: button and the tool will do exactly what you want. It’s that simple. The working process of the USB image tool is not complicated. Anyone can use the tool to backup files whenever they want.

How to Backup Data with USB Image Tool

Step 1. Download/Install the image device

If you don’t have the USB image tool in your PC, there is no way you can use it for any backup. So, the first step is to download and install the tool. It’s simple to use and supports both x64 and x86 versions of all types of windows (including Windows 8, Windows 7, Visa, and XP).

Step 2. Connect the USB drive to your PC and run it as administrator.

On the drop down menu of the device mode (located at the top right corner) select the backup button. After that, select the location where you want to save the backup image. To begin the backup process, click the Save button and your backup will begin instantly. This process doesn’t take much time. For a 2gig USB flash drive, backup should be complete within a minute.

Backup Data with USB Image Tool

Restoring the Backup to USB:

It’s also easy to restore the backup data on your USB. Just connect your USB flash drive to the PC and launch the device.

After launching the program, you will see a green arrow showing the restore button at the left side of the device mode (see the above screenshot). Click on the button and select the image file you have saved previously. To finish, click Open to restore the backup image you’ve previously saved. Once that’s done, close the window and your backup file has completely been restored. That’s just it. This does not take much time and is pretty straightforward.

Sometimes you may need to preserve some files in your flash drive and don’t want to lose them due to crashes or other problems. The simple preventive way is backing those files up with a USB image tool. This tool is an easy program that can help you backup your files in USB flash drive in minutes. It’s easy to use to backing up files.

The USB image tool is only useful when backing up files that are not yet lost. So, what then happens when your files are already lost and you need to recover them? Data recovery software can be used to get your files back from your USB device in case they are lost. One notable program that’s fast and efficient is the Wondashare Data Recovery software. It’s very effective and can be used to recover data from all storage areas of the computer, from your flash drive, and other external storage devices.

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